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  1. Updated with GitHub Links so I can keep them updated easier
  2. https://7daystodie.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?61-Mods Lots of good info on here too
  3. Updated most of my older Mods, Only left out the ones not needed any more.. Any issues just message on here... https://github.com/War3zuk/ModLets-Alpha-18.1-Stable https://github.com/War3zuk/War3zuk-Alpha-18-AIO
  4. Valhalla is NOT in the drop down list for me ? so my original comment still stands, Thanks
  5. Has this been done or can it be done, Thanks Replace The old Valhalla in the drop down list with the new Redux version so its easier to run on the Cpanel page....
  6. I would Imagine these maps will be oput of date due to all the Major patching... Before use it would probably be a good thing to load it up into the editor & resave, They all worked fine before these major changes so probably a good chance that those are causing strange things to happen
  7. I only do Even maps sorry... You could load my 3x3 & then ajust it to 4x4 keeping the ones dead that you dont use..
  8. Somewhere on the main page I think there is...
  9. Set the map as home on the Cpanel then 12 Oclock just below is the spawn island.... There is a 2nd but cant remember which one it is without looking haha....
  10. Top Middle your spawn in point should be one & middle left also ?
  11. That Island has been part of the Pack from the start so not sure whats up... Ive even had it in my map & not had issues as its a power stone island & needed to complete the old set of 10...You could always just remove the island & then reload the map so it goes.... but back stuff up first
  12. No mate all that goes at the Bottom in your Game.Ini you can use that code to add or adjust as you wish so long as you use the correct code...
  13. DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Kraken_Character_BP_PFSG_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Draco_Character_BP_PFSG_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Hydra_Character_BP_PFSG_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="FireElemental_Character_BP_PFSG_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="RockElemental_Character_BP_PFSG_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Cyclops_Character_BP_PFSG_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Gorgon_Character_BP_PFSG_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassDamageMultipliers=(ClassName="Yeti_Character_BP_Child_PFSG_C",Multiplier=0.5) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Kraken_Character_BP_PFSG_C",Multiplier=0.3) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Draco_Character_BP_PFSG_C",Multiplier=0.3) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Hydra_Character_BP_PFSG_C",Multiplier=0.3) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="FireElemental_Character_BP_PFSG_C",Multiplier=0.3) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="RockElemental_Character_BP_PFSG_C",Multiplier=0.3) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Cyclops_Character_BP_PFSG_C",Multiplier=0.3) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Gorgon_Character_BP_PFSG_C",Multiplier=0.3) DinoClassResistanceMultipliers=(ClassName="Yeti_Character_BP_Child_PFSG_C",Multiplier=0.3)
  14. Download works fine mate, Erm long shot but do a Check on your RAM as this can cause errors with Unrarring also make sure your using v5.40 winrar...
  15. If they have changed the way the quest system works it would Bork the map, wasnt aware they had ? as for the Island I would assume thats down to upgrading, from what I understand the changes required a fresh start but havent tested that theory....