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    The issue should be resolved now, apologies for the downtime. The server had a small hiccup that needed to be corrected.
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    Ahh ok! Thanks for the info, I submitted a ticket for an upgrade request, I’m not sure if you can address it or not. It’s ticket #977142! EDIT: My ticket got picked up already! I appreciate your info on that, it helped a lot. EDIT 2: Ryan, I'm sure you know this already, but the team here is amazing. They picked up my ticket fast, and even bumped my server size up to test without charging me just so I could make sure it would work. There's a reason why I consistently always come back to you guys for my server needs whether it be for Minecraft or Ark.
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    Server Location

    Any reason the only server locations I have are france/germany? I am in the US. Everything in the US is blocked out
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    dinos are OP

    Adjust the Dino Damage Multiplier If you are using the UI to change settings, go to Modify Server Config on the bottom right of the server dashboard page. See screenshot attached. If you are using a custom ini, this is the value you want to edit Under [ServerSettings] in the GameUserSettings.ini config file: DinoDamageMultiplier= Value is between 0 and 1, so 0.75 is 75% of normal. Higher values increase damage. Lower values decrease it. Whichever option you edit with, make sure you restart the server. You may also want to check if you have the server set to Hardcore mode.
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    Cannot find server/Ark version

    IDBRaven please submit a ticket so that we can resolve this issue for you!
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    Really appreciate the feedback, will pass it along!
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    This has been rolled out and fixed. You can now wrap your -mod line in double quotes.
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    Being my idea I naturally think that the pipe | solution is brilliant.
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    I just fixed this for myself, same exact issue. Browse to the DayZ game installation folder and find the folder marked "dta" and "addon". Inside those look for any '.pbo' files that have a different date than the one from the game installation and delete them. I had the game installed for nearly three years my files were easy to spot. Hope this helps. Edit: Another way is to delete the 'dta' and 'addon' folder completely then have steam verify file integrity to download the missing pieces.
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    The error "Client contains PBO which is not part of server data" is from not having the proper key files for all of the addons added into the "Keys" folder! In 1.04 BI changed bikeys, most mod developers resigned their addons with the new version. So do a double check and make sure all of the new addon keys have been added! Setting verifySignatures = 0 is a good bypass to this, however you need to make sure you edited the correct serverDZ.cfg (edit the one in the admin folder), then when starting the server make sure you check the "Skip Save Config" one time toggle each time you start the server!