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  3. You can indeed. Simply let us know and we can guide you and also give access to uploading jar files.
  4. Are you ready to fight for survival and face the harsh cold of Namalsk? Then you are exactly right with us to start your own Adventure! Server: DeathCore Namalsk Vanilla+ IP: What awaits you: A vanilla-style Dayz server on a low modded basis. We value “The Experience” and do not define ourselves by the length of a mod list. There are lovingly designed costume areas to discover and the danger of getting completely lost in the bitterly cold game of Namalsk. Have we aroused your curiosity? Than feel free to join! We are happy about every new player who finds a new home with us. In addition, we are of course also represented on our website www.deathcore-dayz.de and on Discord https://discord.gg/WTcvBbfGJz
  5. Welcome! Your software ideas for loadouts, car spawnpoints in Overpoch, and support for emerging Origins servers sound promising. An all-encompassing server setup with file editing autonomy would empower users. Explore and refine these concepts further
  6. If I did it right just now, can I get some help with this cuz I have no idea how to access my files for my server so I can mod it
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  8. i have also created a ticket for this, my server wont start whatsoever and its been hours.
  9. **ARCTIC DAYZ : Hardcore Winter Chernarus** What can i say…Its a character killer try it out if you think hardcore servers are Sticking with our brutalcore format as always, but people dont seem to know what that means so server says hardcore More adjustments to come this week Skill and perk system is in and working, all namalsk survival features in and working, custom crafting in and working , quest system down (adding new starter missions and finalizing quest chain “lechen of the lake” will be back up friday by the latest) Compatible Launchers =**Steam | Dzsa | Magic** (updated after every game/mod update, if you cant find it @me and ill update the listings :] ) **Launcher Information** IP— **** Server Name— **ARCTIC DAYZ : Hardcore Winter Chernarus** Map— **winter chernarus [custom remapping]** Players— **60** Version— **1.23.157045** Mods— **TF:TrueNames** **Zen's Anti-Combat Logout Mod** **NBC Over Clothes Restrictive** **THYER5 Craftable NBC Suits** **ArcticLoading** **ArcticApocalypse** **Underground Bases** **ToFu Raft Human overboard Raft** **Mag Obfuscation** **Realistic Inventory Space** **CRDTN Gui** **CRDTN Core** **Zen's Immersive Login** **Remove LEHS Icon** **Zen's Repairable Wells** **FrozenCorpses** **InediaStamina** **InediaInfectedAI** **Namalsk Survival** **Winter Chernarus V2** **DayZ Editor Loader** **TerrainIslands** **Objects_Free_Mapping** **SPBuilding** **BuilderItems** **VPPAdminTools** **Dabs Framework** **CF** https://discord.gg/arcticdayz *Our Discord is still pretty out of date in terms of this projects info vs last projects info, will post link shortly , be advised channel access is limited and will open more as updates finalize* (Dont want people using old crafting, survival, mapping info to their own peril cause most of it has been changed out or redone since last iteration!)
  10. Servers should be back online. Deeply sorry for this issue.
  11. Yo thats pretty cool i always overwrite that file outside the admin as well butbi never added that to the launch line, when i get off work ill try adding that and see if it works cleaner than the merhod i posted for op if so ill start referring people to do it this way
  12. Status: Unknown Ticket # 726300 Server# 184803 Thank you.
  13. I am getting the server status unknown on game ID : #186336
  14. Server reporting an Unknown status. Support Ticket #: 726285 Game Server ID: 186319
  15. Dont use the restart buttons in the top right, refresh page before you start doing this. One time toggle (hit these 2 toggles EVERY SINGLE TIME you stop or restart your server) skip server update and skip save config , stop server , overwrite serverDZ.cfg with your edit version do the same w globals.xml and init.c now refresh your panel page click those 2 1 time toggles go to bottom of page and hit save and restart Now from this point in dont ever touch the start or restart button in the top right , only use stop in the top right after checking those 2 1 time toggles and do the same before using the save and restart button at bottom . Forget those other 2 restart buttons exist . If you dont it sets ifs self back to vanilla config
  16. TICKET # 726280 GAME SERVER ID #186111 Server Status Unknown Thanks for your assistance!
  17. Both servers have unknown status GAME SERVER ID #186376 GAME SERVER ID #182595
  18. My DayZ Server is showing unknown status and is not online!!! GAME SERVER ID #185749 TICKET # 726260
  19. GAME SERVER ID #186310 I woke up to server status "unknown" after playing last night fine
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  21. For AI bandits, consider researching mods compatible with your server version. Explore online forums or the modding community for step-by-step guides. Don't hesitate to seek help from experienced players or server administrators. Enjoy your server journey!
  22. I'm really looking forward to the Raid Rivals server. Does its growing feature have a lot of activity.
  23. Encountering login issues after modifying admin permissions can be frustrating. Double-check the code to ensure accurate changes, and consider restarting the server if possible. If the problem persists, community forums or support may provide more specific assistance.
  24. Setting up an autonomous coop server on Arma 3, especially for modes like Invade & Annex, is relatively straightforward with the current control panel. While transitioning from Ark server hosting, you'll find the process manageable for an immersive gaming experience with friends.
