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  1. Please submit a ticket and we can get you fixed up.
  2. This may be due to the % around the server title. Try removing those and see if that helps.
  3. Please submit a ticket and we can take a look into why the server is not reading the mods.
  4. Currently with a dedicated server there is no way to specify a server seed. If you want to use a custom seed you will want to go into single player and created your world with your desired seed, then following the upload instructions (which can be found on your control panel) upload the world to your server. If you want to find out what your current server's seed is, you will want to download a copy of your world via FTP and place it into C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim\worlds then boot up your game and you will be able to see the seed from the single player world select menu. If you need instructions on how to download your world let us know!
  5. Please submit a ticket and we can get you fixed up.
  6. If your page is showing an unknown tag the data center is currently having some power issues which they are fixing. If it is showing stopped please send a ticket in and I can get you fixed up.
  7. We are currently working on this. The data center is having a power issue which took a down a few of the server boxes. Once the power issue is corrected the servers should be back online and back to normal status. 01-14-2023 Status- Maintenance should be finished
  8. Sounds like the user may of been hacking. Sadly I am not sure of a way to deal with them other than banning if you are able to.
  9. We have noticed some issues with steamcmd lately timing out or stopping mid download. Another update/validate should fix this issue if anyone else sees a problem with it.
  10. You can indeed upload your save data to the dedicated server so that you will be able to progress from where you stopped.
  11. For our current system we do not limit the ram or cpu for connan exiles. Your server will use what it needs to run. The only upgrades we offer would be slot count. For the donating sadly not at this time.
  12. This could be an issue with the game itself and how they have the finish parameters set for the server files right now.
  13. If you are still seeing this issue please send in a ticket from our contact us on the website. We will get things fixed up for you.
  14. Simply install the required mod from the drop down on the panel. Once done you will install the others through the FTP client.