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Found 101 results

  1. My server Wanted Dead or Alive server is available to all who wants to play and have fun. the game works well my in-game is Imp_Games_4Life. shoot me an in-game mail if ever need help. If you click the link I will provide here will connect you to server immediately just have steam already up and running, do nothing after you click the link and it will load up. Please enjoy yourselves. steam://connect/
  2. Is it possible to get a copy of the last server save file when my rental ends ?
  3. I am trying to modify my Conan Exiles The Purge server settings (https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/The_Purge) however I was unable to locate these in Control Panel's Modify Server Configuration tools. The Conan Exiles The Purge server variables are detailed here: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration#Purge I clicked on the ServerSettings.ini button that opened a new browser tab with the text file contents but I was unable to edit this file, only view it. The Purge server variables: Enable Purge, Purge Level, Purges per day, etc were not defined in the ServerSettings.ini file at all. Please advise how I can modify The Purge Settings to avoid causing undesirable events starting that will negatively affect our Conan survival server. Best regards, Jason
  4. So I'm sitting here trying to make FTP work, and I finally find out how to, only to realize that the password doesn't work. Tried to connect to the server, but I'm getting a "critical error". Says the username is authorized, but not the password. You can see all the info in the attached screenshot. Can you please take a look into this. Thanks in advance.
  5. JUST WIPED 01/03 TechTrash.co 5x is a new server, which focuses on increasing player interaction with various rust events, puzzles and monuments. Or search in Rust's moded servers tab - techtrash.co Wipe schedule is every Friday. Website: https://TechTrash.co ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Settings Gather rate is 5x Teleportation - Stadart teleportation Loot++ - 5x loot custom loot tables for bradley, helicopter and airdrop. Underwater crates have nice loot too. Shop - Use server reward points to buy non pvp stuff Rewards - Earn coins for playing and voting. Instant crafting - with Bulk craft Kits - For easy start at server or rebuilding after raid Gunroll - For random gun with ammo And more!! Come and have look.
  6. Iros

    Heated Server

    The "Heated" Server will be a unofficial server that will revolve around controlled pvp and pve. During the week it will be player vs. player but no base killing. During the weekend it is full pvp and raiding and destruction will be allowed. #Rules 1. No relentless attacking or camping if you die to him 3 times just give up! 2. The use or distribution of Glitched or Duped items will be an immediate BAN. 3. The Admins are the Main Rules enforcers on the server. What they Say goes! 4. NO Ethnic, Religious, or gender, Racism. Racism of any sort will be an offence! 5. Server downtime will be noted by the server and the admins.If you don't log off and lose items that is not our problem. 6. Don’t accuse another player of Greifing, Abuse or Hacking unless you have proof (Fraps recording, screenshots are acceptable methods). If you implicate another player or PM the admin but don’t have any proof to back up your claim, we can’t help you. 7.Impersonating any Admins, the SERVER CONSOLE, or other players names is an immediate Bannable offence. As is passing yourself off as an admin generally. 8. Advertising other servers will not be tolerated. This is a Bannable offence.\ 9. There will be Streamers/ content creators on this server. Do not stream snipe or troll them on live streams! Most important rule Don't be a Dick. Offences Rules. First offence= Warning/1 hour ban second offence=1 day -2 day ban Third offence= Eternal ban/ Blacklisted Hacking/Duping= Blacklist and ban and report to steam. All offences can be adjusted due to what you did. just because it is your first incident you may get a third Offence for the severity of the offence. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/YXtEhfx
  7. rawxor

