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  3. New dayz chernarusplus server Harder zombies DNAKeys Airdrops Auto walk Hordes BBP Codelocks INFECTED TERRITORIES
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  5. Hey there survivors! Are you wanting a full DayZ experience? Then DEATH FROM ABOVE is perfect for you! We have a loot table that evens out across the entire map so you can look for things in spots you think they might be. We have a great player base, and always looking to grow it more than ever welcoming players from anywhere imaginable. We have an admin team that's always ready to be at your service for whenever you need it. 80 Slot Cherno 80 Slot Deerisle 1PP & 3PP Heli's and Variety Of Cars, Trucks, and Armored Vehicles Custom/Modded Guns Custom Traders - Black Market https://discord.gg/3wUNexA3Yb YOU'VE BEEN INVITED TO JOIN A SERVER Death From Above 258 Online 1,103 Members 
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  7. As the title mentioned, I can't passive tame a moschop, lystro, and those chalicotherium. Normally it would display a text that mentions of placing their food in the last hotbar, but it didn't display that at all. Already in talks with a support staff, but even they can't figure it out atm. Was wondering if anyone else has this issue? Just to narrow down some stuff: 1) I am in the Caballus map which is a custom map, but I did not encounter this issue at all when I was hosting locally of that map, so could it be that? 2) I do have mods, and I'm wondering if there's a certain mod(s) that disables passive taming (for w/e reason) as most of these mods I have used when I hosted locally: - Unlock haircuts and emotes -eco's trees, garden decor, RP decor - Ark Addition (used locally) -Better Reusables (used locally) -Medieval Structures (used locally) -Kraken's better dinos (used locally) -Ultra Stacks (used locally) -S+ (used locally) -Awesome spyglass (used locally) 3) Checked the gameusersettings and game.ini as the support staff asked, though I wouldn't know exactly where to look since "passive" isn't found as a keyword. I honestly have no clue as to what is causing the issue, and the most I can do is not use the mods that I didn't use locally just so I know that it's not the mods that's causing it. Any help will do, much appreciated and thank you! Edit: Nvm, figured it out XD It was on my end for increasing the value of "number of max tamed"
  8. PVE server on the beautiful map of Banov. Bear hoards, zombie hoards, air drops, Nano suits & Vault keys with a special weapon.
  9. but the server is on and if I put update always but it does not come out I put a stack of eses to update and nothing does not come out because if something was interfering or the creator does not update or something is not
  10. With the in game server browser you will want to refresh it a few times and then do a search by the title you set on the panel. If that does not help please submit a ticket and we can better assist.
  11. Hey, you still looking for XML Admin?
  12. Active admin who very are friendly and quick at responding to issues. The Server is a PVE/PVP featuring more Animals, infected zombies, custom looting areas, loads mods where you can have fun including but no limited to, Diesel Gear, Snafu, Vehicle mods, caves, MMG and many more! Server name: DayZraze - PVE/PVP - RAIDS/TRADERS/SURVIVE/BLACK MARKET/SNAFU Server IP: Discord: https://discord.gg/8paAZGb8 MAP: Chernausplus Platform: PC
  13. Adam Malkovich


    I have a problem when I search for servers it doesn't appear in the list and the others if I get the server is temporarily unavailable but the others if they appear it always happens to me that I don't know why any solution
  14. Please run the update/validate and see if that helps. If you still spot this issue please send a ticket in for us to help out better.
  15. Attention new server and new revamp Welcome to forsaken PVP 32 slots friendly admin team who hosts events Two traders and full ecomeny Boosted loot lowered zombies Increased animals Built cars Built trucks Built hummer Never before seen events that arnt anyWhere else like Plane crashes, ufo and ghost ships that move around map map. They are In beta testing and Not used on another server. Starting balance and will get a trader bot as pop increases Increased guns Increased mags Added police baton Spread good guns all over for pvp PLus two spawns radio zenit and green mountain and welcome areas with loOt When you first spawn! Raiding weekends https://discord.gg/VHzBevs2Rb
  16. kitrae


    So when i try to start the server, it loads but it doesn't start. I also only have the server settings config in FTP, does it take time to load or?
