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  1. There we go someone gave me the answer I was looking for. Now for my follow up, why is that kind of information not posted anywhere? Normally when getting a server most people like to see what the server is getting allotted to it in order to compare prices. When getting a server all I saw was slot options and prices... zero tech info. You would think that would be something you would want to show your customers, you know as a selling point. Now all I can think is what are they hiding. See my server has been laggy recently and I was considering upgrading so It could have an easier time handling
  2. So what you are saying is I will pay more to have a value changed in the ini? I won't get any kind of increase in server performance? If that is the case... I'll pass.
  3. Sorry Ryan you misunderstood my question. Other than the servers pop cap getting increased, does the server get allotted more ram ?
  4. Upon upgrading the server population limit what else does the server get allocated to it hardware wise?
  5. In the server browser my server floats around 60 ping, once connected its stuck at 255 and has extreme lag and rubber-banding. Anyone else getting this issue? My server is located in the Dallas Hub.