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  1. This server is designed to be a vanilla experience with a few mods implemented in order to increase the dynamic aspects of Chernarus. Hardcore thirst, cold, and hunger settings are implemented. You will not find money lying around, you must fight for loot, and fight your way back to the traders. No starting money. You will find more static spawn helicopter crashes with more loot! Come join the discord: https://discord.gg/qmHDfkJytN Server name: The Road | Traders | Vanilla | Lightly Modded I'll see you on The Road.
  2. Hi, I am thinking of buying a 6 month rental of a survival server for 7 Days to Die. Im wondering if when that 6 months expires, and I decide to not renew, is there a way to save that map and recover it if I ever decide to renew the server, or does it go away as soon as I stop paying for the server? Is there a save file that I can download and load it into an offline server later on?
  3. I attempt to start the server and nothing happens? I attempt to launch the server and it says server not responding? I'm trying to figure out what is going on and why all of a sudden the server wont go live any longer? Thanks for any help on this.
  4. Welcome to the Crystal Empire Server, we are looking for others to join up the server, we have mini-games and events happening with nice prizes, hope to see you there! We are still new so there isn't much people yet but hoping to change that soon! Here is a link to the discord for more info: https://discord.gg/we9wsbuKV3
  5. Winter DeerIsle-SN: RealJuice Deerisle (PC) Vending Machines at Traders Only Real Safe Zones Are Main Trader and Heli Trader 25k Start. Just come say hello in the Discord! https://discord.gg/HnhWKRAehE
  6. Brand New 20 Slot PvP-PvE Server Need people in for the next for days for testing purposes and for feedback 25k start just come have a chat in#discord. Very few rules just trying to make a fun server and discord for everyone to enjoy. https://discord.gg/HnhWKRAehE
  7. Bad Lands Livonia is a community where all are welcome, our focus is to bring you a different type of experience loaded with PVP, Base Building, Trading, and Ultimate Survival with all the best boosted loot you can find. The more time you spend on the server the more interactions you will have with all different types of Factions or even solo survivors but be careful as this is the Bad Lands of Livonia, You will never know who is a kill on sight bandit ready to take your stash or a new survivor who just simply wants to be your friend. Possibilities are endless and how you approach each situation is up to you. You will find a vast amount of quality useful mods via discord & Game Server including but not limited to; •Friendly Active Staff •Faction Registry •Discord Economy •Colored Weapons •Weekend Raids •Events for cash prizes •Active Trader •Gas-Contaminated Areas •Support Ticket System •Boosted Weapons •Boosted Food/Tools •Rare Spawn Heli Crashes •Discord Gambling System •Live Killfeed/Leaderboard •Base Damage Off During The Week •Weapon Spawns w/attachments •1000+Member Discord Community •300 Round Mags/75 Round Mags •Experimental Gun Mods (Very Rare Spawn) •Recoding By Suggestion/Request Platform: :PS4:PS5: We look forward to seeing you on the server and Discord. Happy surviving and remember STAY SAFE!!, you never know what’s around the corner. Discord - https://discord.gg/VrPzzTwGEY ~ Bad Lands Livonia Staff~
  8. Ghost Of Chernarus 50 slots No whitelist Laws killfeed Events and giveaways Factions , solos all welcome Trader at vybor and black market trader at Zvir Full trucks and full gunters and ada 4x4 Boosted and modded loot Wiped recently 17/07/2021 Suggestions all welcome Plank spawns for new factions Weekly discord payments Plank spawn for new factions joining No limit on faction members Little to no rules Join our discord for more info and to talk to us , not necessary to join discord to play server either https://discord.gg/69cxb9c2Wa
