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Found 9 results

  1. Started this thread for anyone playing DAY Z on PS4, European server 4448. dont be shy, day hi
  2. merx

    DayZ Workshop Mods?

    I see that there is a workshop in steam for DayZ Mods, but there is no place in the Server CP to add the Steam ID's for them like in other games like ARK etc. How do we go about adding Steam Workshop mods to our servers?
  3. Arma 2 - CROSS-MOD - Server : Cherno-Namalsk-Overpoch-Origins The Chernarus winter server was changed to a Cross-Mod Chernarus server. I removed the winter mod which also made the server show up on the dayz launcher. This is now a normal Chernarus Map with Origins Vehicles Namalsk Bloods plus the Gauss Rifle Mutant Hearts Virtual Garage and more! Of course you still have access to all the great weapons and vehicles from Overpoch as well. There are Banks Tanks Thermals Jets Elite AI and Custom Content. You even get $5,000,000 and a Starter Base when you join. As always High Loot = High Risk. Come check it out when you can! See you inside ... ManUp CROSS-MOD | Cherno-Namalsk-Overpoch-Origins | $5-mil | Banks | Kits | V-Garage IP Players 3/64 Virtual Garage Bloodsuckers Origins Vehicles Gauss Rifle Suicide Auto Run Earplugs Tow & Lift Safe Zones Bury Bodies Take Clothes Harvest Hemp Flip Vehicle Plot For Life Click Actions Service Points Locate Vehicle Custom Traders Global Banking Plot Management Tanks and APC's Attack Choppers Free Spawn Kits Deploy Anything KO Melee Combat Group Management Scan For Players Scan For Zombies Treasure Hunting Turn On/Off Grass Snap With Vectors Custom Trader City Garage Door Opener Safe Zone Relocate Custom Action Wheel Vehicle Key Changer Humanity Spawn Kits Custom Event Crates Change View Distance No Spawn Restriction Custom Debug Monitor Player Zombie Shields Sell On Site Missions remote vehicle options Humanity spawn vehicles Community Localizations humanity spawn classes Custom Military locations Custom Cap & Hold Missions Custom NEAF / NWAF / BALOTA Door Management With Eye Scan Much more ...
  4. i got a Arma 2 Dayz Epoch installed and runing if any one wold like to try it out you need to goto epochmod.com download Dayz_epoch and put in your Arma 2 arrowhead folder Name its @dayz_epoch1061 you have to launch in Arma 2 Launcher enable Dayz_epoch1061 and enter ip and port good to go
  5. is there a list of what vehicles and weapons fall under each category? for example Aircraft 105 how do i know which aircraft that adds to the trader with out just adding it and checking in game? thanks
  6. I apologize as i'm a bit of a noob. I recently switched from Overpoch Chernarus to DayZ Chernarus ( and my Infistar Antihack isnt working when i hit F2. I paid for it when i signed up and had Overpoch installed. If i switch maps / mods do i have to enter in a ticket to have it installed? Thanks
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experienced this issue before as I'm unable to find proper help online about how to fix the issue. When I enable Battleye on my Arma2 DayZ Mod Chernarus server which has infiSTAR installed any time someone attempts to log in they get stuck on the "Requesting character data from server" screen. At that point the timer on the bottom right of the screen gets stuck, and according to the Control Panel and my Arma2 browser the player gets disconnected from the server. This issue does not occur when I disable Battleye. What do I need to do to be able to enable Battleye while still using infiSTAR? Thanks.
  8. I noticed that there are tons of slow zombie servers for Epoch/Overpoch including the Origins addition but very few for DayZ. I think there's only about 3. I searched around the good old inner web and found nothing released or instructions how to add slow zeds to regular DayZ so that's why I'm doing this one. It's pretty simple and should only take you a couple of minutes. Tools needed: PBO extracter (I use PBO manager) Notepad ++ PBO's needed: Mission PBO dayz_code (should be found in (C:)/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Arma 2 OA/@Dayz) dayz_code files needed: zombie_agent.fsm zombie_generate.sqf complies.sqf (you do not need this if you already have a custom compiles) Instructions: 1. Create a new folder on your desktop. 2. Copy dayz_code to that newly created folder and extract it. 3. In the compile folder, you will find zombie_generate.sqf. Copy that to your desktop. 4. In the system folder you will find zombie_agent.fsm. Copy that to your desktop. 5. In the init folder you will find compiles.sqf. Copy that to your desktop. 6. Using notepad++ open zombie_generate.sqf and find _id = [_position,_agent] execFSM "\z\AddOns\dayz_code\system\zombie_agent.fsm"; Change that to _id = [_position,_agent] execFSM "mods\slow_zeds\zombie_agent.fsm"; 7. Using notepad++ open zombie_agent.fsm and find "_agent forceSpeed (_agent getVariable [""speedLimit"", 3]);" \n Change that to "_agent forceSpeed 2;" \n Steps 8, 9, and 10 can be skipped if you already have a custom compiles. 8. Unpack your mission PBO (dayz_1.chernarus) and using notepad++ open the init.sqf and find call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; Change that to call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "mods\init\compiles.sqf"; 9. In the root of your mission PBO, create a folder called mods. 10. Inside the mods folder create a new folder called init and place the compiles.sqf in that folder. 11. Open the compiles.sqf and find zombie_generate = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\zombie_generate.sqf"; Change that to zombie_generate = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "mods\slow_zeds\zombie_generate.sqf"; 12. Inside the mods folder create a folder called slow_zeds and place the zombie_agent.fsm and zombie_generate.sqf in that folder. 13. Repack your mission PBO and upload it to the server and enjoy the slow moving Zeds! Credit to: ShootingBlanks on the opendayz forums for the hint of where I might find the code to be changed.
  9. My dayz overpoch server is currently stuck at waiting for host after the servers went down. Other survival servers servers have gone back up but mine appears to be bugged. I am using the same files as before the crash but i get this error in the rpt log Error 20 reading file 'mpmissions\dayz_1.chernarus.pbo. And i have noticed something in the ftp program I can't rename, delete, move or over write the mission file, it pops up with internal error if I try. But all other files i can view i can do all those thngs to but not any of the mission files. Does anyone know whats going on or how to fix this?