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  2. I believe we got you all squared away in a ticket, we do however have several sources for Space Engineers on our Wiki here incase you want to refer to them in the future!
  3. The Clean Mods Folder is a one time toggle option that reinstalls all of the mods on the server, however it will not affect any of your saved data or mod data.
  4. Please submit a support ticket so that we may help you out with this issue!
  5. That is quite odd, I have never had such an issue with Filezilla, where did you download it from? WinSCP may be a good alternative, I personally use that application for FTP. WinSCP Download Link: WinSCP :: Official Site :: Download
  6. Please submit a support ticket and we can help you out with getting a custom restart time configured. We have a tool in the control panel that is super simple to use!
  7. I am new to the SE server admin role and I cant really find much how-to that I can use practically. From what I discovered recently I can run/setup a space engineers dedicated server using the Steam tool. Once I have all the game settings/mods setup and saved.... Then what? Do I save and start the server, then import cfg files via FTP instances folders? what files and what folders? I have tried so many different ways of doing this only to recently find this server tool but when I "save as" I only get 1 cfg and that doesn't have any mods/settings I can easily import. I
  8. Two mods on my server updated today, but the control panel does not seem to be updating them. I have used "update/validate" 3 times, and it still tells me mod mismatch when I attempt to connect in game. Is there anything else I can try? What precisely does the "clean mods folder" do? Will that remove all modded items from the server, or does it freshly update the mods with update/validate on restart?
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hello, Our server keeps resetting every time we turn it off, or it restarts. We didn't enable "Clean Save File" because we didn't want to clear all our progress in the game every time the server went down. We finally tried turning off the daily server restart in an attempt to not lose data. However, we are still experiencing the issue. I do not understand why our data keeps being lost.
  11. Every time i download Filezilla my PC tells me its a virus, and every time i try to allow it it says i dont have perms to give it these options then when i try to install it it uninstalls cause it flags as something not itself from the site linked.
  12. My server restarts for about an hour, and it is always right when everyone is up and ready to play, so people are disappointed, how do i switch the time that it automatically restarts to be earlier in the day
  13. I went thought and manually did the keys and addons for the mods i wanted to use but sometimes the server will says it is started but stays at loading. I also am stuck right now at it saying stopped. It wont even start at all. here is my parameters "-mod=@CF;@VPPAdminTools;@WeaponReduxPack;@VanillaPlusPlusMap;@ArmoredVehiclePack;@Trader;@BulletStacksPlusPlus;@SIXDayZAutoRun;@SpecialistWeaponPack;@Breachingcharge;@InventoryPlus;@BaseBuildingPlus;@EarPlugs;@MuchStuffPack;@SQUADMSFC;@BuildAnywherev3;@SchanaModGlobalChat;@SchanaModParty;@ModularVestSystem;@ServerInformationPanel;@FlipTr
  14. Last week
  15. So, what one must do first is to download an FTP program once downloaded follow the instructions to link it to your server. FTP is how you will adjust all settings and add/remove any mods. Once you have downloaded all the files for your server go to the SAVES folder then select your servers NAME finally select the file labeled sandbox_config.sbc once you have downloaded and opened the file you will see all the controllable settings for a S.E game. you will be able to edit as needed just remember to save and reupload it back to the server via the ftp system for changes to take effect. Also maki
  16. I just purchased a server for me and the boys to hang out on. how do i setup something where its: how to access FTP What downloads for server admin without having to use console general ease of use downloads 1000x loot low decay /tp to locations ways to manipulate admin better Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I'm browsing youtube in the mean time.
  17. Yes there is. If you didn't receive one there might be another problem please create a support ticket.
  18. Nevermind. All good. Support was VERY quick to respond and resolve the issue for me.
  19. Every morning I've noticed that my server is "stopped". As if the auto restart (although I think that's supposed to happen at another time) failed. I simply click the "Start" button here and it fires up fine. Just wish I didn't have to do this everyday. Thoughts on what this might be?
  20. Sorry im new to running a server i need some help figuring out how to add skins to my server and how to set custom gather rates
  21. For fear of having this closed, im just curious if anyone else had a verification link in their payment confirmation email. I put in a ticket but im just wondering if the payment confirmation email has a link to click to confirm which allows the server to be opened or if it just takes time for the server info to become available in the control panel as I dont have access after several hours.
  22. I purchased the server hosting a little over an hour ago and ever since then I have been fighting with the thing to even work. It says the server is up and running , but when I try to connect it says sever not responding. Any ideas to what might be causing this to happne?
  23. i cant find my server need help plz
  24. If anyone could please send a sort of step by step on how to add mods onto your space engineer server that you are hosting through Survival Servers. My friends and I have been trying to figure this out and have gotten no where. Thank You!
  25. This would need to be followed up on via support ticket and is account specific.
  26. Looks like the mod map may have not downloaded all of the files. I'd try toggling the Clean Mods, Clean SteamCMD checkboxes and restart (making sure the Update on Restart is toggled on) to re-download that mod.
  27. Client and server are not always the same version. They carry on different versions. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/388254-pc-patch-notes-client-v3211-server-v3211/
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