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    merlin777 got a reaction from Ryan Pennington in [Issues/Spawn]: Gender Selection not working   
    Nevermind. I removed BaseJumping that comes with the server,
    For whatever reason, I was able to login in under any Gender.
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    merlin777 reacted to Ryan Pennington in new server help   
    Please create a support ticket and we'll check that out
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    merlin777 got a reaction from Ryan Pennington in Why Should I buy here?   
    Post is a little old, but to all the new comers here is my take on Survival Servers, completely unbiased! Thats how I am
    PRICE:First off, NO absolutely not! Survival Servers is actually "one" of the few out there, very few, who have the best prices for their services. Also, BLUEFANG charges $10 for better support lol. Their website is crap. When you add features it keeps doubling itself even when you decide to "uncheck" a feature before purchase. What a crummy comparison bro. SETUP: Survival Servers has probably the BEST control panel, functionality and ease of use product I have ever seen.Their folder compilations for all their games are so easy to use and find things when you need it. Everything is compiled perfectly. PREMIUM SERVERS:The servers have been upgraded since they started, i remember those horrible days years ago. They are TOP NOTCH NOW. WHY BUY SS?: For the price and some really awesome respectful workers made me ditch Vilayer ($60/m) GTX($45/m) GamingDeluxe($35/m). GTX and Vilayer are great in taking your money, they have 24/7 support that really helps with nothing. I had them. each time i had issue they would point me to the forum. Unless it was something of the sort when server crashed or game stopped working. Quality?Shop Local: I look at it this way. Survival Servers is a local bar or store., everyone knows your name, they help you out when they can get to you, but first they help those before you walked in, they are overworked and underappreciated, the money coming in is not the best, but they love their jobs and love helping people. GTX and all the others are like Walmart. They send you to crappy ideas and lines because they know they sold you a piece of crap you can't figure out how to fix or operate. The response times are not the best, i agree, and this is a crucial part of any server management company. However, these forums are filled I mean FILLED! with REPEATING ISSUES people face, and get solved. Just a little bit of effort on your part and you can find everything you are looking for.
    This does two things: It gives support time to get to everyone and it gives you a chance to build your knowledge base.
    Personally, for the money, the respect and (pardon my language) crap they put up with (and mine in the past), I would choose Survival Servers every time.  
    I have a list below of Server Comparisons, some are older, but still valid. I will leave everyone coming here with this same question. Let me ask you
    ::When someone is working day and night to solve issues for the least amount of pay, and his/her only thing is to make sure you are saving money
    and are satisfied with your choices....who could withstand such hell and keep going?::It takes discipline, time and overall integrity.

