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  1. We're trying it out on one of our servers: Looks good so far
  2. Linking is too much of an issue at moment so making it a standalone server at Thanks our first custom map will test and tweek later
  3. Cool, thanks 1) Can I override 1 server of my 2x2 cluster without affecting others? ?? by ftp the files or by using Grid Customization in Cpanel? or 2) Can I append a 5th server to my 2x2 cluster as custom map at 2,1 location
  4. Restoring ID restored our linked maps, the panic was creating new character bug rather than exiting and retrying. Everything was there. As for my 4 maps linking it took several tickets and several days for SS support to get our maps linked even though they all had same ATLAS ID and grids were all set ok. I'd say there is something over looked more than just changing ID and rebooting. I'd want backup working before trying again. You are welcome to link to our ATLAS ID if you think it's just that easy. You have our ID. Let us know.
  5. *** DOES NOT WORK *** Had to revert back to our origin ATLAS ID Also was shocked to see no backups!! FYI: Game bug if requests new character DON'T just try logging on again Rats Wizzy
  6. You can STEAM Text me https://steamcommunity.com/id/wizzy411/ Our Gaming Webpage https://www.campaper.com/ark/ Freeport Server: ATLASofWizzy1 PvE We should be linked up by Sunday
  7. Would be great if SS could manage a shared ATLAS ID for those that wanted to join by letting new server lease owners a suggested grid coordinates and joining them up with common ID
  8. FYI hope there is safety feature that shared ATLAS ID will not overwrite someones server I put up my ID, hope that is ok (if it has potential issues please remove post) Cool if we can hook up segments and can sail into different settings and environments
  9. PvE Grids: A1 B1 A2 B2 If you want to link up
  10. FYI were PvE https://www.campaper.com/ark/
  11. I'll ask SS to make linkup , they need to fix our servers first
  12. we have ticket in and 3 servers off line for last 9 hours (grrr) one battle at a time
  13. not really sure how safe that is if SS can engage and link up without loss then sounds ok
  14. we have a 4 server grid but players already built on so don't think we can change ID (?) were A1 B1 A2 B2 which has join gap to yours If SS could oversee joining servers without losing building that would be cool