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  1. hi Cpnick22...i am a new entry and i am interested about a "state of Survival) play forum. Is this the right Site? 


  2. Please submit a support ticket and we can help you out with this issue!
  3. To sign in as admin follow the guide below. Join your PS4 server from the server list in-game Press the Options button on your controller Press L1 + R1 + Square + Triangle all at once Type in your admin password Type in commands
  4. If you are experiencing issues with finding your ARK PS4 server, make sure that the Session Filter drop-down value is set to "Unofficial PC Sessions". If you have a password on your server, make sure the Show Password Protected box is checked. You can find both of these at the bottom left portion of the server browser menu. If you are running a Primitive Plus server, make sure that you choose the game mode at the bottom right of the main ARK menu. You will be prompted to confirm a change in game mode. Do so and the game will reload. You will be able to find yo
  5. You might want to check if the mod requires you to make any edits in the server.properties file, such as changing the leveltype as you need to do with biomes o plenty. You would also need to delete the world file so a new one can be generated.
  6. Of course! To access the admin menu you will want to join the server, press your options button on the controller, press L1 R1 and Triangle all at once, then enter your admin password set in the control panel.
  7. Apologies for the delay on the answer, I believe this is possible as long as the code is the same.
  8. Please submit a support ticket and we can help you out with this!
  9. What is the Username you used to order? Did you still not receive the server?
  10. What was the username you ordered with?
  11. 1.) Yes, the server will always be online even if you are not. 2.) You are able to access the files via FTP and can edit them 3.) I am not sure about that, but if that is a plugin feature it should be work 4.) As long as players have the server IP or title they should be able to join as usual!
  12. Please submit a support ticket here and we can assist you with this matter.
  13. As of now we do not have a feature to do so, although if I am not mistaken are servers not wiped every Thursday by devs?
  14. If you are still unable to get the server working please send us a support ticket here so we can get the matter handled.
  15. Unfortunately we are unable to give out saved data for ARK PS4 servers due to an NDA we have with Sony/Wildcard.