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  2. Factions@War – Xbox Community – 32 POP Server & Growing – High boosted loot but still keeping that Dayz feel. - Factions and Solo players welcome – US/UK Friendly - PvP and PvE players of all experiences, Friendly or NOT up to you - KOS Everywhere Except Safe-zone/Trader – We LOVE PVP - New Friendly & Helpful Staff and Admins - Will Upgrade when server needed - Se Habla Espanol - Boosted Loot - Casino and Economy - Raiding on the Weekend Only - Need 4 Speed every Tuesday - Fight night every Wednesday - Air drops available throughout the server - Safe Taxi Service Available - Active Trader - New members that complete the coastal to trader hike challenge will receive 1 time Spec Op kit. - Full Cars w/Building & Survival kits - Vehicles will reset every two weeks to prevent vehicle hoarding & extensive lag on server - Enjoy our weekly events - All new players start with 5,000 to use at trader or casino - New Factions of 4 or more will receive a free vehicle with goodies to help get you started - All new mods available for console are here - Ask about our Base UAV - Live Killfeed, Bounty System, Stats, ETC Discord: https://discord.gg/V8x2PUVV Community who loves a good laugh and the shit talk as well! We are a new server and are growing every day! We need new factions, solos & duals. So come on over & Join our discord community for more information.
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  4. Is Genesis 2 playable on SS servers?
  5. Anyone able to hit me up with a how to guide or talk me through things/guide me through set ups for my server? I'm developing a new ark server and would love some help. Message me on discord BariosFae#0001 if you are able to help me out. Thanks a mill.
  6. I'm trying to build a log search tool for DayZ server and I'd like some input/feedback. I think I've got the bare bones of what's needed by server admins to track down player activities and admin abuse but I'm sure there's more that's needed. With all the tools out there to help Admins, what other functionality could you use?
  7. Last week
  8. Those are for the player saves. However for the map itself it will be what overlord posted.
  9. STATE OF SURVIVOR Custom Traders Custom Maps Airdrops King of the Hill Toxic Zones PVP 100+ Weapons 1 Person View Helicopters Traders Territories Party System Modded Vehicles Key Card Bunkers And More....... STAFF APPLICATIONS OPENED OPEN ON 22.10.2021 https://discord.gg/ysZu6uWN NOTE : TONIGHT ITS SERVER BETA TEST JOIN US.
  10. Hello, What's the difference between .db and .db-journal ? Should I delete both for wipe or just one of them? Thanks your help
  11. You will delete the db-journal if you are wanting to wipe. If you want to wipe save only and keep the map just delete the .sav, .sav.1, and .sav.2 for that map. All other map and savs can be deleted if you do not want them cluttering up the server folder. We are on 217 for the server version so you can delete 216 if you want. It does not affect the server at this point and is not used.
  12. I tried changing that setting but it wont work help plz
  13. Hello, This is my first time running Rust Server. I have some wipe questions. Please check the attached image. What's the difference between these files from /server/experimental ? player.blueprints.4.db -> for blueprint save player.deaths.4.db -> Don't know what is this for? Should I delete it for wipe? player.identities.4.db -> Don't know what is this for? Should I delete it for wipe? player.states.217.db -> Don't know what is this for? Should I delete it for wipe? player.tokens.db -> Don't know what is this for? Should I delete it for wipe? proceduralmap.6000.882661492.217.map -> for map proceduralmap.6000.882661492.217.sav -> for map save sv.files.216.db -> Don't know what is this for? Should I delete it for wipe? Thank U
  14. Nick


    Looks like the server is up and running, please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
  15. There are no mods for ARK PS4, are you speaking of editing the config files?
  16. Looks like Steven got you fixed up on Sunday, please reply back to your ticket or create a new one if any more issues arise.
