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  1. Holy cow, Im so sorry. I forgot about this post. Im checking it out right now. Thank you so much.
  2. Hey all, I have a server that is set to restart every 4 hours and I wanted to see if someone could help me figure out what Im suppose to adjust the time to. I would like it to only have 1 hour of darkness before the server restarts, so 3 hours day and 1 hour dark. Thanks
  3. I use DaRT currently, Im talking about actually showing it in the game so other players can see it.
  4. Hey guys I wanted to see if there was a way for me to show the players leaving and joining the server. Ive searched through the BE folder and some of my mods for any type of config but I have yet to find any. Thanks
  5. this is what mine looks like if it helps -dayzserver=DayZServer.exe -mod=@VanillaPlusPlusMap;@BuildAnywhere;@DayZ-Expansion-Notifications;@Airdrop;@PsychoDayZ_SUV;@UnlimitedStamina;@MunghardsItempack;@BaseBuildingPlus;@WeaponReduxPack;@CodeLock;@AdvancedWeaponry;@GraveCross;@DayZ-ExpansionChat;@CarHorn;@Trader;@KillFeed;@CF;@ZomBerry; -scrAllowFileWrite
  6. Command to Give Yourself Items: Resource: summonitem resource_ ice 100 summonItem Resource_wood 100 summonItem Resource_rope 100 summonItem Resource_planks 100 summonItem Resource_stone 100 summonItem Resource_Gunpowder 100 summonitem resource_ cotton 100 summonItem Resource_IronOre 100 summonItem Resource_Sulfur 100 summonItem Resource_gold 100 summonItem Resource_IronBar 100 summonItem Resource_hide 100 summonItem Resource_rawhide 100 summonItem Resource_wool 100 summonItem Resource_Glass 100 summonItem Resource_Leather 100 summonItem Resource_Canvas 100 summonItem Resource_PlantFiber 100
  7. JustJ3ss


    Thanks Overlord, I appreciate it.
  8. I know this is old but when EBM updates you just need to replace the folder and make sure to replace the key
  9. JustJ3ss


    Hey all, Im looking for a fresh exile.ini, My safes do not have the set pin code option on them. I do have it set in my config.cpp for them to lock/unlock/pack etc. I added in Virtual garage and I may have fudged up the part I needed. oops.
  10. Is there a way to disable all roaming AI? You can't even go near a city without dying and then they camp your body. I have: EXILE: DMS Missions EXILE: ZCP - Zupa's Capture Points Thanks.
  11. When I update a file in my server and restart it, I can check the skip updating then restart it and it literally takes 20-30 minutes to show up on the server list. Is there a reason why it takes so long?