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  3. That's correct. You would just order another server. Once you have both servers you can link them together by specifying the Cluster Code that matches:
  4. Please submit a support ticket and we'll get right on that for ya
  5. Hi, I was thinking of ordering a cluster server for my ps4 30 slot server. I put in a ticket to ask about price. The person who answered my ticket said I could find it on the main website and order it from there. I cant find it. So am I blind, or is it not there? Can anyone please help point me in the right direction to find it? Thank you.
  6. im having issue i ordered an atlas server today but its still not showing up or anything .
  7. Last week
  8. I personally use botman for my server. Highly recommend them. https://botmanhosting.com its 10/month but gives SO many options plus hacker protection. The owner Smegz0r is good people too. Helps my dumb butt frequently
  9. It would keep your saved world (so buildings, tamed tinos, etc), not player data though. You can take a backup if you'd like or revert to a backup from the drop down which will retain player data but those backups only last a few weeks. So if you are constantly switching back and forth between maps within those few weeks it's doable with the backup restore feature. If it's going to be longer than the listed backups you would need to make a manual backup of your SavedArks via FTP. That folder location is: ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArk*
  10. We'd need more specific information A support ticket will be able to help you quicker.
  11. Most likely, you are doing some functions incorrectly. You need to check the algorithm and re-register. I also had a problem with authorization on the page. Found a solution through a new registration.
  12. I've started an extinction server about a week ago. With the release of crystal isles, we were planning on playing that. I've only bought one server slot, so if I change the map to crystal isle, if I switch it back to extinction will it keep our saved data or will we have to restart?
  13. my players dont want to lose there progress or world. how do i transfer everything over to my new ss server? i transferred the saved file from my old to this new server via FTP but it always starts a new world. what am i doing wrong?
  14. Hello Guys ! I've got a nice community server available for anyone to play on. If you have MOD requests feel free to let me know and I can implement them into the Server.Would love to fill this bad boy up! Lots of LOOT, Drops, Heli Crashes, and Vehicles. More Zombies but are SLOWER and have more HP.Server:SIMULATION THEORY45.35.132.253:7015
  15. We do not have a trial product at this time.
  16. i was wondering if there was a trial for the ark servers liek a day or 6 hrs or so? i want to see if there control panel and see what options they offer before i commit to buying.
  17. You have the formatting incorrect. Please follow the instructions in the info box for the Mod ID(s) section:
  18. If you want to keep it from auto resetting on an update. You can move the serverDZ.cfg file from the admin folder to the root of the FTP by setting this in your custom launch line. Just make sure to paste the one from the admin folder there as the one there by default does not have any info. Also note that you will have to manually update this file as the panel will no longer update it. -config=serverDZ.cfg
  19. We removed that service unfortunately!
  20. For this you would probably need to set the MaxPersonalTamedDinos= within the gameusersettings.ini file to a higher value.
  21. This is something account specific and will require a support ticket.
  22. Click the little info boxes next to Mod ID(s) on your control panel page.
  23. You would just go to the My Account page and cancel any automatic payment. When the next invoice is generated you can select a credit card or create a new PayPal subscription.
  24. I'm trying to find a walkthrough on how to add mods to my server. I can't seem to figure it out.
  25. Title explains it all, I'm either really stupid or I don't even know, got my new card in the mail so I'm trying to update the payment method.
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