  9. Hello everyone stop in to try Ludwig Vanhiemerstien and the C.P.D.s first official DayZ pvp server Chernarus Law (IP )This is a US server on the Chernarus Plus map where I Ludwig Vanhiemerstien and the C.P.D. will serve as the policemen and women to protect the citizens of Chernarus against deadly drug cartel gangs and many other dangers in the land. This is a pvp kos, if you like, server with a few tasteful twists of law enforcement. If you decide not to comply with the local laws and live the outlaw life be sure that the police will be looking for you with a warrant if your crimes are serious. There are rules but none pertaining to role play. Role play is not required. The CPD will usually try to talk to you and get you to give up peacefully. However if it’s a fight you want it’s a fight you will get :). A list of local laws are available for review but again you can choose to break them if you want. We have custom military and custom events and missions such as active warrants, bounties, kill streak bonuses, police convoy ambush, vip criminal jail brake, juggernaut defense, and more to create a one of a kind DayZ gameplay experience for all to enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Join today and choose a life of crime or join law enforcement in hopes to restore peace and order in the land. Be sure to check out our discord at https://discord.gg/kWBSubBPKJ. Also like and subscribe to my YouTube channel at https://youtube.com/channel/UCxAdNMZaMCgvbN8DIX0zsvQ
  10. Among the Dead server English - Portugal PVE/PVP (Military zones) Base building ++loot Hi if you wanna join my server go to https://discord.gg/geHAbaUxb2
  11. Join the newest Revolution at the: English Losers |Helis|BBP|loot+|1PP|PVP|Bases|Traders|AirDrop SYSTEM: PC Discord: https://discord.gg/ynTzuVpSPd Welcome Aboard! After the Z Virus wiped out most of the population, it left only the strongest-willed individuals to survive the aftermath. The CDC (Chernarus Disease Control) Team are working relentlessly on a cure for this forsaken virus. With tensions growing between the newly formed clans / gangs, survival of the fittest has become a way of life. So grab a rifle, and join us in the greatest, rapidly growing community, in this fight to dominate the once populated wasteland. Explore the lands of Chernarus, find the highest tier loot in our custom military zones scattered around this post-apocalyptic wasteland. Tens of custom places, traders and areas to explore, gather loot and get involved in part of the most vicious PvP action. Test your luck and skill with our Regular Supply Drops, provided by the CDC. With the chance of getting one of 3 types of drops, you can possibly receive items ranging from medical / building supplies all the way to raid tools and highest tier weapons and armour! Meet new players and form a team, create alliances and dominate the leader boards TOGETHER. So.. WHO ARE WE? The EL Server is one like no other.. We force the qualities of teamwork and cooperation into action in order to grow and survive. Progression is key in this post apocalyptic wasteland. The careful economy set in place joint with numerous community and custom made mods make this server a challenging one to dominate alone. With our friendly, active staff team, we aim to provide you all with a smooth and fun experience. You can always chat with us on our Discord! We have a support ticket system to answer any issues you may find during your playthrough! With PvP being enabled globally around the map of Chernarus, KOS is something to expect. Daring Player interactions and situations will fuel your drive to constantly search for better gear. With this, we host a series of custom events which will allow players to fight each other for rewards. The CDC are constantly hiring the militia groups scattered around the map to complete tasks for them. They always pay handsomely. Some ground rules (Which you can find on our Discord PVP is always enabled, of course, no camping outside trader zones up to a 300m safe zone in some areas and 150m in the black market. KOS is enabled, making this experience truly reliant on teamwork in order to secure the loot and grow your way up the server! Whether you want to approach an enemy guns blazing or take them out silently with hitman precision, the choice is yours. Create an alliance, do as you will in order to grow your name. You can make money in many numerous ways using our trader systems! There are 3 safe traders at Green Mountain and Klen, and a black market trader at the Biathlon Arena. These traders buy and sell the gear you need to build a base and survive. From basic tools, to heavy weaponry. We have added the cannabis mod into our server which is a true money