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  1. It should still work, if you are having issues installing it you can submit a support ticket and I will take a look!
  2. Please submit a support ticket so one of our staff can look into any potential issues!
  3. If you haven't already. please submit a ticket! Things to check for: Are you running the same mods/forge version as the server? Is the IP and Port entered correctly?
  4. You can just submit a ticket under "General Support", please include a link to the pack you'd like to install or a download link to a zip file containing all mods you'd like uploaded!
  5. i submitted a support ticket but it never gave me a number.. how do i know if someone answers it? i really need help setting this thing up.. i followed the tutorial but it seems it's not working.

  6. BattlEye is the Anti-cheat software that is used by almost all games that are published by Bohemia Interactive. Most servers have BattlEye to help prevent cheating. This is a normal popup, from what I can tell from this one, this popup is informing you of the data that is monitored by BattlEye likely in response to certain privacy laws in your area.
  7. Capps

    pixelmon server

    Please submit a support ticket so our team can take a look into this issue for you!
  8. Capps

    Livonia - mods

    You can Mod Livonia the same way you would mod a normal Cherno+ map, the main difference is you need to edit the serverDZ.cfg to point towards the Livonia map and make sure you use the "Skip Save Config" toggle on server restarts!
  9. Capps


    As @Zoomin posted, if you run into this issue from the patch its due to the Debug Monitor being enabled via the serverDZ.cfg file in the admin folder! You can use FTP to go in and disable the debug monitor by setting the value to 0. Then make sure you use the "Skip Save Config" toggle on server restarts!
  10. The Cluster and the Parent server share the same ini files, sometimes if you have modified "Per Level Stats" or multipliers you run into the issue with drastically increased player/dino stats!
  11. If this is still an issue, please submit a support ticket!
  12. If this issue is still going on please submit a support ticket!
  13. Please see my update here -> https://www.survivalservers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/7858-server-stopped-issues-1252020/&do=findComment&comment=32365 To resolve the issue run a "Yes, run update/force" from your servers control panel! If you continue to experience issues please submit a ticket!
  14. Update! A fixed version has been pushed to the machines, if your server is still down run a "Yes, run update/force" on your servers and the update should be correctly applied! If you continue to have issues submit a support ticket!
  15. Howdy! We are aware of an issue with the latest PS4 ARK update that is leaving servers in a stopped state after forcing an update on the servers from the control panel. As of now we are able to manually update the servers to correct the issue, so if you haven't already submit a support ticket. If you have already submitted a ticket please be a bit patience with us as we are working through a heavy volume of tickets today! We are working on correcting the issue so that you can re-force the update and correct the issue without the need of our staff manually updating the servers! Thanks, - Ryan C. "Capps"