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  1. Hello Everyone. This information was posted during version Early Access 1.0.1 I am a big fan of Survival Servers and what they host and have been a returning customer of what they provide for years. This time I was looking into Outlaws of the Old West and did not find anything here. Here is what I found: Adding Admin: - Navigate on the FTP to *server install*/Outlaws/Saved where a file should have been pre-made called AdminList.txt - if file does not exist just make a new one but server should have it made (mine was auto created). If you do not see it you may be in the wrong spot. - Retrieve your 17 digit steamID from any steam profile website. Personally I use https://steamid.io/- you just need your steam profile link. - Post it in the file. Other admins are to be added on each individual line. I do not see any individual admin access abilities (ranks) at this time. - Restart Server To activate GM/Admin Menu: - In-game press SHIFT then ~ - Console will be at bottom of screen. - Type “activateAdmin” and press enter. - Admin Window will be an option if you check the menu by pressing ESC. - Use this to add more admins, kick or ban players. I am sure more commands and abilities will show up in the future. Special Commands - Once again press Shift then ~ and admin console will show up again. Here are some commands that can be typed in. I am sure more will show up as game progresses. GMbuff – buffs player health and stamina to unlimited and stops hunger/thirst. (as of this post, cannot be turned off without reconnecting) Teleport x y - teleport to given coordinates (coordinates from in-game map) DestroyTarget – destroys the target at the center of aim. Leaving nothing behind. KillTarget – applies max damage to target at center of aim. RefreshAdminTextList – reloads admin list from file. RefreshBanTextList – reloads ban list from file. How to Edit Ban List: - Just like the admin file. Return to /outlaws/saved on the server. - Look for (or create) BanList.txt (mine was auto created by server) - Remove or insert SteamIDs as needed, each on individual lines. ------- In closing. The game is still super new and in very early access - I am sure we can all expect further changes to both the game and how dedicated servers are operated. Further questions or additions to this guide feel free to post here. Thanks
  2. I cant quite figure out what could cause this... Various times when I leave the server and come back the next day bits of my base are often gone but not in the game-decay kind of way. One time I left and exactly half of my base was gone, like it was cut in half and the half was erased.
  3. neal121


    Anyone familiar with running this fancy looking thing? I entered all the needed settings regarding rcon but it always says disconnected. Cant really find a connect button either. lol It must be trying to connect when I save the config because there is a log file but its blank with just time stamps. https://www.rustadmin.com/for those interested in trouble shooting assistance. Not sure if I need to do anything to the server to make it work? Its a new server too.
  4. Hello! Does anyone know if the game has any support for MOTD messages, or MOTD image? Banner? Announcement? Anything like that?
  5. Excellent to hear from the man himself!!!
  6. Anyone have experience using botman with 7 days? It's a server mod to help manage your server with a crap ton of features.
  7. I totally agree with this. I would love a group pay feature so my regulars can donate specifically to my server. This way they feel more comfortable donating directly to the server instead of sending money to my PayPal. People im sure would feel comfortable knowing the money went straight to the server. I think let's all submit support tickets with this request... Lol
  8. Is the friendly fire server variable still active in recent updates? I have noticed it "vanished" but is still part of the server config file on the games wiki page.
  9. I am too interested in running a custom mod on a secondary 7D2D server, just havent looked much into it (or purchased the 2nd server IM SORRY SURVIVALSERVERS! just not yet!). My regulars are still discussing what mod to look into and the secondary server is to prevent any issues with the current servers world. I corrupted it once already LOL and lost everything.
  10. I am trying to bring the mods that my players like to my server. Of course since they just play the server, they have no idea what the name of the plugin or mod was they used... Does anyone know of a great list of MP server mods out there? I am looking for one that would let a fresh player start with a kit of suppies. .. so... /kit Any help greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!
  11. I too have been looking for a suggest server manager tool. Is there a recommendation? What about one with server messages? I know 1 I looked at required some server-sided mods/addons for it to work properly and unsure how that is handled here.
  12. I know this is a long shot asking for this on these forums that I am sure are not checked as much as I would hope... but... Does anyone use any of the backpack mods on there server? I know they require EAC disabled but it wouldnt bug me.
  13. I didnt mean to dbl post, ugh ... I meant to edit and somehow I quoted my last post... I wanted to add - Is the dragon fly not listed in the game settings configuration editor in the control panel? Or am I missing it?
  14. I am trying to adjust the spawn rate of specific dinos in the server settings and I am slightly confused. I have googled around and I have just ended up even more confused. So default settings for each dino seems to be - Spawn Multiplier = 0.1 Spawn Percentage = 1 Now if I wanted to lower the chance of a dino spawning, which setting do I lower? Spawn percentage? Like if I move it from 1 to 0.25 is 25% to spawn? Spawn Percentage = 0.25 What happens if I change it to 0? Will it actually stop spawning? Or does the game have issues recognizing this?
  15. Is it possible to have a file the server reads that includes SteamIDs to auto whitelist specific people as admins instead of having to enter the password each time? (yes I know, I am lazy lol) I came across this in a ARK Guide in steam, no idea if its accurate and I haven't tested it - Whitelisting an Admin This allows you to use commands without needing to login as Admin. Create a file in the directory \ShooterGame\Saved\ called AllowedCheaterSteamIDs.txt It should look like this \ShooterGame\Saved\AllowedCheaterSteamIDs.txt From here, list on each line the Steam64 ID's you wish to authorize for cheat commands, these users will be able to cheat without logging in as Admin.