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  1. You can do this in the Modify Server Config tool! The setting you are looking for is called "Override Official Difficulty". After altering the difficulty run a DestroyWildDinos command!
  2. Apologies for the very delayed response, if this is still an issue please submit a ticket ASAP!
  3. If you haven't already please submit a support ticket so we can take a look into this for you!
  4. Both of these issues were addressed yesterday! If you still have any issues please submit a support ticket!
  5. If you haven't already go to our wiki page and read through several of the pages located there! They will help you get the server setup correctly and provide instructions on how to edit dino spawns as well as how to edit gather rates! https://survivalservers.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page#ARK:_Survival_Evolved_.28PC_and_PS4.29
  6. To auto unlock all engrams add bAutoUnlockAllEngrams=true to your servers Game.ini file!
  7. To add mods on your DayZ Standalone server you will want to do the following: Switch your servers map type to "Custom" via the Game Server Control panel to enable the "Custom Launch Parameters" Upload all of the workshop mods you wish to use on the server via FTP to the base directory (Or add the id(s) of the mods to the Mod ID area on the panel to have the server download them for you) To activate the mods you will want to put -mod= followed by the mod you wish to activate For example -mod=@example;@mod;@folders Note: if you have mods with spaces in the name. Add " " around the -mod=@example;@mod;@folders part Example: "-mod=@example;@mod;@folders" It is important to note that if the workshop mod comes with a "Keys" folder you will need to add the file contained within that folder to your servers main "Keys" folder in the main file directory if not already there! Then click on the green "Save Settings and Restart Game Servers" button for the changes to take effect and for the mods to load! Once the server is fully booted up and shows started (You may need to refresh the page) head to: https://dayzsalauncher.com/#/servercheck and enter your servers ip:port number (change the last port number to an 8 ) and click check server. This will add your server to the dayzsa launcher and allow it to show the new mods you have added. To edit/upload/save/delete files via FTP, use the following method: Stop your server from the panel. Log in to FTP using WinSCP (a free FTP software) using the connection details found in the "FTP Details" section of the game server control panel. Download link for WinSCP here: http://winscp.net/eng/download.php Navigate to the directory you wish to upload or edit a file. After editing/uploading/deleting your files in the proper directories, start your server from the panel. If you run into any issues with this method please let us know and we can provide you with a price quote to have our staff install these mods for you
  8. The latest ARMA 3 patch 1.96 seem to have broken the exile traders, if when playing on your server you notice the traders are no longer spawning perform the below steps! Stop the server Download your mission pbo via FTP Depbo your mission folder Open the Description.ext file Locate the line onLoadMissionTime = false; Add unsafeCVL = 1; directly below the above mentioned line Save the file and re-pbo your mission file Upload it back to your server and start it up! If you have any issues with this please don't hesitate to contact support!
  9. If you haven't already please submit a support ticket!
  10. I replied to your ticket a little while ago! As for your 2nd post here, that should work the only thing is that code needs to be added to the Game.ini manually via FTP!
  11. You can try adding zombies to your server using the Halloween commands! More information can be found here -> https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-halloween-command/
  12. If you are adding it via the Modify Server Config tool's Custom Ini code section it is possible you are reaching the character limit of the box. Its also possible you made other edits manually via FTP, if thats the case and you then used the MSC tool, this tool will overwrite any manual changes to the ini files! I would recommend adding this code section to your GameUserSettings.ini file manually via FTP! You would be changing the .ini via an FTP desktop client (like Filezilla or WinSCP) here's a guide on FTP: https://www.survivalservers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1479-lrn2ftp-beginners-guide-to-ftp/ Location of the .ini files when logged in to FTP: /ShooterGame/Saved/Config/WindowsServer/Game.ini /ShooterGame/Saved/Config/WindowsServer/GameUserSettings.ini These are the only two files you would need to remotely change. IMPORTANT: Please make sure the server is Stopped before modifying these files.
  13. In most cases we ask users to submit a support ticket because it is easier for us to diagnosis issues through the ticket system rather than the forums. There can be a number of reasons that can cause mods to not load, some of which can be specific to certain users such as how they are loading mods or even using invalid mod IDs.
  14. The RustAdmin tool still works for connecting to Rcon, now as for if the devs of this tool keep updating it that I am not entirely sure of and would be something you'd have to contact those developers about! If you are having specific server issues don't hesitate to submit a support ticket, or if you have already submitted one and are awaiting a response and still haven't received any please send me a DM on the forums with the ticket number!
  15. The serverDZ.cfg file found within the Admin folder is the config file that the server reads from! The one in the root directory is simply a template that gets installed with the server files! If the one in the Admin folder is missing any lines you can add them to the config via FTP! I will get with Ryan P to make sure we have the most up to date config in the admin folder!