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Found 13 results

  1. Anyone else getting Erratic Zombies teleporting around jittering, forgetting where player is on Horde night? NON-HORDE TIME 11 players 63 zombies - no noticable lag HORDE TIME During horde (TERRIBLE LAG) 5p - 9.2 fps - 24 zeds 5p - 9.3 fps - 23 zeds 5p - 9.2 fps - 16 zeds 5p - 12 fps - 8 zeds After Horde >4:10am 5p - 20.9 fps - 13 zeds 2p - 34.9 fps - 14 zeds FPS is server fps, not player local fps.
  2. Jersmall

    server lag spikes?

    anyone else getting server lag spikes? only 2 people on my server we have been building.
  3. We're seeing a continue increase in server lag. We had it go all the way to a server time out. Is this something on the bandwidth end or the game service somehow?
  4. If I increase the max slots on a serve will it reduce lag, or give the server more available bandwidth?
  5. Hello Fellow Arkians! I have had my server for a little over a week and I am starting to get repeated lag spikes that last 10- 30 secs with only 2 people in the server. We don't have a massive base and less than 20 tames. I was hoping that the lag spikes were being caused by the constant running of the server. I set up an automatic restart every day @ 12am. This seems to make them less frequent but it is still a recurring issue. Are there any other things that can assist with my lag spike issue? Thanks in advance! (Swamp Fever > Mega Rabies)
  6. Ok so I have had a server for a few weeks and today I upped it and got a cluster to have two maps, (Rag and Abr) I wiped my server too to start clean and reloaded all my mods. At first, everything loaded and was working fine for an hour. Then ARK had an update (279.224) and after that I updated my client and updated the server. However once the server loads it says my ARK server is out of date and when I do get online My dinos wont move other than the dodos and (As funny as this sounds) they just walk around and massive poop everywhere. (Its on my stream I has proof!) anyway The dinos that do move just rubber band and nothing seems to attack me or take damage. No admin commands work but I can still move around. Its strange can anyone help?
  7. Game Server ID: 45041 Over the last few days our server has been experiencing ridiculously heavy lag, even after multiple manual restarts. It has gotten where it has taken 10+ seconds to interact with an object. If this would be looked into it would be appreciated.
  8. So. I Got myself a 20 slot ark server just about a week ago. GAME SERVER ID #33068. We have been getting lag from the day I got it and it was after you launched the conan exiles server. So I am suspecting that was the reason for it. Now I've been having nothing but misery the last couple of days. Server constantly going down when im not on and I was even scared to take it up. and that isn't something I wanted to do since I have 10+ people on the server. So now I need a reason to stay. And i'm hoping that with my next few questions you could give me just that so moving on. First question= Does buying more slots give your more ram cause right now the server is lagging. The longer it stays on the more it lags. Rubber banding every few seconds. This started after you guys got the Conan Exiles server working and the constant crashes stopped. before that we had maybe a lag spike every like hour. And we have less mods now than what we had then. So I'm wondering if it is because people have gotten their servers up and going again. Second question= Never mind Just saw your Post about it Sorry about that Third question= Are you guys going to fix your control panel. It is aggravating to use. Mod id's Literally gets me on edge. Having to constantly scroll throught them is a pain in the but and its really odd to use as it moves all over the place when trying to select an ID for removal. As well as the fact that when I am done removing the mod ID's I would like to save my settings without having to start up the server. Having to wait 20 minutes before taking it down. Because I have more settings to fix is kinda annoying. That was about the questions I have. P.S Sorry about the bad Grammar. -Morten Andre Olsen (AKA Demakrow)
  9. My server is no longer on staff intervention, I got a new IP and my server is still hosted on New York, and the server is no longer lagging. Save file is the same. Only problem is that the items are glitched or something and I can't click on them to split, use, drop, etc.
  10. My game froze and when I logged back in all of my dinos sd they belong to me, but were red and will not follow directions.
  11. In the server browser my server floats around 60 ping, once connected its stuck at 255 and has extreme lag and rubber-banding. Anyone else getting this issue? My server is located in the Dallas Hub.
  12. At 5 minutes past the hour and 1/2 hour we get a lag spike that delays opening containers, attacking, and other actions. This seems to go on for a minute or so (presumably until our backup is complete) and then we have 29 minutes more hassle-free play. I think this only started the last couple of weeks. I don't think it was always a thing. Is this happening to anyone else? Should I open a ticket or deal with it?
  13. I remember seeing several posts in regards to high latency, lag, low fps then suddenly they get locked..and the posts are almost nonexistent now? However many of us myself included are running small 30 person servers with less than 5 people playing at a time experiencing such terrible lag we can't walk in game...screenshots of over 400 ping etc. We are requested to put in a ticket...well we've put in several together and separately. We tried to comply by sending the requested information from the post promising us that someone was working on this--to no avail. I sent a final pleading ticket request asking that if they couldn't fix this they just admit it before we invest any more time in this server building and establishing factions while I lose members on the daily. All of this coming at a time when we were importing 3 separate guilds and expecting approximately 40-60 new members. Now it looks as if those goals aren't possible as word has spread about how bad the latency and response time is for this company, people no longer want to play on our server or waste the time. I got a response to that last ticket saying they had to buy more hardware to deal with the latency issues and would migrate us but I have never received a response inquiring into this and the latency hasn't improved? Why is this still such an issue? Is your company unprepared to deal with the business you've received? Why are posts locked? Why are we unable to vent? I feel as if the community is being gagged on this issue and continue to be shuffled under the rug. I understand the need for a ticketing system but if there's no response, no attention, and no resolution you guys are FAILING us. If we can only run a 5 person server at half function you should have offered it to us at that cost with those promises rather than forcing us to view this message everytime we login to the website: Lag-free, high performance game server hostingDeploy a game server instantly and experience the Survival Servers difference!