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  1. What Happened? On June 4, 2022, we became aware that one of our database backup files from January 2022 was exposed due to a public policy rule for Amazon web services (where our off-site backups are stored) that was incorrectly set. What Information Was Involved? If your account was created after January 2022, you are not affected. Member usernames, email addresses, some phone numbers for accounts before June of 2018, IP address, backup zip files containing game server save data, and information about your game server (lock password, admin/RCON password, Steam UIDs, descriptions, etc) What We Are Doing We took immediate steps to secure access by removing this public policy rule and verify data that was exposed. Additionally, we have added additional secure steps to validate logins to lock down your account even further. What You Can Do Our staff team is available to you for any questions or concerns regarding this incident. We encourage customers to change their lock and admin/RCON passwords for game servers if they are concerned. We recommend that you regularly change your SurvivalServers.com password. For More Information If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team at support@survivalservers.com or create a support ticket.
  2. We will publish a guide soon!
  3. Please submit a ticket so we can look into the specifics. It's not wiped we are just finalizing our naming convention for SaveName which may have caused some overlap.
  4. Yep you'd need to edit the ServerGameSettings.json file. Click the Quick FTP Settings button and you will see where to edit it in your favorite FTP client. We'll be adding this vars to our easier to use Modify Server Config tool in the coming days.
  5. Looks like something we'd need to take a look at via support ticket.
  6. We've added the server mode toggle to the new Modify Server Config tool. Will continue to populate the tool with more of the settings found in ServerGameSettings over the next few days.
  7. Password is fixed. PvE toggle goes in FTP for now while we work on getting the config variable added to our control panel (in the next few hours) Location of file to edit is /VRisingServer_Data/StreamingAssets/Settings/ServerGameSettings.json GameModeType=PvE
  8. Base settings are working now, run an update from your control panel and find your server in the in-game server browser!
  9. Our ETA is about 30 minutes, making great progress.
  10. Game is out now on Steam, we are working to get it live.
  11. We're working on getting stock up as we speak!
  12. We have been making lots of optimizations to our website to be more mobile friendly. We know this means a lot to our users and we are working hard to improve our user experience and UI! Apologies for the time that it will take for us to get there.
  13. Please cancel your Automatic Payment from your My Account page and your server will not be rebilled (you can safely ignore any emails about invoices)
  14. Just a friendly reminder, this is intended for customers only.
  15. Seeing how this one is a Unity game we might see some die-hards put together a Vrising+ type of mod like Valheim. Time will tell.
  16. Good evening folks! Phew, it's been a while since we've been hyped up for an Early Access launch. This one looks big! Valheim definitely caught us off guard so I'd like to drop some notes below from some of the previous launches we've been part of and what you can expect from your Survival Servers game server on that first week. Of course, we'll drop any important information in our "pinned" notices at the top of your V Rising game server page. Here's what you can expect on launch day - Will this game be clunky/laggy? It appears that they've tested this one pretty well, but time will tell. Fortunately they have another PvP game (Battlerite) and have a lot of experience running game servers. Joining the server - how do we get in? There is a server browser. You will find your server by the name. We have a page ready for launch day on our Wiki, you can check here for potentially more updated information - https://survivalservers.com/wiki/index.php?title=How_to_Join_a_V_Rising_Server Is data transferrable from PC to game server? We cannot be certain but it does look similar to Valheim where the locally hosted world is the same file and can be transferred over. What are the max number of players? The recommendation set by Stunlock from the V Rising Q&A is that the game supports up to 40 players Are there wipes? It does not look like there are programmed wipes in the game as progression is PvE backed. For PvP servers, we will be providing a wipe option that can be manually ran per usual like our other game server offerings. What time is launch? 5 am PST on May 17th. How will the DLC be activated on servers and can you play with other non-DLC players on your server? We don't really know the answer to this question but if they are cosmetic items I would imagine they'd be tied to your character and it would function like Rust items. The throne awaits..
  17. There is none, the game is seemingly dead or does not want to release community servers for whatever peculiar reason.
  18. Looking at the roadmap they have here as well it looks like they have quite a bit of need to kick it in high gear to get some content rolling out in 2021..
  19. If you look closely at the kickoff video from Summer Game Fest there was a 1 second screenshot of Valheim. Looks very likely that we will see a Hearth and Home announcement.
  20. Please keep your posts to the English language only at this time. Thank you!
  21. Please create a support ticket on this one so we can diagnose what is going on.
  22. We haven't pulled any plugs. I'd say just do not expect a smooth launch - the hand we are dealt is something Wildcard just sprung on us without any prior notification. If you intend to launch a Genesis 2 server or change your existing game server to that map, we cannot guarantee it will be a smooth process. If you have issues mentioned above, create a support ticket. We will be manually fixing any of these issues. It's very possible ARK will fix this issue - but for now this is the hand we are dealt and are working through it. Most customers will only have normal updating issues (Clean SteamCMD, multiple attempts to start, SteamCMD general slowness) - these are all normal and expected and not related to the memory issue. If you simply cannot get your server online then you might be affected by the above mentioned memory issue and a support ticket will be necessary.
  23. We don't limit memory on your server so your point to something that doesn't exist needing to exist being absurd is just plain incorrect. Genesis 2 is using 11gb of ram and we're still not raising prices. Why? Because we think ARK will fix that. If they don't, the prices will certainly change. Most other companies are charging you extra right now to do what we are offering for free. We are eating the cost and running Genesis 2 at a loss right now. That said, we've been transparent through this process on Twitter and at the top of your ARK control panel letting you know things are a bit hectic right now. Please have some patience and wait for a response within your support ticket if you can't troubleshoot the issue on your own.
  24. Given that this is a Wildcard game you can definitely expect issues out of the gate. Our current issue is the fact that the game uses 10gb of server ram now instead of the usual 5gb.. hopefully they fix it but this is definitely not looking like a smooth launch from past experience. Your patience is appreciated!