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  1. I submitted ticket and I believe they are working on my issue. Mine was running yesterday and then all of a sudden today nothing? Very strange. I trust they will get it resolved.
  2. I attempt to start the server and nothing happens? I attempt to launch the server and it says server not responding? I'm trying to figure out what is going on and why all of a sudden the server wont go live any longer? Thanks for any help on this.
  3. Looking for players for Conan Exiles server.

  4. I am setting my server for Exiles and I've noticed there are settings that are not listed to set. Purge setting does not seem to be listed - Abandonment also does not seem to be listed - Pet settings are also not listed for diets - Is there a way to set this on the server currently? I would like to enable the Purge setting as well as make a setting for the abandoned buildings/thraws in the game?