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  1. I do not believe the DLC has been made available yet. It looks to be releasing on December 14th!
  2. What method do they generally use to connect? I have not heard of this being an issue, are they playing from Steam/Epic or perhaps Stadia? Were any changes made to the server config files that caused this to happen or has it always been an issue?
  3. Unfortunately as of now the config/ini files are still useless on the server side. We are hoping from an update soon from the devs so this can be implemented, and the character limit will be obsolete since a config file can then be used.
  4. Please submit a support ticket and we can help you out! Let us know what method you are using to edit the file and we can fix it up for you. If you are using the Modify Config Tool in the panel, any special characters such as a - or , will cause issues with values being loaded.
  5. We should be able to get you set up on A20 if you submit a support ticket. Sorry to hear your past data was lost, unfortunately 7 Days does not support RCON, so we cannot set up automatic back ups as we have for other games. However in the future, if you use FTP to copy the "Saves" folder in the root directory of your FTP connection, that will back up any data on the server to it can be reuploaded.
  6. Yes, if you can give us your In-Game name in a support ticket, or can follow this guide on the wiki, you can get set up as an OP to run commands as you please in game! However, if you are a Bedrock player, you will need to submit a support ticket with your in-game name for us to get you OP'd!
  7. Nick

    7 Days A20

    After checking their steam discussion page, that is what I had inferred as I could not see any clear post announcing its release. Thank you for clarifying!
  8. When renting a new server, be sure to select the "Yes, Run Update" option in the game update drop down menu, then press the large green "Save Settings and Restart" button on the bottom of the page! That will install the files needed for the first boot and get your server online! I see an update is active on the server now, let me know if it does not boot once that is completed.
  9. Nick

    7 Days A20

    Is that the latest experimental build? If so, it should be installed if you select the Experimental option in the "Map" drop down option in the control panel.
  10. We should now have stock for North American locations!
  11. If you need this added to your server, we can do so for you. Submit a ticket here!
  12. If you let us know what commands you want added, we can add them for you. Just submit a support ticket!
  13. As of now, you can select the "Custom" map option and add commands to their own line in the Custom Launch Parameters section, be sure to add a - before each command! We will be adding config support soon.
  14. The server looks to be up now, apologies for the wait!
  15. Nick


    What error are you getting and what FTP client are you using?