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  1. Im having same issues, apparently a mod code lock was preventing server from restart so i removed mod and restarted server and still the same issue. Server shows online on webgui but its vanished from DZLauncher all together. I think 9 hours down time is a little rough on users to be fair...a few tickets raised and not much feed back. i need to hurry and get to my trader as ive got fish cooking on the stove UPDATE THE USERS AND PEOPLE WHO RENT THE SERVERS GUYS...not much to ask really
  2. Is the support on skeleton staff? Absolutely pointless this support system if they are not being responded too. Steve where are buddy you seem to be the only creditable support.
  3. Anyone having issues with update of dayz yesterday and dzsalauncher not shown mods due to update. Any ideas anyone of why mods ain't shown after update. Thought i would ask the community because unless steve is on support its all shite unsupported servers.
  4. Guys, seriously wft is wrong with this server we are on...we stopped server, applied new mod to ftp, applied command line to web gui then simply clicked save and restart sevrer...and guess what servers for the billionith time fails to start...i mean come on wft ive never had this with any server and the communication from you lot to what was fixed and is pointless...we need feedback to what the issues are and why it messing up...please dotn just role back the server and say it fixed when actually it aint.. i was a serious server buyer but after this im not sure your server company is for
  5. 818262 ticket been on for a long time now...can you look into it please

  6. Hi could you let me know whats happening please. my server is shown offline with 1 user logged in...is this a admin of SS logged in to rectify the issues we faced after the server was fixed yesterday , we logged back in and the large loot was not shown anymore and zombies where pretty much non existant Can you let me know at least as communication is suppossed to be the forfront of any business with new customers. Thank you
  7. same...ive just did a slight change on the web gui and server wont restart and it stuck in stoppled position....
  8. Hi all, could anyone point me in the right direction of how to increase the ping in server please as a few players are getting latency errors..is this done via ftp where you can edit config files or within a console...i have a survival servers dayz Many thanks in advance
  9. bought a server today raised a ticket and i can connect via ftp but dayz liv is stuck in stopped mode anwoud d ive tried to restart but nothjing happens? I think a few users are having the same issues Ryan...would be good to get some feedback from tickets and replys in forums gamer server id 97823 ticket #695305 Cheers
  10. Hi ive just got a new server and for some reason it wont come out of stopped mode. ive tried restart but nothing is happening