    AI Crew settings

    Does anyone know if there is a server setting for disabling AI crew payments? I'd love to be able to leave my AI crew on the ship for a few days without worrying about mutiny or losing them.
  8. I wanted to ask, since ATLAS is so similar to ARK, will there be a configuration tool / page eventually in the server CP like the ARK servers here at Survival Servers have? I'm surprised that there isn't one already to be honest since most of the structure is there already. It was really convenient when I had an ARK Server. Thanks, Merx
  9. I attempt to start the server and nothing happens? I attempt to launch the server and it says server not responding? I'm trying to figure out what is going on and why all of a sudden the server wont go live any longer? Thanks for any help on this.
  10. Hello, myself and others on my server have been trying to log onto our Ark server, but it is stuck in a "Stopped" state and will not start. I have already submitted a ticket. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Greetings, I've hosted/managed a number of servers for ARK. Mostly from a different provider, but it has been some time. I did some googling, and didn't see a "Timeout" added to the server "ini"s, am I missing something? Our server is stopping daily by about 9-10am EST. It is most often uninhabitted at this time, and has likely been absent of players for a few hours at least as this is a private server, and just our group of friends play on it.
  12. Hello together, we are a small german Community, our main game is counterstrike source, day of defeat source, and now we will push the Community with the "great" game Battalion 1944. our Server adress listen: DIE_Noob's_Battalion1944 @ survivalservers.com we need help with the settings if you notice something please let me know. Steam Account "Aggrotrice" www.noobs.club
  13. I have auto update on but it doesn't work so I have to run the update my self. After selecting Yes, Run Update the update ran but now it says Ark Version ??? and the server will not start. Please help.
  14. After this latest hotfix from Funcom (7/7) we have noticed that one of our mods (Sexiles Extensions) keeps removing itself in-game only. Giving us a modlist error upon log in, even though the mod ID is in the config, and in the server mod ID interface. The mod does not show up on the in-game server details, but it's there host-side? The mod is up to date, so I am stumped. Is it just a hiccup due to the hotfix? Keep reloading until it works?
  15. Hello, so I was just wondering.. is there a way to make our server save more backups? And save the world more often? We are paranoid now with mods messing it up. We've had two occurrences that the server just freezes, says its still online then we have to go into it and restart it.. and every time we log back in the structures and all modded content is gone, even dinos. Only things that remain are vanilla tames and structures. We always have to do backups in order to get the server back on its feet, and today we had to do a backup from all the way at 7am when it went down around 9pm... We have 20 people playing on our server.. and we need help with this issue. Also, why is there no update notifiers??? LIKE HELLO? Our server goes down constantly for mod updates and not once does it warn people.. we have to do manual restarts all the time for them. Our player base really wants warnings.. Paying nearly 42 a month for a 50 slot server.. we expect more. All we've had are so many issues and barely any help. It's like tech support has just given up.
  16. new server of rust legacy net.connect jssyrustgamers.ddns.net:28015 In this server you will see pvp, arena,warps,ranges as vip or youtuber and kits and much more
  17. Der neue alte Wasteland Server ist zurück Wipe 08.05. 2018Moin zusammen. Unser Server war zu Release der Alpha, der meist besuchteste Server der deutschen Region. Unser Server lief stabil, war nahezu zu jeder Tageszeit gut besucht. Nun nach so langer Zeit, dachten wir, holen wir den Server wieder aus dem Schrank. Wie der Phönix aus der Asche. Wir haben erhöhte Rates Wir mögen keine Avatare Sind zivilisiert, trotz PVP Wahrloses zerstören können die Ahnen nicht gut heißen Spaß haben wir bei Met und einem Spiel Wir versuchen den Server wieder zu dem zu machen, der er mal war. Die IP https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ TS: DC: https://discord.gg/8pUXaZG https://conan-exiles.com/server/34229/ Schaut vorbei, Teamspeak vorhanden. In dem Jeder Clan seinen eigenen Channel bekommen kann. Bis dahin Asenheil und Wanensegen Brüder
  18. Hello Fellow Arkians! I have had my server for a little over a week and I am starting to get repeated lag spikes that last 10- 30 secs with only 2 people in the server. We don't have a massive base and less than 20 tames. I was hoping that the lag spikes were being caused by the constant running of the server. I set up an automatic restart every day @ 12am. This seems to make them less frequent but it is still a recurring issue. Are there any other things that can assist with my lag spike issue? Thanks in advance! (Swamp Fever > Mega Rabies)
  19. I have just started a PS4 server and I have yet to join it. I have someone checking to see if they can see it on the server list. They are not having any luck. The name of the server is RoR_Realm_of_Ragnarok The only symbol we saw on the server list is "_", so to play it safe that is what I stuck with. Is there a naming convention that needs to be followed? Is anyone able to pull it up? Thank you for your assistance!
  20. My server was moved to a better machine for launch (which was doing well). But now the server is "stopping" itself 30 + times a day, i was at 60/60 cap all day but now im bleeding players. This is a Major issue and i would guess hardware related Ive had a ticket in for 12 + hrs asking to be moved to a different machine with the same specs. So far no response. I dont know whats causing this ive done all the troubleshooting i can do on my end.
  21. Hello all and wellcome to ArkSuper server. our server are wiped today! 17.4.18. with the proffesional setting and perfect gear of mod we give you high quality server with many options! join us and build yours mighty empire! GOOD TO KNOW: - no turrets limit. - no dinos limit. - low pings guarantee. - active admins.(for any qustions & problems) - Fun Events!. - No raiding rules.(except texture raiding) ____________________________________________________________________________________ Now the info and mods of our server! Discord- https://discord.gg/dgWv97S Our website- https://stav0909092.wixsite.com/website-1 Server- ____________________________________________________________ THE MODs ON THE SERVER: Cross Aberration Bitou2k's Binocular Dino Tracker EZAce HG Stacking Mod 10000-90 V278.3 Awesome Teleporters Ammo Pools (Fixed!) EZ-Tek Structures Plus (S +) GHG's Tranquilizer Stuff Lite Version Classic Flyers Boosted Fabricator + [2.0] ACM V2.7.1294 Titanosaur Mod -Permanent -leveling -Breeding -Harvestable Automated Ark Reusable Grappling Hook STATS on the server EXP- x100 Tameing- X50 Harvesting-X100 Egg Hatching-X50 Max Player Level- 220 Max Dino Level- 300 active admim for contact in steam : cimdddd
  22. For some reason I can't find my own server under Unofficial (Canada) while living in mid-west Canada but my friends can find it by searching it twice. I tried searching six times and still no result. Even made sure we had the same options before searching. What's going on here? Is there a fix? How can European players find it and I cannot?
  23. I just purchased a server and I am seeing options for an FTP Password, but where do i get the ftp client? Also, where would I go to configure my servers files to set up stuff like vegetarianmode, etc, could I use the FTP client to do that? Thank you, xnootxnootx EDIT: I figured out how to do both of these things. I apologize if I wasted anyone's time.
  24. We have had nothing but problems for the last 2 days. Our server is just stuck on the "LOADING" phase and that's it. No LOGS to indicate why. Very little to NO power to debug the problem. Other admin has already submitted a ticket, so there is no point in doing that again as there has been no resolution on the first ticket. Just supposed to sit here with my thumbs up the brown bullseye? Can we get some help? Sure am glad we pre-paid for a year....
  25. Come join my server! I am going to boost experience, farming, taming etc. Just enough to make game progression faster but not too much to make it overkill and no fun.