  17. Hey everyone we would like to invite you to our dayz standalone pve server. Server Address: Discord: https://discord.gg/JCcyrYS We regularly run Server Events including, Custom Weather System ( Our player base LOVES this one) Why not join us on Event nights for our Road and rally races, with Fabulous in game cash and item Prizes! You don't need anything to join, we supply your vehicles for the event. Just join our discord,(linked above) and let us know you are racing and we will get you all set! We have Missions that will get you geared up, You only need protective mask..... but the loot is worth it! We also have a Black Market, You get more Cash for ALL weapons, but it's a dangerous place to go! WE also have a nice safe all-in-one Trader Custom Spawn Points, Vehicles and High Value Airdrops that attract Wolves!!! Custom Start Load outs, and Very Active Helpful Staff at hand. See you on Pure GamingUK! PvE Server Only! No Base Raiding Bridges to prison & skalisky island Improved Kill Feed. Cars++ Build Anywhere. Increased Loot. Harder Zombies. Custom VMC/NEAF and many other custom areas. Friendly Admins. A few main mods we use Advanced Banking. Disease Injectors. InventoryPlusPlus. MuchStuffPack FlipTransport Garage Tombstone PVEZ Radiation Zone CannabisPlus SQUAD MSF-C Arma Weapon Pack MunghardsItempack CPBWeapons Dmns Vehicles Redux Modular Vest System Land-Rover-Defender MedicalAttention BMW VeeDub Lt Inventory Move Sounds BaseBuildingPlus Summer_Chernarus Note: Ask one of our staff for your basic starter kit, to help you get established on the server. just tell them you are from survivalservers.com and they will sort you out.
  18. What are you doing with the mission pbo?
  19. NightRaiders|PVPVE|Keycards|Airdrops|Loot+|Ai|Mutants|Helis PC platform 40 player slot HostedRegion: New York Staff friendly: Redhunter, Koga, GustavMolotov, IAB_Willy_7 Dedicated admins, No pay to win, No racism or hate speech Killreward system Leaderboard Dead players turn in to zombie npcs, carrying the dead players gear. Safezone trader Vehicle trader Blackmarket trader Raid Trader Radiation Zones The server is PvP everywhere except old town, old town is a RP/PvE Zone There are guards set in the pve zone in old town that are programmed to kill any player who tries to kill someone Heroes and Bandits Mod(What ever path you take will result of you as a hero or a bandit with your humanity results) Bandit ai with good guns and loot roam the whole map, they are hard to take down but not to OP There is a high variety of weapons, clothes, gear and vehicles in traders Helicopters sold at trader Slightly boosted loot Stronger mutants in military zones. Better gear in military zones Two main factions, green and blue with dedicated bases. Basebuildplus + Raid 24/7 Boosted wolves and bears around the map, more common to encounter them in the forest. Random environnement events activate occasionnely(Not abusive) https://discord.gg/jkEU2t3B4B
  20. How can I get my mission PBO to work?
  21. The Last of Us Last Of US has opened its doors! Created on the October 1st 2020, a year ago. We've had a some much time to figure out and plan out what way is, the best way to make a RP/PVE server. And we have figured it out, the LoUS staff number one goal is to provide the best RP experience for any new or old DayZ players. We've experimented it so many different servers, and noted the pros and cons in each and had merged all the good things we've recognised all together, and made LoUS. We've created new community events where you have something to do all the time when you hop onto our server, experienced and mature RP'ers. THE BEST STAFF, where we represent LoUS in full colour, and listen to our community all the way. Because we want you to have the best experience. What we provide: • 42 slot server [ Add more slots as soon as the community grows and becomes more active] • Experienced in-depth RP'ers • Well rounded staff members • Active community • Safezones • KOS zones • Modded items • NEW community events • Economy • Three different trading zones [ AND A LOT MORE ] F.Y.I Keep in mind this server is still in development, so new things are always being tweaked and added so that the server and can perform better than before, and that YOU have a better experience. But the server mod file is still in development so you won't be able straight away till the server is in working order. If you interested the server discord is: https://discord.gg/2CvuGAJ9UH
  22. NoofNoof


    I paid for a game server, and it's not showing up in my control panel. Nothing in my email either, so I have no idea how to get it started and running.
  23. is there eney one that can help me get the mods on the ps4 i have been woching the youtob but it has been no help
  24. Valheim Server status unknown - GAME SERVER ID #131689 I have a ticket open as well.
  25. Ok, I finally have a server listed under my account. Now I cannot change anything or start said server. Even if I only change the name I get an error stating that the launch parameter is too long even though I didn't edit this field. When I hit start server it says that it doesnt exist. Am I just supposed to wait for X amount of time before using it after its populated? It says instant, its been at about 12 hours so far.. UPDATE: I can change things and it saves now. The server is not responding. I cannot connect to it. Ive started and stopped it several times. The help links are absolutely useless.
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