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  1. I of course do have tickets in. Is anyone else having these type of repeat issues?
  2. A quick update. The staff moved us to east coast to a new machine which did fix the issue. However then it had extremely high ping, we just moved back to a new machine on west. But now we are having really low Server fps. we are talking 2 - 7 fps with only 40 or so people on.... then we have crashed and are sitting in an "unknown status". Im holding out hope that things will improve since I have enjoyed the customer service so far, just seem to be hitting road bumps A LOT. My player base despite the fact we are in top 20 servers are becoming restless.
  3. My server was moved to a better machine for launch (which was doing well). But now the server is "stopping" itself 30 + times a day, i was at 60/60 cap all day but now im bleeding players. This is a Major issue and i would guess hardware related Ive had a ticket in for 12 + hrs asking to be moved to a different machine with the same specs. So far no response. I dont know whats causing this ive done all the troubleshooting i can do on my end.