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  1. Okay, I got mine working. I'm not sure what was the root fix but I disabled the ARKaeology event and cleared "ActiveEvent=WinterWonderland" from the gameusersettings.ini, restarted the server, did a dino wipe, and it's now fixed.
  2. Hmm, strange. Mine isn't running the event at all despite it being the correct version. I've also heard reports of other unofficial servers having it active. I'm going to tinker with a few things and see if I can find what is causing the conflict. One of them could be the ARKaeology event still being set as active so that's my first priority to disable.
  3. Since the introduction of the Winter Wonderland event, I'm curious as to how to activate the event. I'm certain the control panel will have this as an automated option soon, but I'm just curious what has to be modified in order to enable the event. Is it through one of the .ini files or will a more in-depth process have to be done with a program such as WinSCP? The only thing the patch notes from Wildcard state is "ActiveEvent=WinterWonderland". I tried modifying the gameusersettings.ini but no luck there. Edit: After doing some further research based off previous events, it sounds like the server has to have the event coding in the startup.bat file but when doing experimentation in WinSCP, I couldn't find this file. I'm guessing we don't have access to this file.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to modify the game.ini to allow engrams to be unlocked for Aberration and Scorched Earth materials while on Extinction. There is a way to do it but it requires modifying the game.ini by adding in the engrams. (See this thread for details: https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/1748980761802753776/) I know we can modify the Gameusersettings.ini in the server config by using the box at the bottom and putting in [serverSettings] and then the proper gameusersettings.ini commands such as "ShowFloatingDamageText=True". However the game.ini and gameusersettings.ini are different. I thought I could make the engrams available by adjusting them with the engram settings but Aberration items aren't on the list. Is there any information on how to update this?
  5. Good thing I double-checked some things before posting again because I would've looked like a fool. Looks like the actual command itself from 2017 to 2018 is actually the same. However they did change a couple things with the vday event this year that hasn't been updated in the UI on Survival Servers yet in the advanced parameters. Then again I wouldn't expect this since the event just triggered. If further information is needed, here are the new effects of the event this year, if these would need to be added to the UI: - Tames have a 5% chance to drop a Chocolate Cake when they mate. A Chocolate Cake can be used for a Full Heal or to advance 50% of a creature's taming affinity bar. (As opposed to a box of chocolates that can advance 40% of a creature's taming affinity bar.) - Red, Pink, and White colored wild creatures can be found wandering the ARKs searching for true loves kiss. Other previous effects mentioned in the UI are still active. Using the vday parameter did work successfully and it has answered my question. Thanks!
  6. The -vday command line parameter was mentioned as something that could be augmented onto servers. However I've yet to figure out just how to do this. From data I was able to find, this can only be added to the command line. I've tried adding "-vday" and "vday" to the custom launch options beneath the other options. Within my custom launch parameters however there is [serverSettings] and then the commands. I'm going to guess that the vday command parameter needs to not be part of the server settings. Anyone know for sure as to how to set this up? Do I need to add vday, then add in [serverSettings], then the rest of the parameters?
  7. Hello everyone, I host a cluster server that currently has minimal activity going on and I'm hoping to expand that some. There is a Discord channel that is also highly dedicated to this server but also available for talk outside of ARK as well.The server is slightly modded with Castles, Keeps, and Forts, ORP, Meat Spoiler, Stacks Only mod, S+, and the Super Spyglass. Here are basic modifiers with more details being on the Discord (it's a long list...) 8x taming 4x experience 4x resource gathering 4x spoilage timer (items last 4 times longer) 4x custom recipe effectiveness 12x breeding/egg hatching speed (subject to be decreased) Dinosaur experience curve flattened and can level up to 120 times as opposed to the normal current amount. This allows for more passive level-ups on non-combat, non-gathering creatures. Cave fliers allowed. All player stats per level are doubled. Engram point allocation greatly increased at higher levels to allow small tribes enough points to learn virtually everything. With SE engrams being applied on Ragnarok this amount may be increased further. Damage numbers enabled, at least for now. https://discord.gg/fuFQTcT Even as the admin, I still abide by the general playing of the game like everyone else. I will even admin color a few elite dinos of your choice! The Discord channel contains all the information needed about the server but if anyone has any questions, I'm more than happy to answer! If you can't find the server, use the link below and select the server of your choice! https://arkbrowser.com/servers?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=Xinmar&page=1 Here are the servers. The regular server is Aberration, number 2 is Ragnarok. I'll add in that right now Ragnarok has been recently wiped so it is a level playing field!
