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  1. I just started my Rust server for the first time. It said it was gonna take upto 5 minutes to complete the start, but its been over 30 and its not ready yet. What do I do?
  2. My player can spawn in instantly, but all my friends have a 30m timer before they can get in... why??? I fixed the config but nothing changed
  3. I only have 6 people who play steadily so far. Dont think theyd mind a wipe if we are clustering with new map
  4. Im runing Ragnorok right now. I have things boosted but not to an overkill point. enough to make it fun and not to grindy. Im down to cluster!
  5. Id totally be down to cluster! Im running rag at the moment. I have all the stats really tweaked though. Been messing with things to get it where its not so much of a grind, but also not too easy. I have 6 steady players so far it seems
  6. Come join my server! I am going to boost experience, farming, taming etc. Just enough to make game progression faster but not too much to make it overkill and no fun.