    That's my take on it Survival Servers has been consistent with their prices and they are by far the best out there. I have given these guys crap in the past, lol, which i regret. They are definitely  worth getting. Be Patient, not everyone has 100 people 24hrs attending to your every need and issue.
    from my experience majority issues are at the users operation.
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    merlin777 reacted to Ryan Pennington in Why Should I buy here?   
    Bluefang uses a control panel that is basically a glorified Wordpress plugin.
    We built our control panel in-house and spent thousands of hours making it awesome. The difference is substantial.
    There's no setup fee, it's a debranding fee and it's $5.00 and it's optional. Upgrading you just pay the difference in cost, there's no setup/upgrade fee whatsoever.
    Check out our order form to see our real prices, not sure where you are seeing these prices but they are incorrect.
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    merlin777 reacted to Ryan Pennington in More game support   
    We'll definitely be adding games as they come out (new games)
    Minecraft and CS:GO are confirmed though, just don't have an ETA (hopefully before Christmas)
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    merlin777 reacted to Ryan Pennington in Server mod string   
    You can enter this in your Custom Launch Parms to bypass any mods loading in:
     -servermod= Note the space at the beginning there.
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    merlin777 reacted to Ryan Pennington in [Question] Dayz Epoch 1.0.6 Ready. Are we getting it?   
    It's not technically an official release yet..
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    merlin777 got a reaction from Ryan Pennington in [Tutorial/How to]: Getting Infistar to work for New Owners   
    My Infistar/Admin does not work
    First off and foremost, if you did not purchase Infistar I would recommend doing that first.
    I remember when i first started with survival servers about 3 years ago, for the life of me i couldnt understand why it did not work when i bought it and did not mess with files yet. I would go into the game and my F2 would not do anything.
    Besides needing the obvious tools you will need:
    Steam ID (SKIP IF YOU KNOW IT) Purchased Infistar Antihack w/SurvivalServers Knowledge of your control panel First Let's Find your Steam ID for Arma (UID)
    Start your Arma Operations Arrowhead through Steam (just let it go to the main menu) Click on "Player Profile" find your name and click "Edit". The number you see pop up, that is your ID. Write it down and look at least 3 times to make sure you have it right. Second Let's go to your Control Panel
    On the right side you will see "Antihack", check that box and make sure the field boxes appear under. The very first Box is where your Steam/UID goes (NEXT TO SUPERUID) Make sure there are no spaces before or after your numbers, no quotations. Just the numbers (check 3x) Third Let's Download your Server PBO
    Before you hit update and restart button, we need to verify you have the antihack command. Download your server pbo by clicking on the "Download". After you unzip your folder, and extract the pbo go into the server folder and into init folder, there you will see a file called "server_functions.sqf". Open the file with Notepad++  and scroll to the very bottom of the page. If you don't see: #include "\Antihack\SurvivalAntihack.sqf" Then make sure you copy and paste that line into the bottom end.
           5. Save. Compile your pbo
           6. On your control panel go to the server pbo section and click on the BROWSE tab, find your server.pbo not server folder, click ok. Then update and restart with the bottom button.
    Go back and Check everything again by re-downloading the server pbo and checking to see if the server_functions file has that line of code at the bottom.
    METHOD 2
    Get your SteamID by following above instructions in the first section and add it to the Antihack field in your control panel  
    If your antihack is unchecked, check the box, add your steam ID and restart the server using the Bottom Update and Restart bar. Wait for the server panel to finish loading. (give it two minutes after you can access your panel again) Uncheck the antihack and update and restart (with bottom button) once more. (allow it time to come up) Once it comes back, recheck the box again make sure your ID is there in the field, and restart the server one last time (go into the game and test it)  
    If your antihack is already checked, uncheck it and restart the server. (give it a good 2mins after it restarts before proceeding) After it restarts, check the box and make sure your steam ID is in the first field. If not, please add it. Restart again. Once your server comes up, go into the server and test to see if it works. Hit "ESC" and make sure the red Text of Infistar is in the Esc Menu. If it is not, go through the steps in the first method posted.  
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    merlin777 reacted to Whoosdat in Never owned a Server before   
    Thanks Merlin I have downloaded all of the tools needed but still not sure on how to make myself a admin on my own server and how to open admin tools.
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    merlin777 reacted to TEX7 in Dayz Mod update   
    Awesome! Here is some stuff from the discord:
    to prevent inventory loss,
    UPDATE character_data SET Backpack = REPLACE(Backpack, '"equip_woodensplint"', '"ItemMorphine"') WHERE INSTR(Backpack, '"equip_woodensplint"') > 0; UPDATE character_data SET Inventory = REPLACE(Inventory, '"equip_woodensplint"', '"ItemMorphine"') WHERE INSTR(Inventory, '"equip_woodensplint"') > 0; version error,
    Anyone who has this error needs to update their client and server A2OA to current stable branch on steam: Error in expression <; _recompile = (count _this) > 0; if (BIS_fnc_init && !_recompile) exitwith {t> 20:48:09 Error position: <BIS_fnc_init && !_recompile) exitwith {t> 20:48:09 Error Undefined variable in expression: bis_fnc_init 20:48:09 File ca\Modules\Functions\init.sqf, line 28(edited) You can see what version you are running at the top of your RPT file. Should be Version 1.63.131129 The current stable corepatch has been out for almost a year now, so everyone should have updated already. It fixed that error and many other issues: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/186695-a2a2oa-patch-18122015/ Thanks guys!
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    merlin777 reacted to Ryan Pennington in Dayz Mod update   
    We're looking at adding 1.8.8 now.
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    merlin777 reacted to jagermiester in how do put my common onto a drive that is not C:   
    im checking my rpt files with the support so i will get back with u if that works
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    merlin777 reacted to Ryan Pennington in FTP Errors   
    Please create a support ticket so we can check.
    In the ticket please include the exact file path in the REMOTE directory you are trying to access (the directory on our server)
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    merlin777 reacted to Ryan Pennington in Software/Tool/Feature Requests - Post Here   
    We don't add small and/or unstable mods. Only major, popular mods that are very stable.
    There are simply too many already. Keeping them updated is also a tremendous amount of man hours.
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    merlin777 reacted to StealthyMartian in New Dayz Epoch Update???   
    It will indeed. Once released we will go back into looking at it and add it.
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    merlin777 reacted to Ryan Pennington in READ FIRST!! Frequent ARK: Survival Evolved questions, common issues   
    Here's a summary and list of the most frequent issues and support ticket questions.
    READ FIRST! Quick fix check list:
    Use the Steam browser to find your game server. To find that, right-click Steam icon in your task bar and click Servers, then filter for ARK: Survival Evolved. Use your QueryPort (Port + 1) when adding to favorites. Check this thread for more details. Wait at least 5 minutes after launching your game server to see it in the server list. If your server won't update to the latest version, Check this thread for more details. If it doesn't load after 15 minutes, your game server might be crashing. Check this thread for more details. Server won't start, I click Start and it does nothing
    Please submit a support ticket.
    Server version shows as ??? in the control panel and/or missing version in ARK server list
    Your hostname is too long. Your hostname can be 64 characters max - 8 characters where ARK appends the version string to the suffix = 56 characters long.

