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  1. Actions taken so far: Restart Server. //// Removed all mods, Restart Server. //// Checked over what little options (.ini files) we have access to. Restart Server. //// Read those, in-depth extremely helpful*, log files. (Disclaimer: They're not helpful in the least.) //// Cried for help. //// Acquired chicken bones from Voodoo priestess, and rubbed them on monitor as per her instructions. Restart Server. Same result. //// //// Yeah I think that about sums up the SS-debug process.
  2. We have had nothing but problems for the last 2 days. Our server is just stuck on the "LOADING" phase and that's it. No LOGS to indicate why. Very little to NO power to debug the problem. Other admin has already submitted a ticket, so there is no point in doing that again as there has been no resolution on the first ticket. Just supposed to sit here with my thumbs up the brown bullseye? Can we get some help? Sure am glad we pre-paid for a year....
  3. Are we allowed to use Arma 3 sync here? To keep everything up to date with the least amount of bandwidth usage as it only replaces the updated parts of the mod, not having to upload the entire mod everytime. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22199
  4. Yeah mine did it too. They give you a fix yet?