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  1. Seems like you tried everything you could. Submit a support ticket is probably your best option unless you made changes to the pbo's.
  2. You can still connect to your server manually. Just make sure you have the correct launch parameters set.
  3. When using any launcher, it takes time. It's not immediate. Using the arma 3 launcher, you have to add the server yourself.
  4. Is this sorted out yet? Looks like the server files aren't installed correctly.
  5. You can't find it because when I typed it in DayZ Launcher I got the following result: Oh snap! error querying server - timeout
  6. In my opinion, most players like the following mods: Coins Advanced Trading Safe Zones Custom Additions like weapons and vehicles All and additional mods can be found on the Epoch website.
  7. Try the epoch website for any mods you may want to add or ask the staff if they would add some mods in a support ticket.
  8. Pinned tutorials in arma 2 forums should work fine for tools you would need. Wastelands is not intended to be edited. I'm not saying that it can't be done but there are very few mods that will actually work with wastelands. Most if not all mods can be found on the armaholic website.
  9. That usually means that your mod is not correct on the client side. If you feel it's the server, simply change the map and change it back to what you originally had. Remember to let the page refresh. If you made changes, save your files. If that doesn't work you could change locations and then back. After all of that and it still doesn't work then you could submit a support ticket.
  10. Not too sure about that stuff. Wiping a server doesn't really need a support ticket. Just simply change the map which wipes your server then change it back to the map you want. Changing locations does the same thing.
  11. Submit a support ticket and I'm sure that survival servers staff will do it for a reasonable price.
  12. What exactly are you trying to do with the zombies? Nerf doesn't give detail. Do you want faster, slower, harder hitting? Messing around with zombies isn't that easy.
  13. Verify you mod files for epoch and overwatch
  14. Do you have a custom loot table? If you do, it should be in your mission pbo.