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    We've gotten this request before and have considered it, we'd love to implement something like this!
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    Dayz cfg editing help !?

    If you are using an edited serverDZ.cfg file you will want to upload it to the admin folder when the server is stopped via FTP! Then make sure to use the "Skip Save Config" toggle whenever you start the server to avoid overriding the config.
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    Yes replace it with Mnt Y EU PVE. You must remove the old version of the island and upload the json to your server with no island, boot it all up. Then take it down, add the new EU version in the old island's place, upload the json and boot up. This worked for us and we were also able to add a couple of the new BO islands for tortugar spawns. We also fixed the freeport spawning issue thanks to this thread.
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    How to edit your server?

    Just launched a new server and I am looking to config it. I have looked at the defaultgame.ini but do not see anything worth changing in there. I am looking to set it to only play Frontline 24/7. Has anyone had any luck with this? **EDIT Found it. For others looking to edit their server setting grab the game.ini file from your FTP located in the following directory: Mordhau/Saved/Config/WindowsServer/Game.ini here you will find the settings needed to edit your server name, map rotation, and etc.
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    Weapons don't spawn

    Are the items you want to spawn in the Military area set to spawn in the types.xml? It could be possible there is an error within your types.xml file preventing everything from being loaded properly! I would recommend using this website -> https://dayz.skyn1.se/ as it will make types.xml editing much easier!
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    Custom DayZ Standalone Time

    Hey all Capps here! Since the release of DayZ Standalone there have been some requests out there to enable server owners to keep the time of day on their server set to certain point. For example some may want their server to always remain in daylight and others might want eternal darkness. So with that, I've gone ahead and written a small server side script to do just that! Lets dive right into it! So that's great Capps, well what does this script do exactly? Great question, this script allows server owners to set a Start and End hour which their server will continuously loop through!The best example is that it will allow for the server to always remain day time or night time or anywhere in-between. The times that the server loops through is entirely up to the server owner! Okay enough already, tell us how to install this! The installation is rather simple as the script is entirely server side! You can read the in-depth installation instructions here! If you encounter any issues with the script please either post the issues/questions here or over on the Github page! -Capps
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    How to set admin

    Does it need SteamId or Character name?
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    Ordered a server about 2 hours ago, didn't auto setup and never got an email confirmation except from paypal. No info under the Game Servers section of the control panel. Ticket: 973876