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  1. Ok, so now that MODs are added and launch params are in, how do I get it to play the new Livonia map. The "Custom" map setting loads the default map.
  2. Ok, thanks. Just knowing it is a work in progress is good news.
  3. I wanted to ask, since ATLAS is so similar to ARK, will there be a configuration tool / page eventually in the server CP like the ARK servers here at Survival Servers have? I'm surprised that there isn't one already to be honest since most of the structure is there already. It was really convenient when I had an ARK Server. Thanks, Merx
  4. Until the MisRcon Port issue is fixed you can follow these steps: 1) Go to https://servers.miscreatedgame.com/ and find your server in the list. 2) Click on your server and you will be taken to the Rcon entry page. 3) Leave the port alone (left) and enter your Rcon Password (center) and then the command you want to send to the Server on the right. 4) See the command verified in the green text box at the top of the page and you are done. You can enter as many commands as you want I think. Note: The server may respond with your verified command line and have "$60 $5 [ ]$4" or something like that at the end and I am not sure why, but it does it to me and the server has received the command. Ignore it. The port listed for your server at the above link "does" work in MisRcon. I tried it. So there are 2 options that function.
  5. I've been told that my MisRcon can't connect to my Miscreated Server due to a port issue. Is there any way to add Users to the whitelist without it until the issue is resolved?
  6. merx

    DayZ Workshop Mods?

    As you stated in the Ticket, the DayZ site forum will be a good thing to keep an eye on. https://forums.dayz.com/forum/153-dayz-modding/
  7. merx

    DayZ Workshop Mods?

    I'm sure this will evolve quickly with new guides and tools. Steam has some tools but sadly they seem to be geared tward the Client side server stuff and not Remote Hosted server execution.
  8. merx

    DayZ Workshop Mods?

    I see that there is a workshop in steam for DayZ Mods, but there is no place in the Server CP to add the Steam ID's for them like in other games like ARK etc. How do we go about adding Steam Workshop mods to our servers?
  9. merx

    Custom maps

    What are the Launch Parameters to add Workshop Mods? EDIT: After some research I found the Steam Workshop Mod line in the Hurtworld Wiki: loadmod ########## ########## Only separating the Mod ID's with spaces.
  10. After some research I found the Steam Workshop Mod line in the Hurtworld Wiki. Separating each task with a ";" and no spaces. Each Mod "Will" be seperated by a space. if a particular Mod needs to be first in the Load order you should list it's Steam ID # first here as well. Here is an example of a standard Custom Launch Parameter (Replace the #'s with your server, Steam User ID and Mod ID digits) host #####;addadmin YourSteamID;creativemode 1;loadmod ########## ########## Only separating the Mod ID's with spaces. Cheers
  11. merx

    Passworded Server?

    Very Helpful Thank you
  12. merx

    Passworded Server?

    Thank you. I see that Oxide is already listed as an option in the CP for my server. Does this mean that the base files for it have been installed already, and all I need to manually install via FTP are the added Plugins I choose to use with it?
  13. I'm wondering how I can Password protect my server to make it private for my friends and I. I do not see an option for this in the Survival CP.