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Found 12 results

  1. I want to like get the same settings i have in my singleplayer world but i can't really understand how the GameUserSettings work cause it's alot and i barely understand what any of the numbers mean. Like for example i don't know what this does I've tried making it higher and lower but when it's lower i take barely any damage but deal like 0 damage. I really need help understanding it so i can have the settings i have in my singleplayer on my server. Thanks in advance //Taz
  2. Our server known as "Chronicles of Elysium" is setup for rpg gameplay alongside with a role-playing factor to make the experience more immersive. We offer many ways to play and create YOUR characters story within the lands of Elysium. Our players have many options when it comes to gameplay such as being a part of 1 of 4 large factions to wage war for territory to become the strongest facttion, becoming a bounty hunter, an assassin, a pirate, a theif, and many more guilds to come with time ofcourse. If that doesn't suit ur interest maybe you enjoy a more peaceful style of gameplay maybe even become a shop keeper, a dino breeder, or maybe a farmer! We also offer our players to freelance being part of nothing but having all the access to resources from different factions, regions, and shops of all varieties. We also offer small tribes as well which can be formed around different values such as having a small tribe of cannibals who hunt human players to sustain life by devoring their preys remains or maybe even have a small tribe of cultists who strive to obtain new followers of their faith. The sky is the limit when it comes to our sever not only do we offer all these variations on how you choose your gameplay to be but we offer a friendly and helpful community within our orginized discord. Speaking of which I almost forgot! We also have our discord set up to act as an extention of our gamplay! Browse shops, post bounties, assign assassination contracts, learn about different towns and cities, or even keep up to date with the news about different regions! We have all needed info within our discord server along with the lore behind our role-playing factor. Come check us out how will your story unfold within the Chronicles of Elysium?
  3. Cant find my Ark server gave it a name but it says my server is stopped and it wont let me access it no matter what It has no password and i cant use the server
  5. Hello all! Our Beta Season started on Oct 17th 2020. We are in need of Beta testers to help make sure everything is working properly and to give us some suggestions on things that could make our server better. All Beta players will receive gifts when we Officially start Season 1. We have 16 slots still available so if you are interested please join our discord. Discord: https://discord.gg/amARyWUArkRivals Beta Info
  6. Is there a character maximum or line maximum for the Game.ini file? I asked because I am wondering if I have reached the max. I am copying code and pasting it into the Game.ini file window and after I save and then reopen in, the code I added is no longer there. Note: I have successfully added several several lines of code. Everything from Engram unlocks to Harvest modifiers successfully. Now I am trying to add Loot Drops. All the code (including the successful code as well) has been mostly done by and outside program and copied and pasted into the ini and worked until now. Hence why I think I may have found some max limit or something. PS: I didn't create a ticket yet because I figured this would be good information for everyone to know if there is a max character or line set for the file.
  7. These are the current issues that we have encountered with ARK: Extinction since it's release. Wildcard is aware of these issues and are most likely working on a patch to address these. If we discover any further issues, bugs, or otherwise, we will update this post with more information. Issues and Bugs Enforcers At this time, Wildcard has disabled the usage of Enforcers on the PS4 version of ARK, due to server instability and crashing that occurs when they are summoned. The Enforcers can be created via the city terminals, but summoning them has been disabled to prevent server issues. Scrap Metal Smelting There is a small issue with scrap metal not smelting within a Forge since the Extinction release. Some users have found that placing a new Forge or moving the current one will fix this and allow the smelting engrams to appear. Wyvern and Rock Drake Eggs Since Extinction, Wyvern and Rock Drake eggs on Ragnarok and Aberration are having issues with appearing for players. The eggs are present in the nest, however they are currently invisible. A workaround to make the eggs to appear is to use a whip to hit the eggs or another means to damage them. Doing so will cause the eggs to appear, sometimes making two eggs appear at once, and that will allow players to collect them as normal. Stuck Bows and Slingshots Some users have reported issues with being unable to load a new arrow or rock when using bows and slingshots. To correct this problem, you need to un-equip the bow or slingshot and then re-equip it. Primitive+ Issues Since Extinction, there has been a problem with some servers running the Primitive+ full conversion mod. Wildcard has been notified of this issue and are working on a fix. In the meanwhile, we suggest running servers without Primitive+ until the issue has been resolved. Additions, Requests, and Misc Scorched Earth and Aberration Engrams To enable engrams from other DLC maps for Extinction, you will need to modify your Game.ini file directly from the control panel. To do this, click on the Game.ini button and a pop-up window will appear. Scroll to the bottom of the file contents and then paste the following code listed here: DLC Engrams for Extinction Once you do that, click on the button below to save the configuration file and restart the game server. Please note, that this is a manual change to the config file, so if you use the Modify Server Config tool to make any further changes, the engram code will be overwritten and you will need to add it once again. -- If you have any further requests or bug reports, please let us know!
  8. Currently running 5 slightly boosted servers and have events turned off. If I turn events on will the event timers stack on top of already boosted timers? If so has anyone managed to get their settings set so the events dont completely mess up timers. Currently running 8x tame, xps. 4x harvest and 2.5 resource stack. And breeding is set for wyverns at 30 to 40 min. Growth.
  9. Currently running 5 slightly boosted servers and have events turned off. If I turn events on will the event timers stack on top of already boosted timers? If so has anyone managed to get their settings set so the events dont completely mess up timers. Currently running 8x tame, xps. 4x harvest and 2.5 resource stack. And breeding is set for wyverns at 30 to 40 min. Growth. Server names are ark planet 1-5
  10. I found this server on ark ps4. In the process of making, LAND, SEA & AIR Arenas. The idea will be a normal server, with a bit of a twist. Level up your dinos, and get them ready to be crowned champion of the Arena. 2 ways to get special gear. Random drops & Winning in the Arena. More information will be coming soon about the 3 Arena's being built and the rules of the Arenas. The Question is will you be strong enough to win and be crowned champion of the Arena? Server is called Battle Arena im pretty excited to start training up some dinos and seeing where this server goes! Think it will be fun seeing it grow from the start.
  11. Both my servers are refusing to update from ARK Version 541.5 to ARK Version 542.1 I have been waiting over 1 hour and 20 minutes and the servers are still down. This is unbelievable I'm loosing players and server donations, the players are leaving my servers and discord channel for other servers because they are up and running without any issues. To be honest things like this are a big letdown as I did not expect to have issues like this with your guys as host. I left nitrado.net because I think they are a little overpriced but I never had any issues like this over there. Since I joined you guys and rented 2 servers and paid for them to run an entire year I have been experiencing huge lag spikes (Still going on), Server Rollbacks (which you luck ally fixed) no option to ban people from a Web-Interface I'm forced to login to the game, which is difficult at times as I'm not always in the same place as where my PlayStation is located. and now this servers that WON'T UPDATE I mean what else can go wrong? In all honesty I'm kinda feeling like you guys just don't care and I'm feeling that I should have never rented servers here. `You can say oh the have you tried using Default .INI files but that is not the issue, the .INI files are working perfectly fine` It's 5AM for me, I'm done waiting I'm off to bed. This really sucks guys it really does. - Michael GAME SERVER ID #96502 GAME SERVER ID #96503
  12. Can i change the servers settings by pasting the custom .ini code from my other one so i don’t have to manually do it again?