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  2. Dm me on Survival Servers or on Discord if you need help joining the server or have any questions! Spooky#2834 Make sure to join the discord for Rewards!!
  3. RisK Network RUST Server IP - DIscord : https://discord.gg/C7EDpD8J 10000x Raid Kits Loot(+) PVP/RAID Practice Procedural Island Map 24/7 ADMIN SUPPORT 100% UPTIME!!!
  4. Endpoint a fresh vanilla European Server lightly modded. Lot's of active admins and new custom areas to explore as well as enriched existing ones that will lift your gameplay experience. Server Information: Endpoint is a hard to play server based on Namalsk Map not for the fainthearted. If you are brave enough to take on a challenge give it a go. Lot's of dangers await ahead like zombies, wild animals, blood suckers, cold, EVR Storms and of course other players that can send you back to the coast. If you think you can survive all those you can visit a place outside space and time where great rewards await you. Loot is exactly how the Map Creator (Sumrak) imagined it and it will be updated as the map get's developed. It will be slightly balanced or tweaked depending on the population. All the recent updates have been added tested and working. It's a mix of Hardcore and Regular Namalsk where base building is allowed, no cars added, item refresh timers are higher and the night is bright. Max Players: 30 (It will be expanded as soon as it caps) IP: Restarts: Every 4 hours Day/Night: 180 mins (Day) / 30 mins (Night) Mods - Global Chat, Codelock, Map (requires Compass and Map item), Gauss Rifle, Autorun, Bloodsuckers Playstyle - You choose your playstyle no rules to apply Website - Under Construction 1pp/3pp - both Discord : https://discord.io/endpoint Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/dayz/15623636 No monetization, no priority queues or gifted items.
  5. Last week
  6. Hello all, I'm currently having issues with connecting VRageRemote Client to my server. I followed the instructions on the WIKI (Extremely Descriptive!) then i went somewhere else with actual instructions but I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm really just trying to make myself admin since adding my uid to the control panel doesn't seem to work properly.... I've also tried to do it manually in the SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg and that didn't work either, it just reverts it back to the way it had it. Check the linked Photos, i can confirm that the blacked out areas match and are correct. Thank you, Zero<3
  7. Hey you, who are looking for a lightly modded, but still Vanilla like experience! We proudly present to you, New Haven Survival! Here in New Haven Survival Livonia we aim for a vanilla type experience wich is enriched by a couple of mods. The server aims for a survival experience, like the vanilla game, but still offers mapwide PvP. Our small community is rich with different kinds of people, and you'll 100% meet new friends here. Our admins closely active, and will organize different random events across the map, which you can take part in. One example, is our USSOCOM raid, where a group of 2-4 raiders (real players), will sweep across a city or military base area with high tier loot, and that's all for you to grab, if you succeed to eliminate them. We're also looking for new ways to improve and expand the server, and–are in fact–looking for people with coding experience for our staff. Server can be found in launchers by the name above. We hope to see you all soon, happy surviving! All contact inquiries should be sent by discord. ForceS#8543 Regards Tinttori, Founder of New Haven Survival
  8. Mod list:@CF;@Basic Map;@VPPAdminTools;@Dabs Framework;@Code Lock;@Killfeed;@Unlimited Stamina;@RedFalcon Flight System Heliz;@Ear-Plugs;@SchanaModGlobalChat;@CPBWeapons;@SIX-DayZ-Auto-Run;@SchanaParty;@BuildAnywhere_v3;@Server_Information_Panel
  9. If you would like to send me your ticket number I can double check. I am currently not seeing any active tickets in our system. Your reply may of been sent to your spam box in your email.
  10. As title says, server is stuck on start after purchasing. Ticket has been created, however to advertise instant start up, and not receive that. To advertise a server, and also not receive that at the time of purchase. If I purchase an ice cream cone, do you think customers want to wait 4+ hours to receive it? Either switch your advertising, or correct these issues in a timely manner. This is not acceptable and I'll be refunding through my purchasing method if I do not receive the service I paid for in the next hour. GAME SERVER ID #172407 ticket # 865940
  11. i have gotten a reply back however its still down and has been for over a hour and half
  12. my server is unknown i have reached out and filled a support ticket got a response and has been around 50 minutes since then and am still waiting for it to get fixed and I have been refreshing the page multiple times to see if it has been fixed and nothing and the person from the support ticket hasn't responded to me again about the other questions i have had
  13. it has been 40 minutes since I got a response on my support ticket being told it was being worked on and have gotten no responses to my other questions and my server is till down what do since the server status is unknown
  14. My server is looking for traders and guards. Also we are on 1st page in Playstation communities. The only safe zones are traders. Pls join the discord to be more involved.
