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    If you need help with some mods, get me on skype or on here. I will do my best to get to you. Please be patient and if you need immediate help ask Support.

    My Interests are :
    Gaming, learning about nanotechnology within the field of targeted medicine and genetic manipulation. I follow Christ he is my savior and first thought and last thought of the day. I am not considered a christian because I dont like that label it comes with such bias.

    I also love living in Florida, in the Tampa bay area. It is probably the best place so far. Looking to move permanently to either Issaquah WA (area) or Vancouver BC one day. The best weather on the planet is here amongst the safest cities.

    I am always cool with adding respectable people to my friends list.

    "the fewer you have the more they're worth" - To Friends!
    -Edward Nygma
  1. Sorry it's been while, i been busy. But yes, and im sure at this point you are probably playing already. you will just have to change some of the folder names.
  2. No doubt Epoch 1.0.6 comes with it's flaws. You would think we would be past all this by now after what 7years? Seems Taviana is missing the island so its the old buggy version. everytime switching maps it shows im offline for 2 days before the map comes up in launcher or steam and then it wont let you in. Anyone solve that issue??
  3. Sorry I wasn't around. Can you post here what you did, so it helps other people coming to get an idea? Glad you figured it out!
  4. Modding Guide Tools Tutorials Configurations <---Click If i knew what the panel looked like i could help further unfortunately I dont
  5. No of course. You will just lose your playing privileges to that particular game. Thus you will need to buy another one to play again. It is assigned to the license key. Although, i heard if you do it across multiple games, they will actually freeze your account.
  6. There are two settings for health regen. Tamed, Wild. So no not really across the board. If you want more isolated to just "YOUR" Dino/pet, i would suggest getting some food mods, or health mods. I found a few might be worth checking out. 1. DinoHealth 2. HEALTHMOD 3. DINOPIE If you really want to get what you are asking for, I would suggest to start modding. Download all the tools you need (they are free) and get to it. Good Luck.
  7. Steam is very particular. It has flaws but it's accurate when it comes to this kind of thing. H1Z1 is full of hackers.
  8. There are a few things you can try again! even if you have done it. (only reason multiplayer would crash is if he has a invalid copy) 1. Steam verify integrity game cache. (right click on the game in steam games library, properties) 2. Update his Graphics Card drivers 3. Reinstall C++ redistributables in windows 4. Try lowering the settings for graphics, maybe attempt to play in windowed mode first. Then check the settings in game. He may be running low on shared memory or graphics are up. also consider lesser options in this: once you get it up, let us know on this forum post. Next time post his equipment. (graphics card, memory, hdd, etc.)
  9. Some mods, have other requirements further down the list if you go, they will become active. Also keep in mind, some mods cancel each other out sometimes. Updates can fix, or removing certain mods/files. List your mods, and what mods you are having issues with here.
  10. No. Once you switch you will lose everything you have done. It tells you before switching. Unless there is a way Survival Servers can add it to your existing server. But, i would send in a support ticket on that question. be specific when you do
  11. technically since your post, 24hrs would be around 7pm today. So your first post is little hard to understand, your symptoms are full of complaints rather than straight issues. What is your major issue? Is your server down? if so Have you tried changing server locations? even so What does the report file say? (post your errors from the file)
  12. Happy Halloween everyone. Stay safe, always be on guard. "There is always something going on" - Hot Fuzz!

  13. Post is a little old, but to all the new comers here is my take on Survival Servers, completely unbiased! Thats how I am PRICE:First off, NO absolutely not! Survival Servers is actually "one" of the few out there, very few, who have the best prices for their services. Also, BLUEFANG charges $10 for better support lol. Their website is crap. When you add features it keeps doubling itself even when you decide to "uncheck" a feature before purchase. What a crummy comparison bro. SETUP: Survival Servers has probably the BEST control panel, functionality and ease of use product I have ever seen.Their folder compilations for all their games are so easy to use and find things when you need it. Everything is compiled perfectly. PREMIUM SERVERS:The servers have been upgraded since they started, i remember those horrible days years ago. They are TOP NOTCH NOW. WHY BUY SS?: For the price and some really awesome respectful workers made me ditch Vilayer ($60/m) GTX($45/m) GamingDeluxe($35/m). GTX and Vilayer are great in taking your money, they have 24/7 support that really helps with nothing. I had them. each time i had issue they would point me to the forum. Unless it was something of the sort when server crashed or game stopped working. Quality?Shop Local: I look at it this way. Survival Servers is a local bar or store., everyone knows your name, they help you out when they can get to you, but first they help those before you walked in, they are overworked and underappreciated, the money coming in is not the best, but they love their jobs and love helping people. GTX and all the others are like Walmart. They send you to crappy ideas and lines because they know they sold you a piece of crap you can't figure out how to fix or operate. The response times are not the best, i agree, and this is a crucial part of any server management company. However, these forums are filled I mean FILLED! with REPEATING ISSUES people face, and get solved. Just a little bit of effort on your part and you can find everything you are looking for. This does two things: It gives support time to get to everyone and it gives you a chance to build your knowledge base. Personally, for the money, the respect and (pardon my language) crap they put up with (and mine in the past), I would choose Survival Servers every time. I have a list below of Server Comparisons, some are older, but still valid. I will leave everyone coming here with this same question. Let me ask you ::When someone is working day and night to solve issues for the least amount of pay, and his/her only thing is to make sure you are saving money and are satisfied with your choices....who could withstand such hell and keep going?::It takes discipline, time and overall integrity. That's my take on it Survival Servers has been consistent with their prices and they are by far the best out there. I have given these guys crap in the past, lol, which i regret. They are definitely worth getting. Be Patient, not everyone has 100 people 24hrs attending to your every need and issue. from my experience majority issues are at the users operation. ARK ARMA3 UNTURNED RUST