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  1. Thanks NIck all up and running now! Thanks for keeping us posted.
  2. Agreed, finally got my servers to update but still cannot see Lost Island as a map choice.
  3. txgolfer

    Rust for PS4

    Thanks Luke, I love having more control over the games such as ARK, Rust would be a great addition as well.
  4. txgolfer

    Rust for PS4

    Now that Rust is due to be released for consoles (specifically PS4), is there any plans to provide private servers for Rust on console in the near future?
  5. @ghoat starting to wonder about that myself. Had Nitrado but ping was horrible but, G-Portal is available in my area with low pings. I put in a support ticket to see if there is a work-around for this issue. Gotta say really impressed with SS's response time to tickets. Here's hoping they have a work-around and if so will post on here.
  6. ABSOLUTELY!!! so tired of a forced update on my PS4 and then SS is ALWAYS a day or so behind so I cannot access my servers once ARK updates!! This has to be fixed, not happy having my servers down for 2 days every time WC updates this game. NEVER happened on my former Nitrado servers. Come on Survival Servers you guys are usually better than this.
  7. Just advised by the team on a ticket, update is live on my servers this morning so might be useful to try yours again if you are having any issues.
  8. YUP... same thing both servers just like the previous update, sent in ticket to them. At least they are usually quick on responding but getting a bit frustrated with this, had Nitrado and their closest location was nowhere near me and the ping was horrible but at least this never happened
  9. Any place to purchase some logo'd merchandise from you guys??
  10. Both my servers went off as well, I forced an update and now 1 is fine but just had to do the same thing to my second server.
  11. I don't even have Genesis and neither of my servers will start! Rag and Val both
  12. I cannot even start my servers right now! - I left Nitrado for this?
  13. Same thing is happening to me and was also happening in January with my former Nitrado servers. This has got to be an Ark thing. I can transfer data and dinos.
  14. If this works, should we leave the "ARK update" setting to "yes, run update/force" for now on?