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  1. ^ should be fixed up now. Related to our latest Tweet
  2. Yes you can add mods at any time, just create a support ticket and we'll guide ya through!
  3. We've gotten this request before and have considered it, we'd love to implement something like this!
  4. Ah I forgot we had it admin limited, my bad. Unlocked
  5. There is no difference, Steam map ID 504122600 is installed which is the same as Valhalla Redux
  6. Closed Beta Release Date is September 23! Earlier this morning, Picroma pre-purchasers (way back in 2013) received an email with steps to activate a key on Steam. That key unlocked a version that revealed a splash screen with a release date and a cool mini playable demo of your character on a flyer traversing the Cube World map. It requires Alpha access to the current Cube World to play. If you do not have this access yet a Steam key will be purchasable at a later (unknown) date. HOW TO GET YOUR STEAM KEY FOR CUBE WORLD BETA Log into your Picroma account that has Cube World Alpha. Go to My Games. Steam key will be below the download option for Cube World Alpha. We can't confirm whether or not servers will be available day one at this point, but hoping for that to be the case. Hoping for some more news from @wol_lay soon!
  7. Should be fixed up now, was related to the issues we were having last night.
  8. Should be fixed up, was related to some website issues we were having.
  9. Same. The only game that has memory limit is Minecraft.
  10. We don't limit the amount of storage space for Space Engineers or any game.
  11. This is an account specific ticket and needs a support ticket for our staff to look into.
  12. This is not the place to discuss tickets or account specific questions, please reply within the ticket system. Topic closed.
  13. We can take a look if you send in a support ticket.