    I am missing files from a new installation, how do I get the game files?
    Simply run an "ARK Update" from the control panel.
    If the process fails, please open a new support ticket!
    Seeing a white screen or 500 Internal Server Error?
    This one must be handled via support ticket. We apologize for any inconvenience here. We will get you fixed up as fast as we can and credit you for downtime.
    Wiping SavedArks Data (Fresh Start)
    Stop your server Log in to your server via FTP. You can read a guide on how to connect to FTP here. Navigate to the /ShooterGame/Saved/ folder and delete the SavedArksXXXX folder (where XXXX = your game server ID) Start your server. Saving Your SavedArks Data to your Home PC
    Stop your server Log in to your server via FTP. You can read a guide on how to connect to FTP here. Navigate to the /ShooterGame/Saved/ folder and move the SavedArksXXXX folder (where XXXX = your game server ID) to your home PC
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    merlin777 reacted to bkish321 in Receiving Mission File Issue   
    All fixed thanks everyone!
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    merlin777 reacted to StealthyMartian in Receiving Mission File Issue   
    If you are still getting this issue please submit a ticket and I will be more than happy to get you fixed up.
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    merlin777 reacted to Bilco in (Tutorial/How to) Useful MySQL Events for Epoch Servers   
    I have some Events that I have found on various websites that I use and would like to share with the community. Some of these may come standard with Epoch but I have adjusted some to suit my needs for my server.
    Event Settings (you can modify an existing event or create a new one and disable the old within phpMyAdmin -> Events page)
    Event name: updateStockDaily
    Status: Enabled
    Event type: Recurring
    Execute every: 1 day
    Start: "The date will auto populate when creating, no need to input anything"
    End: "Leave this blank if you are running a recurring event, no need to input anything"
    UPDATE `traders_data` SET qty=9999 WHERE qty<9999 AND afile<>'trade_any_vehicle' AND afile<>'trade_any_boat' On completion preserve: You'll see a check box, can be left unchecked.
    Definer: "The definer will auto populate when creating, no need to input anything"
    Comment: Updates out of stock vendors "This can also be left blank"
    The rest of my events, without all the lingo. You can run them every couple hours or every day:
    UPDATE             `Object_DATA`         SET             `Object_DATA`.`CharacterID` = 0         WHERE             `Object_DATA`.`CharacterID` <> 0             AND `Object_DATA`.`CharacterID` <= 12500             AND `Object_DATA`.`Classname` NOT LIKE 'Tent%'             AND `Object_DATA`.`Classname` NOT LIKE '%Locked'             AND `Object_DATA`.`Classname` NOT LIKE 'Land%'             AND `Object_DATA`.`Classname` NOT LIKE 'Cinder%'             AND `Object_DATA`.`Classname` NOT LIKE 'Wood%'             AND `Object_DATA`.`Classname` NOT LIKE 'Metal%'             AND `Object_DATA`.`Classname` NOT LIKE '%Storage%'             AND `Object_DATA`.`Classname` NOT IN ('OutHouse_DZ', 'GunRack_DZ', 'WorkBench_DZ', 'Sandbag1_DZ', 'FireBarrel_DZ', 'DesertCamoNet_DZ', 'StickFence_DZ', 'LightPole_DZ', 'DeerStand_DZ', 'ForestLargeCamoNet_DZ', 'Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ', 'Hedgehog_DZ', 'FuelPump_DZ', 'Fort_RazorWire', 'SandNest_DZ', 'ForestCamoNet_DZ', 'Fence_corrugated_DZ', 'CanvasHut_DZ', 'Generator_DZ')             AND FindVehicleKeysCount(Object_DATA.CharacterID) = 0 setDamageOnAge
    UPDATE `object_data` SET `Damage`=0.1 WHERE `ObjectUID` <> 0 AND `CharacterID` <> 0 AND `Datestamp` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 3 DAY) AND ( (`Inventory` IS NULL) OR (`Inventory` = '[]') ) This sets damage on a wall so that it can be maintained

