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All treasure maps blank?

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May not be the case but, when you first start the server & load the new map ive noticed certain changes made after the fact dont take on the server.. Maybe this is the issue... Ive tried this myself, Moddified the map file after the server was already running & the old one stays there which means its cached or something on first start.... Just a guess

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i had another post where i posted the fixed that worked for me


i figured it out for anybody who is having trouble i stole this from atlas forums and it worked immediately



I removed the URLs from the  ServerGrid.json using Notepad++ , you can just use notpad ..

 "MapImageURL": "http://arkdedicated....tlaspreview.jpg",

 "MetaWorldURL": "http://atlasdedicate...wBma/ServerGrid",

so they look like

 "MapImageURL": "",

 "MetaWorldURL": "",

Works fine for me ...
For some reason, the latest version map editor when removing those URLs in the server edit, didnt actually remove them from the  ServerGrid.json
Doing this will force it to use the cached version of the image which is accurate, but if you wipe the server, it will show in server info screen as explored until you login so it will update"


no idea why this worked but it did immediately"


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