  17. That would be the save interval. "Auto Save Interval" in the Server config tool. https://survivalservers.com/wiki/index.php?title=How_to:_Survival_Servers_Control_Panel#Right_Column
  18. I never mentioned the saves on the control panel. I said my FTP SAVES are making new saves too infrequently. So how do i shorten the time between save?
  19. The save interval will change 1 save file. For backups from the control panel, they are a separate service we provide. https://survivalservers.com/wiki/index.php?title=How_to:_Survival_Servers_Control_Panel#Server_Backups
  20. How do I shorten the time between save in the server FTP? It makes a save every 2 hours which is completely useless. I set the auto save interval to like 5 min but it still makes a new save every 2 hours.
  21. I want to like get the same settings i have in my singleplayer world but i can't really understand how the GameUserSettings work cause it's alot and i barely understand what any of the numbers mean. Like for example i don't know what this does I've tried making it higher and lower but when it's lower i take barely any damage but deal like 0 damage. I really need help understanding it so i can have the settings i have in my singleplayer on my server. Thanks in advance //Taz
  22. Please send a ticket in for the server and we can double check on things. Normally for default servers you can join with the ip/port in game till the server browser caches the server on its next pass.
  23. I cant for the life of me figure out how to play on my server. I have tried to direct connect into it through the DayZ Client and in the game itself. Nor will WinSCP let me connect to the server. I can find anything on the internet on how to get into it. Please, if anyone can walk me through on how to get from when I start the server on Survivalservers to actually playing in my server I would be forever grateful.
  24. So, this is an awesome service, ive had little to no problems using it - but there is one thing bugging me so far and I am completely stumped. When I die on my server, or someone else does, they leave behind their belongings but the belongings will despawn in 30 mins. I need to be able to increase this, as there have been a handful of times (early game) where I lost all my stuff because I couldn't get to my corpse in time. I need it to be something like 4 hours, because 30 mins feels a bit too harsh, so does anyone know which value controls this, in which INI file it goes in? I have tried the following already: GlobalCorpseDecompositionTimeMultiplier=<value> all this does is makes mob corpses (the exploded versions) hang around longer before they despawn. I think it might affect treasure chests and the mob chunks of meat that you can harvest, but it doesn't affect players at all when they die. Reason I am asking for this feature is because I played on another server (before I got my own) and the timer to retrieve your corpse was 4 hours! This seems a lot more fair and fail-safe for players who die on my server (including myself). Any help is appreciated!
  25. Please give our wiki a look! https://survivalservers.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page#Space_Engineers
  26. This is my sandbox_config.sbc <?xml version="1.0"?