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  1. Looks like reverting back to a prior save to the update before last seems to do the trick if it's crashing and the crashstack is showing information about corruption. So the fix would be then to identify if this is you (server goes from Ready to Stopped within a few minutes) and then try various backups using the Restore tool on the control panel.
  2. Please create a support ticket so we can take a look.
  3. Odd. We've never had that complaint yet, try another browser or just email us at support@survivalservers.com
  4. We're checking into why some servers are not starting properly. This update has been a mess
  5. This is a known issue with the Epci server list. Keep refreshing, try different variations of server name, refresh... then try showing password, refresh, uncheck, rinse and repeat. It will eventually show.
  6. Check \Shootergame\Content\Mods\ if they are their and in the Mod ID(s) input and/or Custom Launch Params then they are loaded in. Otherwise maybe an issue with mod order.
  7. undergoing emergency maintenance, no ETA
  8. This is a duplicate thread to an existing thread. Topic locked.
  9. Make sure either Password box is checked and the correct map is displayed. I've yet to find a server that couldn't be found in the server list.
  10. This topic is about finding your server in the Epic games server list. If you have a different issue, read the rules and see if it is topic worthy otherwise create a support ticket.
  11. Only active events can be enabled. Create a support ticket if the event continues to not show for you.
  12. It takes some time for it to go from Loading to Ready status. Wait for the Ready status to begin searching in the server list. If it's password protected, select password protected in the server listng.