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  2. Also having issues with islands with no land just floating trees and animals. Also I am not able to open the file in server grid editor. It crashes everytime. Is there a better grid editor out there as I have windows 7 and a host of issues with the grid editor
  3. PS4 servers do not support mods. Only the steam version of ARK supports modding at this time.
  4. PS4 ARK does not support mods like the steam version of ARK. The most you can do is heavily edit the config files.
  5. If you are still having difficulties please let us know!
  6. I replied to your ticket over the weekend. Please keep in mind we work through support tickets based on the last time a customer replied and on the weekends we have higher than average ticket volume which can lead to a bit of a delay in getting back to you. If you are still having any issues please let us know!
  7. Its very possible your server was initially provisioned on a machine that we were migrating last night. All of those migrations were finished during the overnight hours last night (7/13/2020). If your serer is still offline please send us a ticket!
  8. Logged in base to find it totally empty. Whoever got through TWO layers of wall. Base was in a forest near Stary Sobor. Covered in camo nets and included a tower, someone robbed it and to make it worse, they dropped everything out of EVERY container. My problem is is that he could’ve just took what he needed and went. Worked hours on this. Not sure if I want to make a third layer of wall or find another spot and start over. Screw you and I hope this gets to em.
  9. As the title says, I am unable to start my ARK server due to the "Staff intervention" message. I purchased my server yesterday and put in a ticket because the game version was not updating but that was fixed relatively quickly. I've been unable to use my server for nearly 4 hours now and this is during the period of 5pm onward, when all of my friends are actually available to play due to our schedules. I haven't had a support ticket response yet but I'd like to know if there's a way to expedite the process because including yesterday's issues this is over 5 hours of downtime in less than 48 hours. My server ID is #111609 if that helps
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  12. so i bought my server and there is no control panel or server id after 2 or 3 hours. Sent a support ticket and who knows if anyone is working. what a waste...anyone have any ideas?
  13. kjmiwnl3

    zomberry problem

    https://gyazo.com/fee46399491eef525feaf0a6e5e465a1 im not sure how i can fix this i have put the correct keys and script.pbo is already in the ftp correct place
  14. Can i make mods in ps4 i want moda if in it and what is the benefit of this picture هل يمكن عمل مودات في ps4 اريد مودا اذا فيه وما فايدة هذا الصوره
  15. Support tickets are a joke, server been stuck on "active task Start" for over 13hrs with no fix or even a reply Customer service sucks!
  16. yes it supports it as any other joystick and better now that some updates ago the analog vehicle movement was improved. Anyways its not really that usefull unless you are going to be all the mission as driver since when you jump out the vehicle or in you may need to take the wheel and drop the mouse and its a bit troublesome, specially if you are under fire, i can assure you it can get really messy :P. The real advantage on having a steering wheel its more on the pedals, since the analog steering with the mouse its already good if you want that kind of control. The pedals give you better control over you velocity and allow you to keep slow speeds easilly. You can also use the pedals for flying, so thats another use. So if you already have a steering wheel and you want to test it with arma, do it. But i wont recomend you to buy it just for arma since keyboard or even mouse control(personally dont like it) its more than enough for ground vehicles.
  17. Has anyone had any luck with this? I swear, EVERY TIME I have to reset my server, I wind up with it breaking somehow. Super frustrating.
  18. You can save the "World" file in your root FTP directory to your home PC, run the update. Then reupload the world via FTP.
  19. Make sure that you are running the game update and pressing the large green "Update/Restart" button at the bottom of the panel when you first rent a server. This will install all files needed for the first boot.
  20. If you still do not have a server appearing in your control panel please submit a support ticket so we can get it fixed up for you!
  21. Those two settings will be edited via the Modify Config Tool, or manually using FTP to edit the INI files.
  22. 1. error "failed to install mod map" Other players are also getting this message for the server . I've tried in no particular order cause ive been working on this for almost 2 days and gone through this at least twice.. clean steam cmd folders. clean mod folders. clean saved folders. unsubscribe mods . delele mods . verify files . clear download cache . checked all the mods that they are still in the marketplace . Then finially uninstall the whole game . completely . clean . out of everywhere . restart . reinstall only to get the same error . And there is a second error saying im already logged in and playing the game . I've submitted a ticket . but they take forever to answer lately. 8-12 hours . and i only a week or so ago put in a ticket and than took 4 days to resolve so im trying to stay up all night to do this . in australia here and one message for me asking if ive done one step . its taking forever . Playing on cystal lsles Please help !
  23. So I got Ark during the free sale on Epic Games on pc, after some time playing I was told to up both the difficulty and override difficulty to allow for higher level dinos that spawn only on levels that are multiples of 5. When I went to look for the setting I never could find it, I only managed to find the difficulty slide bar. If anyone could help me find the override difficulty setting that would be great. Btw, I am playing on a single player world.
  24. Hi! You may need to actually log into your control panel, STOP your server and use the drop-down menu's to select update server, then click the green save and restart button at the bottom of the page, this will update your server - be aware it may take up to 20 minutes (and possibly a little longer) to update, and for the server to actually show up
  25. Does anyone know how to control the weather?
  26. i bought my first server today but it isnt showing up in the control panel, the payment has gone through and it says that the order is paid for but it still wont show up!
  27. thank you. it just worked after a while. By the way i don't use any mods in my server.
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