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  1. We have a pinned forum thread and will update that when there is more information.
  2. We've sent out an update email to all pre-orders. I'll update this topic when we open orders back up again and have more information regarding availability. Please reach out via support ticket and we'll cancel & refund your pre-order if you do not wish to wait. At this point in time, we do not have an ETA. There's an update in 2 weeks planned which might add dedicated server support but it's anyone's guess at this point. We do know that The Forest has had dedicated servers so it's really just a matter of time. We are hoping they emphasize high priority for this commonly requested feature!
  3. Not a problem, sometimes it goes this way. We are still holding out a little bit longer to see when the server files will be released as The Forest has them. If that does not happen today (or we have guidance from the developers on a date) we will be refunding any pre-order per request (via support ticket) and you can jump back in once the dedicated server depot is made available or otherwise.
  4. We are still awaiting server files for Sons of the Forest and access to create and launch dedicated servers.
  5. We keep data up through 6 months.
  6. Sons of the Forest is right around the corner! Are you taking pre-orders? Yes! We are currently accepting pre-orders on the basis that The Forest has game servers and this sequel will not be any different. In the unlikely event that this game does not have game server ability at launch, we will refund all of the pre-orders. When does the game come out and when will game servers be ready to play? The game comes out February 23 at 10am PST. With some game launches, Survival Servers does not gain advanced access by the developers in the event that it is a major game launch, embargo or otherwise. This title is very anticipated so we were not privy to getting access early. The game server files will be made available at launch and will take some time to be applied to our backend. That said, we have experience doing this and do not anticipate a major delay unless Sons of the Forest runs and operates much differently than The Forest. We do ask for your patience in the event that it takes longer than expected. We will be working by the minute starting at 9am at launch to get game server access available to you. When we are ready to give you access to launch your game server, the grey count-down button on your control panel page will turn to a green Save & Restart button and we will send out a tweet indicating things are operational. Please follow us on Twitter for the latest scoop - Tweets by SurvivalServers
  7. It is recommended *BUT NOT REQUIRED* to do a world save wipe before switching to a Public Test build. Please be sure to download a backup from FTP using this guide before switching to Public Beta. To obtain a manual backup of your Valheim server follow the below steps: Stop the game server. Click on the IP/Host link under the FTP Details section of your control panel. This will either open up an FTP view in your current browser or in your preferred FTP client. If you are having issues, please see --> FTP Access. The files you are looking for are the .db and .fwl file and can be found within the worlds folder. The file name will always be GSID.db and GSID.fwl (GSID = Game Server ID number) The below image is what it will look like in WinSCP, in this example the files are 124710.db and 124710.fwl Once you have located the files simply drag them to your desktop if using an FTP client, if its open in your web browser just click on the links.
  8. What Happened? On June 4, 2022, we became aware that one of our database backup files from January 2022 was exposed due to a public policy rule for Amazon web services (where our off-site backups are stored) that was incorrectly set. What Information Was Involved? If your account was created after January 2022, you are not affected. Member usernames, email addresses, some phone numbers for accounts before June of 2018, IP address, backup zip files containing game server save data, and information about your game server (lock password, admin/RCON password, Steam UIDs, descriptions, etc) What We Are Doing We took immediate steps to secure access by removing this public policy rule and verify data that was exposed. Additionally, we have added additional secure steps to validate logins to lock down your account even further. What You Can Do Our staff team is available to you for any questions or concerns regarding this incident. We encourage customers to change their lock and admin/RCON passwords for game servers if they are concerned. We recommend that you regularly change your SurvivalServers.com password. For More Information If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] or create a support ticket.
  9. Please submit a ticket so we can look into the specifics. It's not wiped we are just finalizing our naming convention for SaveName which may have caused some overlap.
  10. Yep you'd need to edit the ServerGameSettings.json file. Click the Quick FTP Settings button and you will see where to edit it in your favorite FTP client. We'll be adding this vars to our easier to use Modify Server Config tool in the coming days.
  11. Looks like something we'd need to take a look at via support ticket.
  12. We've added the server mode toggle to the new Modify Server Config tool. Will continue to populate the tool with more of the settings found in ServerGameSettings over the next few days.
  13. Password is fixed. PvE toggle goes in FTP for now while we work on getting the config variable added to our control panel (in the next few hours) Location of file to edit is /VRisingServer_Data/StreamingAssets/Settings/ServerGameSettings.json GameModeType=PvE