    UPDATE `object_data` SET `CharacterID` = 0 WHERE `LastUpdated` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 14 DAY) AND `CharacterID` > 0 AND `Classname` = ('VaultStorageLocked')  AND `Inventory` <> '[]' AND `Inventory` IS NOT NULL removeObjectEmpty
    DELETE FROM `object_data` WHERE `LastUpdated` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 14 DAY) AND `Datestamp` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 24 DAY) AND ( (`Inventory` IS NULL) OR (`Inventory` = '[]') OR (`Inventory` = '[[[],[]],[[],[]],[[],[]]]') ) Removes abandoned storage objects and vehicles

    2 hour
    DELETE FROM `object_data` WHERE Damage > '0.6' Removes damaged vehicles

    2 hour
    DELETE FROM `Object_DATA` WHERE Classname='VaultStorageLocked' AND inventory='[]' AND Datestamp < NOW() - INTERVAL 10 DAY cleans old empty vaults

    DELETE FROM Player_LOGIN WHERE Datestamp < NOW() - INTERVAL 10 DAY cleans old logins

    2 hour
    DELETE FROM Character_DATA WHERE LastLogin < NOW() - INTERVAL 10 DAY cleans old characters

    2 hour
    DELETE FROM Character_DATA WHERE Alive=0 AND LastLogin < NOW() - INTERVAL 1 DAY cleans dead
    If you still don't understand how to implement an event and need help, post here and I will try and help out.
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    merlin777 reacted to Ryan Pennington in uploaded custom pbo but no changes?   
    Just checked and we responded yesterday within 2 hours.
    Also checked uploading a pbo via the control panel (mission file) and had no issues. Put a file test.txt in the dayz_1.chernarus directory and it was there after I uploaded still.
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    merlin777 reacted to kweezeee in mods not working   
    I figured it out it had something to do with the BPO packer I used I used one to unpack it and another one to re pack it and this made it screw up.
    thanks for the help guys
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    merlin777 reacted to Ryan Pennington in mods not working   
    Check your arma2oaserver.rpt file in Admin folder
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    merlin777 reacted to Ryan Pennington in [Server Issues] - Server Not Showing up on Launcher Help?   
    For DayZ Commander you need to use the steam query port as your port when adding to favorites.
    For ARMA 2: OA game servers, Steam query port = -1 from your game server port
    Survival Launcher you can use your game server port or your Steam query port.
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    merlin777 got a reaction from Ryan Pennington in Software/Tool/Feature Requests - Post Here   
    Good! than I will sure be staying. The panel is probably the best I have seen yet.
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    merlin777 reacted to Ryan Pennington in [Mod Install Guide] Self Blood Bag, Custom Load Out, Slow Zombies   
    Thanks for the guides. I have cleaned it up a little bit.
    For future reference, please create a separate thread and prefix the title with [Mod Install Guide] Mod Name so that it's easier for server owners to find.