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  2. Does it matter where you put it in the game.ini file?
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  4. Were you able to get the server up? If not please submit a support ticket here!
  5. Try changing your FTP password and do not include the port when connecting with Filezilla. If either of those do not resolve your issue, please submit a support ticket here!
  6. Please submit a support ticket here so we can look into your issue!
  7. If you are having this issue, please submit a support ticket here!
  8. Cpnick22

    Server not working?

    Did you press the "Start" button before running an update? If you press start instead of selecting the "Yes, Run Update" option in the "Rust Update" box, then the server will not install the proper files needed for the first boot. However looking at your server now it seems that it is running properly. Please let me know if you are having any more issues, for anything urgent submit a support ticket here!
  9. Correct, you always want to select the Game Update, then press the large green button at the bottom of the web page to apply the update and reboot the server. This way the files needed for the first boot of the server may be installed.
  10. If you still cannot get it to boot, please submit a ticket using the link above so we can get the issue resolved!
  11. Server is up and running. Thank you for your fast response!
  12. All I did was change xp rates and gather amounts but I'll continue trying.
  13. I believe I got this issue resolved for you yesterday in a support ticket, correct? I recognize the username. If not please do send in a support ticket here!
  14. Are you certain you made no mistakes when editing the files? If the server is no longer booting after editing configuration files it is likely due to an issue with any commands that were changed. If you are still having issues please send in a support ticket here!
  15. Recently restarted my server after making modifications to exp, leveling, etc. and I can't join. I get the titles error code every time I try to join.
  16. Yesterday
  17. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ** RUSTELITE SERVER PRESENTATION ** ---------------------------------- ** - ACTIVE ADMINS - FULL VANILLA - VANILLA + - LIGHT MODDED - ** --------------------------------- ** NO HOME - NO TP - VANILLA FEELING ** ------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What we offer you ** - high performance ** ** - low ping ** ** - Active Admin ** ** - Beginner Friendly Server ** ** - Full Vanilla or Vanilla + Server ** ** - Map Size: 3.5k ** ** - Weekly Wipes | 1x per month blueprint ** ** - Simple kits that make life easier in our world.! ** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is still to come ** - A specially created map - ** ** - Other servers in RUST as in many other games industries - ** -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our goal ** - We want to bring together as many players as possible from all over the world - ** ** - Build a large community - ** [EU] RustElite Vanilla + X2 [SOLO / DUO / TRIO] 2X steam: //connect/ 28015 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ========== ** Direct Connect: ** ========== --------------------- FULL VANILLA ---------------------- [EU] RustElite Vanilla [SOLO Only] steam: //connect/ 28017 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- MODDED X2 ---------------------- [EU] RustElite Vanilla + X2 [SOLO ONLY] 2X steam: //connect/ 8888 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [EU] RustElite Vanilla + X2 [SOLO / DUO / TRIO] 2X steam: //connect/ 28015 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- MODDED X5 ---------------------- [EU] RustElite Vanilla + X5 [NO BP] 5X steam: //connect/ 7777 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join our Discord to find out more about us. https://discord.gg/dzHvcfJ
  18. Hello, I am one of the admins for a new server, and have been trying to go about accessing the server via FTP and also even just trying to get it to start up. When I try to log into the FTP, it just tells me Access Denied, and when I try to start the server up it refreshes the page, but still says the server is stopped. Am I just missing something or have I done something wrong? Thank you for your time. GAME SERVER ID #99798
  19. I have also tried run update/validate, and have switched server locations to reinstall files. Ticket number 148203
  20. Purchased a new server for DayZ Mod Vanilla 1.9 this morning, and have not been able to get it running for 3 hours. At first, it was stuck on "creating", then after a couple restarts, stuck on "briefing". Now there is no status at all. Arma 2 version is set to 144629, the server shows up on both the list in Arma 2 OA, as well as DZLauncher.
  21. Last week
  22. Ive just started a new account and server but I seem to have no server despite confirmation of payment. Am I missing something or is there any further action i need to take to get my server started? (Account: Chee)
  23. c7kizer

    Livonia - mods

    not sure if this topic has been discussed but how or can we mod livonia yet?
  24. If youve already got a multipler on the server you might have to ignore it by adding ,blgnoreMultiplier=true.. for example: ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_WyvernMilk_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=50,blgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_SweetVeggieCake_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=50,blgnoreMultiplier=true)) ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemConsumable_Honey_C",Quantity=(MaxItemQuantity=50,blgnoreMultiplier=true))
  25. Update your server and try again. If you have to Force update it.
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