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Found 9 results

  1. New server owner here, but not completely new to ARMA 2 server mods as I had an Epoch server for years with Vilayer. I have been attempting to add one mod at a time to ensure proper server operation and began with my own new copy of the Infistar AH files. I have opened a ticket, but I understand that the good folk at Survival Servers are busy so elected to post in this community as well for some much appreciated help! Adding my properly purchased copy of Infistar 1st. I stopped my server Added #include "\Antihack\SurvivalAntihack.sqf" to the end of my server_function.sqf Added the AH.sqf, AHconfig.sqf (modified with the proper user id's) and AT.sqf files to the AH folder Used Filezilla to FTP the Battleye filters to the most recent infistar update I repacked the Server PBO with CPBO Pointed the Mission and Server file update in the Survival Server Control Panel to the new PBO's and saved/restarted the server. I waited and then relaunched. Game would begin to load and then timeout during the "Waiting for server to authenticate" and it would kick me back to the game lobby. After several attempts, I reverted to the backup PBO's, and the game would launch and I could join. On my older vilayer server all the Infistar files were actually in the same folder as the server_function.sqf? I looked at the RPT files, and despite the judicious application of several cups of coffee, couldn't for the life of me find the error(s) Decided to start the mods with the infistar, then move on to buildings and map edits Any help available here or via TS? Thanks!
  2. Hey! I purchased the AntiHack infiSTAR and made myself a super user. Whenever I try to connect, I get instantly kicked, receiving the error above. I suppose it is because it is interfering with BattlEye somehow, but shouldn't this issue be non-existent when dealing with payed services? Best regards, Felix
  3. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ HOW TO REMOVE HACKERS/CHEATERS/EXPLOITERS _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ If someone wants to put a hacker like below on the Perm ban list, you have to do it through AH (antihack). Otherwise, through the game even if it's PermBan, it's still Temporary. Open Your Antihack Folder in your Server.pbo and open the AHconfig.sqf, around line 40 BannedList in between the quotes "0", put the PlayerID/UID/SteamID of the person you want banned.(SEE EXAMPLE BELOW) Make sure to add the person below as he has been on a few servers according to the grapevine, he plays it off as innocent. Please Share anyone you caught in the past on this post. As long as it stays up. I think it's important to come together on things like this. Example: I will update this post everytime i find someone cheating, hacking, duping, exploiting. I also recommend using the DaRT Tool, it lets you observe your server without logging in. Check out the site or download it from this post. It is a very basic setup. You can ban players from here and chat in game. KooLLook 76561198021573138 (turning profit by exploit of m24/DMR mags) DaRT.zip
  4. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ My Infistar/Admin does not work ________________________________________________________________________________________________ First off and foremost, if you did not purchase Infistar I would recommend doing that first. STOP YOUR SERVER WHEN MODIFYING I remember when i first started with survival servers about 3 years ago, for the life of me i couldnt understand why it did not work when i bought it and did not mess with files yet. I would go into the game and my F2 would not do anything. Besides needing the obvious tools you will need: Steam ID (SKIP IF YOU KNOW IT) Purchased Infistar Antihack w/SurvivalServers Knowledge of your control panel First Let's Find your Steam ID for Arma (UID) Start your Arma Operations Arrowhead through Steam (just let it go to the main menu) Click on "Player Profile" find your name and click "Edit". The number you see pop up, that is your ID. Write it down and look at least 3 times to make sure you have it right. Second Let's go to your Control Panel On the right side you will see "Antihack", check that box and make sure the field boxes appear under. The very first Box is where your Steam/UID goes (NEXT TO SUPERUID) Make sure there are no spaces before or after your numbers, no quotations. Just the numbers (check 3x) Third Let's Download your Server PBO Before you hit update and restart button, we need to verify you have the antihack command. Download your server pbo by clicking on the "Download". After you unzip your folder, and extract the pbo go into the server folder and into init folder, there you will see a file called "server_functions.sqf". Open the file with Notepad++ and scroll to the very bottom of the page. If you don't see: #include "\Antihack\SurvivalAntihack.sqf" Then make sure you copy and paste that line into the bottom end. 5. Save. Compile your pbo 6. On your control panel go to the server pbo section and click on the BROWSE tab, find your server.pbo not server folder, click ok. Then update and restart with the bottom button. Go back and Check everything again by re-downloading the server pbo and checking to see if the server_functions file has that line of code at the bottom. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ METHOD 2 ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Get your SteamID by following above instructions in the first section and add it to the Antihack field in your control panel If your antihack is unchecked, check the box, add your steam ID and restart the server using the Bottom Update and Restart bar. Wait for the server panel to finish loading. (give it two minutes after you can access your panel again) Uncheck the antihack and update and restart (with bottom button) once more. (allow it time to come up) Once it comes back, recheck the box again make sure your ID is there in the field, and restart the server one last time (go into the game and test it) If your antihack is already checked, uncheck it and restart the server. (give it a good 2mins after it restarts before proceeding) After it restarts, check the box and make sure your steam ID is in the first field. If not, please add it. Restart again. Once your server comes up, go into the server and test to see if it works. Hit "ESC" and make sure the red Text of Infistar is in the Esc Menu. If it is not, go through the steps in the first method posted.