> <MyObjectBuilder_WorldConfiguration xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <Settings xsi:type="MyObjectBuilder_SessionSettings"> <GameMode>Survival</GameMode> <InventorySizeMultiplier>10</InventorySizeMultiplier> <BlocksInventorySizeMultiplier>3</BlocksInventorySizeMultiplier> <AssemblerSpeedMultiplier>3</AssemblerSpeedMultiplier> <AssemblerEfficiencyMultiplier>3</AssemblerEfficiencyMultiplier> <RefinerySpeedMultiplier>3</RefinerySpeedMultiplier> <OnlineMode>PUBLIC</OnlineMode> <MaxPlayers>10</MaxPlayers> <MaxFloatingObjects>56</MaxFloatingObjects> <MaxBackupSaves>5</MaxBackupSaves> <MaxGridSize>50000</MaxGridSize> <MaxBlocksPerPlayer>100000</MaxBlocksPerPlayer> <TotalPCU>600000</TotalPCU> <PiratePCU>50000</PiratePCU> <MaxFactionsCount>0</MaxFactionsCount> <BlockLimitsEnabled>NONE</BlockLimitsEnabled> <EnableRemoteBlockRemoval>true</EnableRemoteBlockRemoval> <EnvironmentHostility>NORMAL</EnvironmentHostility> <AutoHealing>true</AutoHealing> <EnableCopyPaste>true</EnableCopyPaste> <WeaponsEnabled>true</WeaponsEnabled> <ShowPlayerNamesOnHud>true</ShowPlayerNamesOnHud> <ThrusterDamage>true</ThrusterDamage> <CargoShipsEnabled>true</CargoShipsEnabled> <EnableSpectator>false</EnableSpectator> <WorldSizeKm>0</WorldSizeKm> <RespawnShipDelete>true</RespawnShipDelete> <ResetOwnership>false</ResetOwnership> <WelderSpeedMultiplier>2</WelderSpeedMultiplier> <GrinderSpeedMultiplier>2</GrinderSpeedMultiplier> <RealisticSound>false</RealisticSound> <HackSpeedMultiplier>0.5</HackSpeedMultiplier> <PermanentDeath>false</PermanentDeath> <AutoSaveInMinutes>5</AutoSaveInMinutes> <EnableSaving>true</EnableSaving> <InfiniteAmmo>false</InfiniteAmmo> <EnableContainerDrops>true</EnableContainerDrops> <SpawnShipTimeMultiplier>0.5</SpawnShipTimeMultiplier> <DestructibleBlocks>true</DestructibleBlocks> <EnableIngameScripts>true</EnableIngameScripts> <ViewDistance>15000</ViewDistance> <EnableToolShake>true</EnableToolShake> <VoxelGeneratorVersion>2</VoxelGeneratorVersion> <EnableOxygen>true</EnableOxygen> <EnableOxygenPressurization>false</EnableOxygenPressurization> <Enable3rdPersonView>true</Enable3rdPersonView> <EnableEncounters>true</EnableEncounters> <EnableConvertToStation>true</EnableConvertToStation> <StationVoxelSupport>false</StationVoxelSupport> <EnableSunRotation>true</EnableSunRotation> <EnableRespawnShips>true</EnableRespawnShips> <ScenarioEditMode>false</ScenarioEditMode> <Scenario>false</Scenario> <CanJoinRunning>false</CanJoinRunning> <PhysicsIterations>8</PhysicsIterations> <SunRotationIntervalMinutes>120</SunRotationIntervalMinutes> <EnableJetpack>true</EnableJetpack> <SpawnWithTools>true</SpawnWithTools> <StartInRespawnScreen>false</StartInRespawnScreen> <EnableVoxelDestruction>true</EnableVoxelDestruction> <MaxDrones>5</MaxDrones> <EnableDrones>true</EnableDrones> <EnableWolfs>false</EnableWolfs> <EnableSpiders>true</EnableSpiders> <FloraDensityMultiplier>1</FloraDensityMultiplier> <EnableStructuralSimulation>false</EnableStructuralSimulation> <MaxActiveFracturePieces>50</MaxActiveFracturePieces> <BlockTypeLimits> <dictionary> <item> <Key>Assembler</Key> <Value>24</Value> </item> <item> <Key>Refinery</Key> <Value>24</Value> </item> <item> <Key>Blast Furnace</Key> <Value>24</Value> </item> <item> <Key>Antenna</Key> <Value>30</Value> </item> <item> <Key>Drill</Key> <Value>30</Value> </item> <item> <Key>InteriorTurret</Key> <Value>50</Value> </item> <item> <Key>GatlingTurret</Key> <Value>50</Value> </item> <item> <Key>MissileTurret</Key> <Value>50</Value> </item> <item> <Key>ExtendedPistonBase</Key> <Value>50</Value> </item> <item> <Key>MotorStator</Key> <Value>50</Value> </item> <item> <Key>MotorAdvancedStator</Key> <Value>50</Value> </item> <item> <Key>ShipWelder</Key> <Value>100</Value> </item> <item> <Key>ShipGrinder</Key> <Value>150</Value> </item> </dictionary> </BlockTypeLimits> <EnableScripterRole>false</EnableScripterRole> <MinDropContainerRespawnTime>5</MinDropContainerRespawnTime> <MaxDropContainerRespawnTime>20</MaxDropContainerRespawnTime> <EnableTurretsFriendlyFire>false</EnableTurretsFriendlyFire> <EnableSubgridDamage>false</EnableSubgridDamage> <SyncDistance>3000</SyncDistance> <ExperimentalMode>true</ExperimentalMode> <AdaptiveSimulationQuality>true</AdaptiveSimulationQuality> <EnableVoxelHand>false</EnableVoxelHand> <RemoveOldIdentitiesH>0</RemoveOldIdentitiesH> <TrashRemovalEnabled>true</TrashRemovalEnabled