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  1. Yesterday
  2. 1.25 Update Freshly Wiped! We our doing a Contest! The Prize a Year Subscription for PlayStation Plus! ______________________________________ U.S/ EU 52 Slots Livonia PlayStation PVP/ PVE Bunker Auto Trader Custom P.O.I PlayStation Kill Feed Bounty ping Unlimited Stamina Boosted Loot No Lag Factions Weed Cupid Bow Bare feet Drip Store Trader Black Market Flag spawn Fully built Vehicles Event: Fight Night Event: Prison Break Event: Death-match Event: King Of The Hill Event: Capture the flag Every 3 month server wipe Private Faction Channels New Factions receive $250,0000 Everyone starts off with 75 meter base ping Custom base ping only your faction can see Use Discord credits to get custom base etc. 24/7 Base raid with base damage Enabled on weekends ==================================== https://discord.gg/P543Z5PHFn Where every gamer’s dream becomes a reality! Dive into our immersive world filled with exclusive features tailored just for you! Here we have a new DayZ server by the name of (CursedDevils)! As we all know DayZ is a great game. But let’s be honest we can do without the bugs & cheaters. This is why we invested in a DayZ server to assist you with In-Game Activities and much more! Say no to money hungry servers! Players mean more to us than just a Dollar! All DayZ perks & custom bases Are easy to obtain by using Discord credits. Which you earn via playing & participating in activities! Giving you the options to buy credits or simply grind credits. Credits are easy to obtain. Hunting,building,PvP, playtime, selling weed, selling books, events, and discord commands like /work /crime/ casino plus more. Can easily get you started in no time! No matter your choice you will never miss out!
  3. 我想知道我需要如何查看的游戏日志?没有日志,我找不到使用作弊的玩家
  4. Scum logs file is empty, This is very inconvenient for managing servers
  5. Last week
  6. If you see this issue please send a ticket in as we can better help there with this problem.
  7. I'm having the same experience. Sometimes, it crashes during play as well. Usually requires manual intervention to start back up.
  8. All unknowns outside of one should be fixed up now. There was an issue at one of the data centers due to weather in the area.
  9. GAME SERVER ID #198358 TICKET # 740262 Server Details Unknown
  10. I have been having a similar issue and then the server status is "unknown" which means I can't restart it. Now I am forced to stop putting off doing work around the house.
  11. Ticket # 740222 Game Server ID #197909 Showing Server status Unknown
  12. Game server #197762 showing as Unknown
  13. Ticket # 740201 Game Server ID #198364 Showing Server status Unknown
  14. Server # 198331 Showing Server status Unknown
  15. Any updates on the unknown server issue? TICKET # 740183
  16. Server status set to unknown, just purchased this server yesterday..... Your ticket # is 740180 GAME SERVER ID #198424
  17. We are working to get the current unknown issue corrected.
  18. Hello survivors. With hundreds of servers to choose from, it hard to find one with almost no Modds and no Rules. Performance and quality of play is so important for a good experience , and that what you get here. Community Tools and Build Anywhere are the only modds on for good reason. As a long time Dayz player, ( 2013 ) community admin and server owner, i believe my Namalsk server is one of the best and rarest to play on. True survivor don't need all those heavy Modds to have fun. Feed back are welcome at https://discord.gg/KCPBdrJ8 Enjoy your journey! See you in game.
  19. Server status set to "Unknown" Game Server ID #198307 Ticket #740132
  20. Hello! We're a non-hardcore rp (no whitelist) server with working anomalies, mutants, radiation, caches, traders, factions and so on. https://discord.gg/s4UWUEHhs5
  21. Find and download the mods you need from a trusted source like the Steam Workshop, modding forums, or websites like Armaholic (if you're dealing with Arma mods).Then Install the Mods and Configure Each Mod and test them.
  22. Earlier
  23. I have been hosting a Valheim server for a while now on Survival Servers and everyday the server stops itself randomly, both when there are people on and when there is no one online. I have gone through the restart config settings to try to see if anything is causing the issue but that did not seem to be the cause. I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what your solution is? I would rather not have to restart the server every day after it stops itself.
  24. It sounds like 1.0 has server settings to modify rift incursion settings. I'm particularly interested in settings to modify the frequency. Any plans to update the UI for these?
  25. Unknown looks to be fixed up now.
  26. Server status unknown. GAME SERVER ID #198120 Game server ID(s) in Cluster: 198120 TICKET # 739921
  27. You should be able to do a restore from the panel.
  28. So I think I broke something. I have a server and was prompted to create a new character on log in. How do I get my world back? HALP
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