  8. Hello people, I've been searching around for a solution to this and I've come up dry. I'm also rather certain that this isn't easy. To jump in on the situation, I run an Aberration/Ragnarok cluster server but now it's pretty much just an Aberration server. I would love to be able to modify the Tekgrams that the endboss of Aberration gives based on the difficulty since the only 3 Tek items obtainable on Aberration are the Sleeping Pod, Railgun, and Rock Drake Saddle. To elaborate a more detailed example; instead of the Gamma Endboss fight just giving a Sleeping Pod, I'd like for it to give the basic Tek foundationing. For Beta, allow it to give some of the weapons and utility structures, then Alpha giving the rest. Anyone have information on how to do this, if it's even possible? Tekgrams are coded differently from regular engrams and changing requirements isn't really straightforward. Surely there's a complex solution to this that I could add to the server settings. Any info on this procedure will be highly appreciated. Also if you're looking for a rather quiet Aberration server I'd be happy to give info!
  9. In a normal state, if you don't affect the levels with any of the server config settings, then the game .ini will show no override for levels and everything functions normally. However, please tell me why the button in the attached picture, when toggled, is triggering an experience override in the .ini for the player level. I know it shows the player level adjusted now and that's because I made the right changes. However the highlighted setting should not be triggering an experience override for the player in the .ini unless this is a strange intention that the ascension change now negatively affects and/or confuses server owners like myself initially.
  10. Just now got home so I can look more into this. Within the Modify Server Config, at the very bottom you should have 3 options for saving the .ini information. The default is "Stop server, save form values, save to .ini files, start server." Is this option selected when you press "Save Configuration" at the very bottom? If you can provide any screenshots showing your procedure that will help immensely (Make sure you blot out any personal data such as passwords that may be on the screen.)
  11. Hey there Snakkepus, whenever you analyze the gameusersettings.ini, it should provide you with the multipliers that are currently in effect for the server. Most of them are near the top. As an example, here's some of mine. DifficultyOffset=1.000000XPMultiplier=4.000000TamingSpeedMultiplier=3.000000HarvestAmountMultiplier=3.000000Whenever you analyze this, what do you have on yours? If it shows anything other than 1.000000 then that means the effect should be in place. Some of these may also be within the game.ini document. In regards to your second question that can be ignored since it seems to sporadically appear for me too, even if I'm fully up to date. Whether or not it's actually a error with the site I can't say.
  12. Thanks for the reply GamerPerfection. This isn't really an issue with what the maximum survivor cap is since it works normally IF the dinosaur levels are untouched. My character is level 99 and if I don't have level cap modifiers changed, this level will remain at 99. However the moment I add in a modifier for the dinosaurs, not the player, the cap immediately falls back to 85 for the player. This is because the settings is projecting a modified stat level for players even though it's not supposed to do this, at least in theory. I could try a workaround that adjusts the maximum player level to 115 and see if that provides a "patch" to the problem, will update this post tonight. Edit: Unsurprisingly adding 15 levels blocked off by 1 experience point does alleviate the issue and allows leveling up to 100. Again as stated though this is merely a workaround. It'll work but if this is a bug with the way the server config works then I'd like it to be more known.
  13. Hello, I've used a private ARK server for quite a while and ever since the recent update affecting player experience (ascension) there has been a .ini issue with my server. I've done a good bit of troubleshooting as is which will be explained below along with the problem. On my server I have compressed the dino experience curve to allow much faster leveling and I've also increased the level cap along with that, only for dinos. The player experience is unaffected. I use some basic increased modifiers as well as a simple stack mod. Now, onto the issue: Ever since the update a character can not go beyond level 85. It just caps at that point and some engrams remain forever locked. I ran some general troubleshooting such as removing the mod and restarting (didn't do a thing) and then I reset the modified configuration completely. Even with the mod this fixed the experience problem for the player but I had to reset all of the settings again. After doing so the problem came back and my character was reverted to level 85. I looked into the .ini and here is what shows up that starts looking strange (well, at least the beginning, full .txt file is posted as a .txt file as an attachment) LevelExperienceRampOverrides=(ExperiencePointsForLevel[0]=5,ExperiencePointsForLevel[1]=20 --Just as a heads up, this is the player experience and the game suspects that this setting is being overridden. I did not turn on an override for player experience, only for dinosaur experience. The adjusted dinosaur experience shows up in the .ini and the dinos react accordingly so that is working fine. Whenever I change the Dinosaur experience to revert to the default this part of the .ini is gone and the player level works as normal. Is it intended for the game to try to detect player experience overrides if you change the dino experience overrides? Right now this is causing some issues ever since the recent patch and I didn't know if this has been reported. Just for comparison I will provide a game.ini of the server whenever I leave the dino experience as a default and as mentioned before, a .txt of the game.ini when the dinosaur experience is affected. Experienceinierror.txt Serverinidefault.txt