> <StopGridsPeriodMin>15</StopGridsPeriodMin> <TrashFlagsValue>7706</TrashFlagsValue> <AFKTimeountMin>0</AFKTimeountMin> <BlockCountThreshold>20</BlockCountThreshold> <PlayerDistanceThreshold>500</PlayerDistanceThreshold> <OptimalGridCount>0</OptimalGridCount> <PlayerInactivityThreshold>0</PlayerInactivityThreshold> <PlayerCharacterRemovalThreshold>15</PlayerCharacterRemovalThreshold> <VoxelTrashRemovalEnabled>false</VoxelTrashRemovalEnabled> <VoxelPlayerDistanceThreshold>5000</VoxelPlayerDistanceThreshold> <VoxelGridDistanceThreshold>5000</VoxelGridDistanceThreshold> <VoxelAgeThreshold>24</VoxelAgeThreshold> <EnableResearch>false</EnableResearch> <EnableGoodBotHints>true</EnableGoodBotHints> <OptimalSpawnDistance>16000</OptimalSpawnDistance> <EnableAutorespawn>true</EnableAutorespawn> <EnableBountyContracts>true</EnableBountyContracts> <EnableSupergridding>false</EnableSupergridding> <EnableEconomy>false</EnableEconomy> <DepositsCountCoefficient>2</DepositsCountCoefficient> <DepositSizeDenominator>30</DepositSizeDenominator> <WeatherSystem>true</WeatherSystem> <HarvestRatioMultiplier>1</HarvestRatioMultiplier> <TradeFactionsCount>15</TradeFactionsCount> <StationsDistanceInnerRadius>10000000</StationsDistanceInnerRadius> <StationsDistanceOuterRadiusStart>10000000</StationsDistanceOuterRadiusStart> <StationsDistanceOuterRadiusEnd>30000000</StationsDistanceOuterRadiusEnd> <EconomyTickInSeconds>1200</EconomyTickInSeconds> <SimplifiedSimulation>false</SimplifiedSimulation> <EnablePcuTrading>true</EnablePcuTrading> <FamilySharing>true</FamilySharing> <EnableSelectivePhysicsUpdates>false</EnableSelectivePhysicsUpdates> <PredefinedAsteroids>true</PredefinedAsteroids> <UseConsolePCU>false</UseConsolePCU> <MaxPlanets>99</MaxPlanets> <OffensiveWordsFiltering>false</OffensiveWordsFiltering> <AdjustableMaxVehicleSpeed>true</AdjustableMaxVehicleSpeed> </Settings> <Mods> <ModItem FriendlyName="Modular Encounters System"> <Name>1521905890.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>1521905890</PublishedFileId> </ModItem> <ModItem FriendlyName="exploration enhanched"> <Name>531659576.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>531659576</PublishedFileId> </ModItem> <ModItem FriendlyName="Reavers"> <Name>525460808.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>525460808</PublishedFileId> </ModItem> <ModItem FriendlyName="Ore detector"> <Name>2448691659.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>2448691659</PublishedFileId> </ModItem> <ModItem FriendlyName="Automatic Ore Pickup"> <Name>657749341.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>657749341</PublishedFileId> </ModItem> <ModItem FriendlyName="Sneaky Sounds - Quieter Tools"> <Name>1662953858.sbm</Name> <PublishedFileId>1662953858</PublishedFileId> </ModItem> </Mods> <SessionName>WARZONE</SessionName> <LastSaveTime>2021-02-09T01:05:43.9977248-08:00</LastSaveTime> </MyObjectBuilder_WorldConfiguration>
  27. Attention DayZ players I have created a server titled ZSquad's DayZ Epoch Reimagined and plays on chernarusA2. The server features some things from Arma2 Epoch like survivor mission, a hero and bandit humanity system, spawn select, guns, hud and more. The server also features some stuff that isn't from Arma2, but has been added to enhance gameplay. Some of those features are DayZ Dog and Snake, a P2P Trader that's 100% player driven, expansion map and groups, BBP, immersiveNVG, and more. We have some custom locations on the map for you to find and explore. Heros and Bandits also have their own respective starting gear that varies from the Bambi players. Our Discord: https://discord.gg/EcEV5D5WPv Server Name: ZSqad's DayZ Epoch Reimagined | Solo/Duo/Trio | Missions It will be unlocked and open for play within the next few days.
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