  5. I apologize as i'm a bit of a noob. I recently switched from Overpoch Chernarus to DayZ Chernarus ( and my Infistar Antihack isnt working when i hit F2. I paid for it when i signed up and had Overpoch installed. If i switch maps / mods do i have to enter in a ticket to have it installed? Thanks
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experienced this issue before as I'm unable to find proper help online about how to fix the issue. When I enable Battleye on my Arma2 DayZ Mod Chernarus server which has infiSTAR installed any time someone attempts to log in they get stuck on the "Requesting character data from server" screen. At that point the timer on the bottom right of the screen gets stuck, and according to the Control Panel and my Arma2 browser the player gets disconnected from the server. This issue does not occur when I disable Battleye. What do I need to do to be able to enable Battleye while still using infiSTAR? Thanks.
  7. Hello having the same issue on my test server and a server that is up and running. I get kicked to the lobby after about one minute in game. This happens to all that join. Just update to the latest infistar... on the test server if i take infistar out you can join and you will not get kicked. as soon as i put it back you will get kicked.. this is what i found in the rpt file: 16:32:53 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminFirstReq: [1234,B 1-1-C:1 (Jim) REMOTE,"player UID"]" 16:32:53 "infiSTAR.de ******ADMIN-LOGIN******: Jim(76561198015995482)" 16:32:53 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminReqProceed: [1234,B 1-1-C:1 (Jim) REMOTE,"player UID"]" 16:34:42 "infiSTAR.de Log: Jim (player UID) | T2 did not update in 158.439s (old time 128.434, new time 286.873). FPS: 31.6206. (KICKED)" 16:34:42 "["PVAHR_0_e9x5F4o632k0C5A7e3M6A2k",["Jim","player UID","SLOG",[84,50,32,100,105,100,32,110,111,116,32,117,112,100,97,116,101,32,105,110,32,49,53,56,46,52,51,57,115,32,40,111,108,100,32,116,105,109,101,32,49,50,56,46,52,51,52,44,32,110,101,119,32,116,105,109,101,32,50,56,54,46,56,55,51,41,46,32,70,80,83,58,32,51,49,46,54,50,48,54,46,32,40,75,73,67,75,69,68,41]]]" in the publicvariable.log i get this: 11.11.2015 16:16:13: Jim ( player GUID - #5 "PVAHR_0_j1x9D4n1M5j6r8F3r6v3H8C7M" = ["Jim","player UID","SLOG",[84,50,32,100,105,100,32,110,111,116,32,117,112,100,97,116,101,32,105,110,32,49,57,48,46,52,49,50,115,32,40,111,108,100,32,116,105,109,101,32,49,51,48,46,54,48,51,44,32,110,101,119,32,116,105,109,101,32,51,50,49,46,48,49,53,41,46,32,70,80,83,58,32,51,56,46,49,56,54,50,46,32,40,75,73,67,75,69,68,41]] Now I have tried to add !="PVAHR_[a-z,0-9]{10,16}" to the publicvariable, still get kicked Here is my Publicbariable.txt Like I said this happen on another server that is online. Any help I buy all the in game beer you want..
  8. how do i install infistar lite to my server? i have been asking this in the forum for the past 2 days and havent received proper help exempt copy and pastes from the website. i am a complete noob when it comes to these things and i would like proper installation help.
  9. Hello! So its my first time setting up an Epoch server and I've been having the worst time with it. First off, I've tried setting up infistar like it shows in the readme, but I cant get the right launch parameters right. It keeps either not showing the server as up, or that its just creating and I'm stuck at the loading screen. I cant get the server working properly whatsoever. I've sent in a support ticket, and am waiting to hear back. I've also been wanting to setup this Epoch server with the Zombies and Demons mod, The SF Nato weapons and vehicles, and AI town invasion mods and could use help with that as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.