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Ryan Pennington

Server not automatically setup after order? Please read!

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Please create a support ticket.
Occasionally our automated game server creation fails and we must manually set up your game server.
I do apologize for this inconvenience.
To keep the forums clean, I will be moving posts to this thread or deleting them if they are related to this issue.

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I just purchased a server (Epoch Sauerland).  I got an email immediately after I submitted my payment and I can log into and open my server control panel fine.   It doesn't seem to be responding though. The status shows "started" but undernieth the server name there is a line of text that says:  Please wait (don't exit).  I really can't do anything with it and clicking the download link for my servers PBO file does nothing.

     Should I wait a bit more or submit a ticket?   TIA

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