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  1. This would be easier for us to diagnose via support ticket. Please create a ticket so we can take a look.
  2. Please create a support ticket as these are both account specific.
  3. You have this set under the [MessageOfTheDay] section, needs to be placed under the [ServerSettings] section in your GameUserSettings.ini
  4. Corrected the link to RustAdmin (although a very quick Google search would have gotten you the download a lot faster lol)
  5. Is this posted in the Mod section because you think this is related to a particular mod, if so which?
  6. Try this guide out https://codingcyber.org/set-default-editor-filezilla-edit-files-web-server-1938/
  7. Sounds like a bug. Please create a support ticket.
  8. Here's a neat little guide on how to get your very own HLN-A companion!
  9. This is account specific so I am closing this topic. Please review our rules:
  10. Not in the near future but we definitely have a plan to build out an API in our next generation control panel.
  11. This has been rolled out and fixed. You can now wrap your -mod line in double quotes.
  12. Well it's technically not valid syntax but you were on roughly the correct path