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  1. That trader data folder can be found in the following directory "@Trader\ServerProfile" in there you will see a Trader folder! Move this folder into the admin folder found in the root directory of your servers FTP!
  2. @supaman I have replied to your open ticket the issue was that you had -mod@modName instead of -mod=@modname! I also tweaked a few things in the launch parameters such as removing -dayzserver=DayZServer.exe as that is now baked into our launch line!
  3. I replied to your open ticket about this, if you are still having issues please let us know!
  4. Capps


    With the trader mod make sure you place the "Trader" folder that is found within the "ServerProfile" folder of the actual mod into the admin folder on your server! If this isn't in place the traders won't load!
  5. I replied to your current open ticket a little while ago!
  6. If you are still having issues with your launch parameters and haven't already, please submit a support ticket at https://survivalservers.com/support!
  7. I found your open ticket and replied to it! The issue has been resolved!
  8. With your server its a RAM Allotment issue, the pack you have chosen to run requires more RAM than the server package you support allows!
  9. The server will display Version ??? while it is still in the loading stage! Once the server enters the "Ready" stage you should be able to see the game version! If you server seems to be in a non-stop loading stage please submit a support ticket!
  10. I just checked on your server and it looks to be up and running with one player connected! If you are still having issues please let us know!
  11. If you are still having this issue and you have all of the launch parameters correct, what likely is going on is that the launcher was uninstalled/didn't install properly! Ryan P. is working on a fix for this, but in the mean time you can try performing the below steps! Stop the server Connect to your servers FTP and see if there is a DayZServer.exe (should be about 14MB) and a DayZServer_x64.exe (~800KB this is the renamed DZSA Launcher) If the DZSA renamed launcher isn't present, delete the DayZServer_x64.exe and re toggle the "Install DayZSA Launcher" from the control panel to "Yes, Install" and set the DayZSA Launcher option to enabled! After this the server should boot with everything enabled!If you continue to have issues with this, please send us a support ticket and we will help you get it setup!
  12. From a quick glance, assuming you are using the script based version of this mod you will want to change the default call line in the init.sqf. Change if (isServer) then {[1000,-1,true,100,1000,1000]execvm "zbe_cache\main.sqf"}; to if (isServer) then {[1000,-1,false,100,1000,1000]execvm "zbe_cache\main.sqf"}; By default it appears the developer leaves debug on, by disabling debug you should stop seeing all of those markers on the map! Simply put change true to false!
  13. The error "Client contains PBO which is not part of server data" is from not having the proper key files for all of the addons added into the "Keys" folder! In 1.04 BI changed bikeys, most mod developers resigned their addons with the new version. So do a double check and make sure all of the new addon keys have been added! Setting verifySignatures = 0 is a good bypass to this, however you need to make sure you edited the correct serverDZ.cfg (edit the one in the admin folder), then when starting the server make sure you check the "Skip Save Config" one time toggle each time you start the server!
  14. DayZ is releasing version 1.04 today. Again with this update many mods have be broken and will need to be updated on both client and server side!
  15. On our servers you will want to do the following to disable BattlEye! Log into your servers Control panel Click on "Advanced Launch Parameters" In this tool look for the BattlEye check box and un-check it! Scroll to the bottom and click on "Save Launch Parameters and Restart Server"If you need any further assistance with this please submit a support ticket!