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  1. i still havent had a response or a fix to this problem in my ticket. this is really taking too much time. i better be getting these 3+ days of having a broken server re-added into my subscription or im not going to be repeating my payments.
  2. it would also be nice if they could at least respond to me on my tickets that have been up for days instead of me having to find out what is going on by talking to you. this customer support is fucked up.
  3. yeah, the vehicles were spawning just fine before the update. this is kind of a taking a long time to fix. whats up with that?
  4. it has been longer then 24/hours since the last response from support on my ticket. i really need help ASAP to fix this problem and no one is even helping. is there something going on witht he support team atm?
  5. yeah they have responded. apparently there was a bug with my server so they are just going to completely restart the server.
  6. i understand how they spawn and such, but they arent spawning at all is what im saying. like 0 of them.
  7. vehicle arent spawning in my server dayz vanilla. i have the vehicle spawn limit to 300 and i have clicked the run task option multiple times. how do i fix this issue?
  8. Lol just as you posted this they emailed me saying they fixed the issue. Thanks for your help though.
  9. I have now purchased infistar and it still sint working. I really need help, would you mind messaging me your ts so you can help me? And i have posted a ticket about this aswell
  10. These upgrades are applied to your server instantly upon order.
  11. i have purchased infistar ($20 Version) and it isnt installed on my server. it clearly says by the addons that it will install after purchase. i have submitted a support ticket and this is just for further help. thank you.
  12. how do i install infistar lite to my server? i have been asking this in the forum for the past 2 days and havent received proper help exempt copy and pastes from the website. i am a complete noob when it comes to these things and i would like proper installation help.