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  1. Yesterday
  2. I ended up shutting it down, resetting the configs to default, and then tested it. That seemed to fix it. Afterwards I made the changes in the json file instead of the ConfigGUI and it worked (sort of). A few variables seem to not be working in-game despite the settings of the server reflecting the changes, but they're minor.
  3. It sounds like there may be a bug in the config. One thing to do is reset the server and then check if it still does the time bug.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to get my server setup and I used the config tool to change a few settings related to loot and resource amount. I left all the day cycle related settings to default, but when I join the server, a single day lasts a split second and the night cycle only takes 30 seconds or so. Anybody know what's going on?
  5. Yes. Everything should now be settled!
  6. WIPE May 21 at 14:00 UTC +3 ALPHA ASCENSION CONTEST! The first 6 people who will pass alpha ascension on GEN 2 will receive a prize of $95 ($16 per person) https://discord.gg/XFkzxHDJ8T PANGEA [LostIsland] [x5] [PvP] - steam://connect/ PANGEA [CrystalIsles] [x5] [PvP] - steam://connect/ PANGEA [The Island] [x5] [PvP] - steam://connect/ PANGEA [Ragnarok] [x5] [PvP] - steam://connect/ PANGEA [Genesis] [x5] [PvP] - steam://connect/ PANGEA [Gen 2] [x5] [PvP] - steam://connect/
  7. This is a brand new server where we hope to build a like minded community that just wants to play and have fun. At KonceptZ you can always keep yourself busy. Whether your a lone survivor looking to do a solo exploration, or a blood thirsty faction thats always hunting for their next victim. There is plenty to go at, with DNA kaycards that can be found anywhere to access the safestore that hold some pretty valuable loot, or maybe you want to anchor down and stand your ground to be king of the hill. You will also find a nice range of custom vehicles and with the addition of RFFS Helis, you will be commuting around the map with ease. With active staff on hand to resolve any issues you may face, we hope to make your DayZ experience more fun and rewarding. Join our discord for more info - https://discord.gg/Q6cGCK4M List of some Mods; Snafu Weapons | Arma Weapons | MVS | KOTH | DNA Keycards | Cannabis + Drugs Plus | Dogtags.. plus many more Server name: KonceptZ | Deer Isle | PVP w/ PVE | https://discord.io/KonceptZ Address: Server version: 1.17.154754 Required game version: 1.17.0 Map: Deerisle Mission: DayZ
  8. Is it safe to alter the config files now? I know I had read that quite a few people were having the issue of the server wiping when they edited their config..
  9. Could you give an example of what to enter? Will I see the current ping setting when I do go in there? Thanks.
  10. Hi, wanted to know if its possible to raise my servers ping? I have a few friends who are being kicked.
  11. Last week
  12. You are welcome. UPDATE: We now have a wiki page for this. https://survivalservers.com/wiki/index.php?title=V_Rising_Server_Configuration
  13. Hello, how are you modifying the settings? New to survivalservers, but would also like to increase my clan size to 10. And would also like this to not wipe our progress. Any help or pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  14. You must designate what save to load in the .json file. If you need assistance, please submit a ticket!
  15. Afternoon everyone - has anyone successfully migrated a local private save to a dedicated server? I've uploaded the saves from `%AppData\LocalLow\Stunlock Studios\VRising\Saves\` via the ftp client but none of the content from the local progress is presented. Anyone else successful at this test yet?
  16. epp

    Need help with server

    Heya, wondering how to change values on fences/gates on my server? Like i've played on a server with 2xHP on fences/gates, but i'm unsure if this is a mod or if you can change values in some cfg? Been googling this but can't find any answers to it.. If anyone knows i'd be thankfull for help
  17. Please submit a ticket so we can look into the specifics. It's not wiped we are just finalizing our naming convention for SaveName which may have caused some overlap.
  18. Exactly the same thing I just experienced. Set my clan size to 10 in the FTP. Logged in and server is wiped. My players are cool with it this morning but it's definitely something that needs to be addressed.
  19. Pretty critical bug. Any config changes using the config file in the FTP (The only option we seem to have to edit the servers we rent) result in the entire server resetting to default (All characters and progress gone). This is pretty untenable as a customer. I'd like to play around with the config settings, make the server passwordless etc. Is there an ETA for a fix? Will have to look for another provider if not, while the setup process was smooth and easy for initial rental, it's been headaches ever since. I understand not allowing the gameserver config file to be edited (to stop people bumping maxplayer count), the game config itself should really be freely editable. Cheers
  20. Wow, thanks for the speedy response! We appreciate it a lot!
  21. Yep you'd need to edit the ServerGameSettings.json file. Click the Quick FTP Settings button and you will see where to edit it in your favorite FTP client. We'll be adding this vars to our easier to use Modify Server Config tool in the coming days.
  22. Looks like something we'd need to take a look at via support ticket.
  23. I am wondering if there is an option to increase clan size yet? If not, when can we expect this feature added? Thanks!
  24. My server just says Loading and I cant find it in the server browser...to be honest I cant find ANY servers in the server browser. I added my server to steam servers and it says its running but if I try and connect through there nothing happens. Any help would be great! edit: I was able to directly connect to the server using the IP address in game. Still odd that the server does not show up in the browser.
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