  25. Welcome to Old Cranium Vanilla Server - The Apex of DayZ Survival! (PC) Survivors, prepare for an unparalleled DayZ experience! Join us at Old Cranium Vanilla Server, your gateway to an intense PvP world featuring the perfect blend of realism and enhanced gameplay features. PvP Intensity: Immerse yourself in heart-pounding player versus player action. Every encounter is a battle for supremacy, where skill and strategy will determine your fate. Will you rise as the ultimate survivor? Vanilla-Style Loot: Rediscover the essence of DayZ with our carefully balanced loot system. No overpowered gear - just the gritty challenge of survival. Each item you find could mean the difference between life and death. Underground Bases: Unleash your inner architect by constructing intricate underground bases. Fortify your position, protect your loot, and dominate the subterranean world. The underground is your canvas, and survival is your masterpiece. Repaired Vehicles: Conquer the wasteland with style! Repair and commandeer a diverse range of vehicles, from rugged off-roaders to nimble sedans. Explore Chernarus efficiently and let your journey unfold at full speed. Raidable Bases: Showcase your tactical prowess by raiding other survivors' bases. Experience the thrill of high-stakes encounters, making every raid an adrenaline-fueled adventure. Will you be the invader or the defender? Code Locks: Say farewell to fumbling with combination locks! Secure your loot effortlessly with code locks, enhancing base security and simplifying your survival experience. Your base is your sanctuary, and we've made sure it's easily accessible to you. Enabled Map: Navigate Chernarus with confidence! Our enabled map ensures you always know your location, empowering you to plan your movements strategically. No more wandering aimlessly - knowledge is power. Max Stamina: Outlast and outmaneuver your rivals! With max stamina, you can push your limits, explore further, and stay one step ahead in the relentless race for survival. Connect to Old Cranium Vanilla Server at Join our Discord Community: https://discord.gg/FVNpTChr Why Old Cranium Vanilla Server? • Authentic Chernarus: Immerse yourself in the meticulously crafted DayZ world with optimized gameplay and minimal lag. • Fair Play: Our commitment to server security ensures a cheat-free environment, providing a level playing field for all survivors. • Active Admins: Our dedicated team is here to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Have questions, need assistance, or want to report an issue? Our admins are here to help. Join Old Cranium Vanilla Server Today and Survive in Style! Are you ready for the ultimate DayZ adventure? Join Old Cranium Vanilla Server and carve your legacy in a world where survival is not just a goal but a way of life. Face challenges head-on, celebrate victories, and create unforgettable moments with your fellow survivors
  26. Establishing a COOP server is a thrilling venture, fostering collaboration in virtual realms. Prioritize a robust infrastructure, clear communication channels, and fair rules. Create a welcoming environment where players unite for shared objectives. Assemble a dedicated community, ensuring the COOP server becomes a hub of camaraderie and memorable gaming experiences.
  27. Facing issues with my new Ark server—Server Details unknown, Ark Version displaying '???' and unable to start/restart. Seeking advice or solutions. Anyone else experiencing this or have a fix?
  28. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TrueNorth Survival-------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well! Just wanted to make a promotional server post as I'm looking to gain more interest in my servers that TrueNorth has developed! Here below is some useful information about our servers! We currently are running 3 game servers on our own dedicated machine with best hardware we can get from OVH! Only privileged members with any Admin or Support tickets are done through Myself & my wife! We kind of call ourselves the mom and pap server so we can not any issues with any abuse or improper support! We do still have amazing creators for map editors and few mod developers that help us create amazing things for all our Survivors! Our current servers are: TrueNorth DeerIsle Survival - This is honestly one of my best projects I've ever created! I spent a ton of time balancing a heavily modded adventure that has some difficulty! There is a fully balanced loot system with designated loot tiers for every item in the game! I also have made a map and indicating the type of loot in each tier in our discord! So come check it out! You will find plenty of created quests & Server achievements as well as different types of AI that can be a threat when exploring! All information related to them can also be found in our discord! Here below is some of the big mods & Features we have loaded on the server! -DayzExpansionBundle -Dayz DynamicAi -Custom animals & demons -Search for loot -ZenSleep (Requires players to rest) -EFT collectables -Private custom vehicles -sGunplay & sFramework (Way better gunplay) -Events such as KOTH & Airdrops -Loot crates in harder areas -Spread out traders -Plenty of zeds with CustomizableZombies mod -Not overpowered atm amounts (Making players still have to carry money, More rewarding on kills.) -PvP & PVE Everywhere! No zones. (Although so far most our community is always friendly and i encourage interactions instead of KOS.) Connection details - Can also be found on (DZSA) [1PP]TrueNorth DeerIsle Survival - Ai|PVE & PVP|Quests|Max5|HighFps|FairPlay|BaseBuilding|Vehicles TrueNorth Namalsk Survival - Looking for a harder survival experience but still looking for a good modded server? Come check out our hardcore Namalsk server! Has alot of similar mods & features as our DeerIsle but more of a easier hardcore experience! Here below is some of the big mods & Features we have loaded on the server! -Namalsk missions such as exploring Lantia is functional! -Spread out traders -Custom animals & Demons -Plenty of custom structures built in map editor** -DayzExpansionBundle -AI Patrols -Search for loot -Plenty of zeds with CustomizableZombies mod -Quests & Server Achievements -Not overpowered atm amounts (Making players still have to carry money, More rewarding on kills.) -PvP & PVE Everywhere! No zones. (Although so far most our community is always friendly and i encourage interactions instead of KOS.) -sGunplay & sFramework (Way better gunplay) Connection details - Can also be found on (DZSA) [1PP]TrueNorth Hardcore NamalskSurvival - Ai|PVE & PVP|Quests|Max5|HighFps|Vehicles|FairPlay|Demons|BaseBuilding| Come check us out and join our discord to keep updated with all server changes and new projects that we are always working on! Hope to see some new players soon! Discord: https://discord.gg/fQG8baY4U6 Much love! -TrueNorth
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