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  1. It looks like there is an issue that is preventing them from updating PS4 servers. They stated that they are hard at work and trying to resolve the issue.
  2. Hello Fellow Arkians! I have had my server for a little over a week and I am starting to get repeated lag spikes that last 10- 30 secs with only 2 people in the server. We don't have a massive base and less than 20 tames. I was hoping that the lag spikes were being caused by the constant running of the server. I set up an automatic restart every day @ 12am. This seems to make them less frequent but it is still a recurring issue. Are there any other things that can assist with my lag spike issue? Thanks in advance! (Swamp Fever > Mega Rabies)
  3. I did some digging and found this from the admin: https://www.survival...server-methods/
  4. I have just started a PS4 server and I have yet to join it. I have someone checking to see if they can see it on the server list. They are not having any luck. The name of the server is RoR_Realm_of_Ragnarok The only symbol we saw on the server list is "_", so to play it safe that is what I stuck with. Is there a naming convention that needs to be followed? Is anyone able to pull it up? Thank you for your assistance!