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Found 106 results

  1. Hello! The title pretty much explains it. I've added the admin command "ShowFloatingDamageText=true" to my GameUserSettings.ini with no luck. I've watched a few tutorials as well and they don't seem to apply to me, as I am running a server through a hosting service and not from my client itself. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey, I just setup a new server and set the settings to "no mod" but it still shows up on the "Modded" server list.. What am I missing? do i have to change something in the FTP?
  3. Just wondering if anyone has had any issue in the last few days with their server not restarting. I've been trying all day and it just keeps saying the message about updating and restarting do not exit this page...I've waited over 2 hours each time until I just quit and try again. I do have MODS attached and they have all been updated.
  4. Sinister56


    I'll gladly suck up the fact that you guys (Survival Servers) are having issues and ARE working hard to get everything fixed. Now here is my issue though. Since I have bought (rented) the server on Monday, I have not once been able to get on and enjoy the game on the server that I paid for; A service for which I paid and have yet to receive. I know that the SS team is working to reply to all the open tickets you've received due to your issues, and will eventually reply to my open ticket. Now, since I bought the service on Monday (02/06) and have noticed that "IF" I stick around and don't request a refund, I'll be billed exactly one month from Monday (03/06). How about a credit instead. Once you get the servers running as they should and I am not stuck on the eternal "Started" but "loading" screen; Officially start my server time to that date. It wouldn't be fair to me or anyone else that has bought/renting these servers and from the looks of it the issue were already in place. So, I'll hold out hope that you'll do the right thing and make the official start date once the servers are correctly up and running; or I'll do as everyone else seems to be doing and request a refund and take my business else where.
  5. Newest update requires a server update, ran the update/validate 3 times, still cant connect to server because it's asking for a password when there is no set password for my server.
  6. Hi! So my server was working the past few days without any major problems. Today the server wont appear in the server browser, even though it says ready and I have restarted and validated several times. I have tried to reset to backups but that wont do it either. And it is not among invalid servers. GAME SERVER ID #34561
  7. Hello terribly sorry if I missed a thread on this. All I saw was control panel and was not sure if these would go there. I just had my server started up yesterday and noticed. I cannot change some things in the settings file. (these are found under ConanSandbox/Config and not the /saved. I think.) Item Spoilage rate. Hunger / Thirst multiplier (for both active and non) Offline Hunger/Thirst All of the durability settings (things break way to fast without it) Day Cycle Speed, Night and Day settings. Not fully sure how much of it has been taken out of the settings due to patches. Still see some of the things listed.
  8. New 2.5x XP PvP server out. Performing better than the majority of other servers. Join for competitive and friendly gameplay.
  9. my server is not loading this map any ideas how to fix this.. the server only loads theisland. do i have to put all of this into the custom map Madagascar_evolved 656967911 i need help with this please
  10. Hi. when I log on it get this message battleye addweaponcargo restriction 1. Just need to know were to fix this at. Thanks
  11. JustGIO

    Game server

    Where is my game server? http://prntscr.com/dup414
  12. Hi, i was wondering if servers are able to go on to on the 64 executable that arma 3 recently launched, if so, how could we implement this?
  13. Alrighty, so I'm pretty sure I have this either right or super wrong, and was hoping someone would be able to gimme some help. /Game/Mods/715028562/TheVolcano 715028562?Multihome=***.**.****?Port=*****?QueryPort=*****?SessionName=Land of Giants?MaxPlayers=20?listen?ServerPassword=******?ServerAdminPassword=*********?RCONEnabled=True?RCONPort=*****?AltSaveDirectoryName=SavedArk*****?MapModID=715028562?GameModIDs=515417044,566885854,680481868 I feel like the game/mods/ part is not in the right format. Halp plz Edit: So I think I figured it out, should look like this? /Game/Mods/715028562/TheVolcano?Multihome=***.**.****?Port=*****?QueryPort=*****?SessionName=Land of Giants?MaxPlayers=20?listen?ServerPassword=******?ServerAdminPassword=*********?RCONEnabled=True?RCONPort=*****?AltSaveDirectoryName=SavedArk*****?MapModID=715028562?GameModIDs=515417044,566885854,680481868
  14. RainStorm

    Server timer

    Is there a way to reset the proper restart timer? sometime when were in the game there's 1:20 left, and battleye say's 10 minutes.... it annoys quite ffew players.... This probably came up somewhere, did a "search" on the topic, but came up empty handed. Gonna tag all my posts and questions...hope this will help.
  15. Any word on xbox server support for Ark Survival Evolved? Fall 2016 is here.
  16. I'm down. Message me via Xbox One, my GT is Jim the Jackal
  17. I hadnt played 7 days to die in about 3 weeks, when I cam back the game had updated and said I could not log into the server because it was an older version. I restarted the server and it shuts itself off after about a minute. This has been going on for about 2 hours now. How can I get my server back online?
  18. This would allow us to give users the link to the collection. With that they could pre install mods instead of hoping their connection doesn't time out in game. This would also allow us to use an existing user friendly interface (the steam workshop) to add/remove mods. Also, I know of one specific problem this would solve. We ran into this problem a few days ago. It took hours for us newbie server admins to figure this out. One of the mods we had added was deleted by the author. This gave everyone trying to join a "Failed to install mod map" error. We had to go through our mods ID by ID to figure out which one it was. If it was a workshop collection, it would automatically display the mod as removed from workshop. Please and thank you for your consideration.
  19. Hello, I know a few months ago survival servers was working on getting support for SOTF since it is its own standalone game. I was wondering how the progress was for it, and if Survival Servers has the support for it can we easily go back and forth between our ARK server and the SOTF without interrupting any saved data? If so how? Thanks, bigk
  20. Goodmorning everyone, I'm a new member, I like Arma3, exile and epoch, dayz Assetto Corsa, and thehunter, but, I have a problem: As time passes, the payment, the issue of access, to access my server ?? I have not received anything yet nitrado and rackservice are lightening fast, in 1 minute! Any problems? Best regards
  21. Hey guys, I've been running my server for a few days now but can't for the life of me figure out how to set a description. I tried putting it into my custom launch parameters but there's a character limit of 255. Also the server.cmd file doesn't seem to exist in the server files when I access them through filezilla. I also put in a ticket to support but it looks like there's only one guy doing support and... no offense to him, but I would guess from his short and practically useless responses that he has way too much on his plate. Generally, I understand I'm supposed to input: +server.description "SERVER DESCRIPTION" Into my server.cmd file. Is there an easier way? or Maybe someone knows how to access that file since I can't for the life of me find it?
  22. I just got a rust server and i am trying to make it public, how do i do that and add descriptions/picture anything a public server needs. I am trying to get more people to get on but it would make it easier if you wouldnt have to copy and paste the ip over and over.
  23. Motoko

    Updating Rust Files

    Hey guys, Do I actually have to download the new rust files to my personal machine and then ftp them into the server? Ew... Because I think that SteamCMD supports remote FTP with the Force_Install_Dir ftp://MotokoRoxMySox:Password@ I get a valid connection attempt rejection in the prompt.
  24. hello, i got the problem, when i restart the server all vehicle and builds get removed but my inventory stays can someone fix that?
  25. I am having a big problem, I was adjusting character stats and levels in the control panel, and now my server wont restart, or stop, or anything....I am still able to access it, but I really need to restart...thanks for the help