  15. KEY FEATURES : ACTIVE ADMIN SUPPORT / MONITORING / DAILY RESTARTS / STABLE SERVER FRIENDLY COMMUNITY / 32 SLOTS AND GROWING 3RD PERSON / 1ST PERSON / PVP / PVE 2 HOUR DAYS / 30 MINUTE NIGHTS GLOBAL CHAT / PARTY / PLAYER LIST / MAP REMODELED TEXTURES AND GORE WINTER CHERNARUS / NO TRADER / BUILD ANYWHERE WINDOW / DOOR FORTIFICATION SNOW MOBILES / HELICOPTERS + FURNITURE / MELEE / FIREARM / ATTACHMENT / GEAR / CLOTHING / FOOD / LOOT VARIETY - Immersion - focuses on keeping the hardcore survival aspect of vanilla DayZ intact all while enhancing the experience by expanding the base building items, clothing, vehicles, gear, and weapon arsenal. Textures are remodeled to add more gore and realism to the weather to increase the immersion. The mod selection is small but essential to keep the experience as close to vanilla as possible while still having new items, vehicles, gear, and weapons you wouldn't normally see in vanilla DayZ. There is NO trader as having a trader defeats the purpose of "surviving". All of your loot has to be found on the ground fair and square. You can never ignore hunger, thirst, illness, cold and other dangerous factors. Come join our community and experience the hell of playing DayZ winter chernarus with us! You no longer have to die to a hacker with no support, as our server has active admins to resolve any issue you may come across. We welcome all players noobie or veteran! You won't regret it! SERVER DETAILS : NAME : - Immersion - |LightlyModdedVanilla|Winter|Map|PVP/VE|3PP/1PP| IP : DISCORD : https://discord.gg/u2HvnVTJu7 VISIT OUR DISCORD CHANNEL FOR THE FULL SERVER INFORMATION, MODLIST, AND MORE!
  16. I believe we have already spoken with you, but if you are still having issues, please continue to respond to us through your ticket. Thank you.
  17. I have the .arktribe, .arkprofile and TheIsland.ark files. I have copied these over to the SavedArk folder, I've also renamed .arkprofile to include my Steam ID. Yet each time I join the server, it wants me to make a new character. When I FTP into the server, I don't have the ability to delete anything from the SavedArk directory either, so it has backups, anticorruption and newlaunch backups too. Unsure if they could be messing with things, but I have no ability to delete. Any ideas?
  18. Valheim+ will need to be updated by the mod developers due to the latest patch breaking compatibility. If you need further assistance, please submit a ticket if you have not already.
  19. Earlier
  20. worked for a while but when i tried to reboot it to engage the new crossplay option on control panel it now wont start again MY server is down unless i have all user UNINSTALL valheim plus which we all JUST installed for the 20 player mod
  21. One of the best servers I have played on. Weekends be lit!!! Good loot and fully loaded cars and trucks. Long live the Republic.
  22. Welcome to LOST LANDZ NAMALSK **Server Name**: LOST LANDZ NAMALSK **Server IP:** **Location:** US **Map:** Namalsk **New Server 2 days old** **What We Offer:** • keeping the aspects of survival • no base building • few mods such as..... • namalsk clothing expansion • spurgles bagz • mortys weapons (only few weapons added and very low to go with feel to server • advanced Scopes • frozen corpses • gorez • uncuepas civilian clothing • mini map • gauss rifle https://discord.gg/HbSa2z2tAD
  23. Rizen [Fresh Wipe 9/9/2022] Custom Arsenal| PVP| 10 max| Player Bounties| Warzone| Safe Haven| Custom PVP Map Edits| Airdrops| Discord: https://discord.gg/v2fpVyYEZy R I Z E N |War Zone PVP Trader| Custom Coin and Gold Bar Currency| Custom Creatures| Challenging Gauntlets “The Labs”| Safe Haven Settlement| Sleeping Bag Base Spawn| Air Drops| KOTH| Keycards| Mystery Box| Cannabis and Cocaine| Breach Charge Door Raid Only| Custom Map Locations both Military and Non-Military| Custom Armor and Weapons| Tactical Flava and SNAFU| Armored Vehicles and Sports Cars| 1PP w/ Vehicle 3PP| Wide Selection of Helicopters| BBP Building Mod T1/2/3| Starting Money| Our server breathes life into both PVP and PVE. Face off other players in bounties and open world PVP collecting dog tags and grinding coin. Trade your tags and coins in to the warzone exchange for gold bars. Transport your gold bars to the warzone vendor for our top tier guns and armor. For new players and solo, find your place in the "Safe Haven Settlement." A home specially designed for players like you to learn and grow in DayZ. While exploring enjoy our many new customized areas on the map and get your hands on uniquely customized selection of weapons and armor. More of a pve'r, great!, we have custom gauntlet styled LABS were you will face the servers fiercest AI. Fight your way through to unlock crate rooms packed with prizes. What are you waiting for! Join today and explore Chernarus like you've never seen it before!
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