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  1. Did everyone else have luck with this? It gives the message that I need to update, but I have ran the update multiple times now and it won't update to the new version. Anyone have any thoughts/adivce?
  2. Still have heard nothing more....guess shortly isn't too short lol
  3. Was just told they are finishing it up now and should be ready shortly.
  4. Same here, ill let you all know if I hear back. Hopefully it gets corrected soon being its not a huge update...
  5. Got my ticket in, everyone else should do it to, might make them take their jobs a little more seriously. If I did this level of support at my work, I wouldn't have a job....
  6. Yeah, hate to say it cause I love these servers when they work, but might have to start looking elsewhere. I mean don't get me wrong, i don't expect to never have issues, but tons of us pay good money to have these servers, they should have the proper support...
  7. Least me and my tride aren't the only ones! Crazy that there are still tons of private servers operating currently but ours hasn't been updated yet. Hope it happens soon.
  8. New update just rolled out. PS4 prompted new download. Want to play on my server im paying for yet not able. Please fix this, dont let us go another weekend without playing when paying!
  9. Hi, was curious if anyone knew if you are able to do splitscreen multiplayer on your server. I rent a server, and me and my wife each have a ps4, and play on our own systems. My brother wants to try to play with his girlfriend, but only has the one PS4. Is there any ways he is able to splitscreen on my server?
  10. Server ID #98329 Ticket #576935 server status stopped. After update wont start. Please fix. Have downloaded and force downloaded multiple times.
  11. Server status: unknown Was just finishing a hard victory from a alpha, hoping it saved lol. Not sure what happened, but server does not seem to be respond and is giving an unknown status. Server ID #98329
  12. Purchased my server about 12 hours ago. Haven't been able to run anything or get it to start. Issued a ticket 10 hours ago with no reply. Please help, trying to be patient but at this point getting frustrated. #98329 Support Ticket Opened [#530508] Please help.
  13. Can anyone help me out please. I got my own dedicated server through here last night for the ps4. Is there anything special you have to do to get it to start? I have set up my server name, and password, along with chose options for most of the drop down items in my control panel. Really want to be able to start playing and has been 12 hours since purchase and still cant get it to stay running. I click start, it loads and says please wait, then brings me right back saying its stopped. Any advise? Side note, I did create a ticket about 10 hours ago, but have yet to hear back. Paid for my server, just anxious to play...