maker! Many different types of seeds spawn around the map inside hunting shacks and greenhouses, some strains selling for over 60k! Base building is essential in order for you and your clan to secure the loot you've gained! We have added a few mods to help with that such as BaseBuildingPlus, Codelocks etc. This will ensure your enemies have a hard time getting in! (all rules written on discord about bases) Raiding is enabled, meaning people can use raid tools such as breach charges to get into someone's base. Join the action, grow the movement. Become part of the EL. Bank Capacity (inside ATM's) is 250k! This PC server is hosted on the highest quality hardware with lightning fast UK speeds, 3 hour restarts and a brilliant team of experienced staff! With an active discord staff, any problems can be promptly dealt with. If you're looking for a great place to enable your teamwork skills as well as survival instincts, you've come to the right place. Join us at the English Losers Server and become the reason that people fear crossing fields, why people double lock their doors, why people stay in groups at night. Join the revolution and make a change in the world of Chernarus. https://discord.gg/ynTzuVpSPd English Losers |Helis|BBP|loot+|1PP|PVP|Bases|Traders|AirDrop
  12. I bought a server from survivalservers.com but its still pending.. what should i do? @Admin @RyanPennington
  13. Hello everyone! I am the proud owner of #CHAOS. We are a 25x, 6 man tribe, 1 alli, cluster. We have 6 maps. It is a PvP server and we are open to more people! Join discord code: MQeEpD6TNP for more information!
  14. Started this thread for anyone playing DAY Z on PS4, European server 4448. dont be shy, day hi
  15. glenn hull

    how to

    how to change your server name and description
  16. Marauders - Fjordor - RPG - PvE - Hx3 Tx5 XPx3 | SurvivalServers.com Friendly PVE 24/7 Server, Admin presence nightly, let's be friends and play some Ark! Looking to become pvp once kingdoms have been built. I would love to connect/cluster servers with anyone! steam://connect/ Mods: Castles and Keeps Legacy Castles and Keeps Remastered Wooden Hanging Bridges Jack and Jill Full Character Replacement Super Structures Awesome Spyglass Eco's Empires - Vikings Eco's Primordial Decor Eco's Primordial Saddles Eco's Organic Saddles *Baryonyx, Trike, Raptor, Parasaur Eco's Trees Human NPC's Rounded Stairs, and Walls Ultra Stacks Shiny Dinos Prehistoric Structures Join our discord! https://discord.gg/HpCh8yhp
  17. Lost Island Server With Faster Taming, Hatching, Maturity, and Other QOL Tweaks! Server Name: zachsem | Lost Island | PVE | 5xT Head over to Ark on Playstation and search “zachsem” under unofficial pc servers, no password needed Map: Lost Island, PVE Feel free to join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/Y6f4rKa Wild creatures regenerate at server startups Dino taming, egg hatch speed, and maturation times are 5x faster! Nighttime is half of the normal length! Maximum wild creature level is changed to 200 6.5x Better loot scale 2x Better supply crate and fishing loot Corpse decay is 1.5x Structure Replacement Collision Disabled for easier building Max amount of structures allowed per platform is 5x Spike walls do damage wild and riderless creatures (Now they’re useful in PVE) Tribal wars are enabled Titanosaurus can be tamed/fed Non-permanent diseases Building decay is 8x longer Dino decay is 5x longer Multi Platform saddle floors Offline damage prevented Global chat Idle players are kicked after 40 minutes Server is backed up in case of need for a rollback
  18. Greetings, I've hosted/managed a number of servers for ARK. Mostly from a different provider, but it has been some time. I did some googling, and didn't see a "Timeout" added to the server "ini"s, am I missing something? Our server is stopping daily by about 9-10am EST. It is most often uninhabitted at this time, and has likely been absent of players for a few hours at least as this is a private server, and just our group of friends play on it.
  19. Just a group of guys n gals from the southern US playing one of my newest favorite games! My background is in game design and development. With it, I intend to use this server to test new features and create an awesome community. Would like to bring some other admins onboard to help grow this server to the top spot as well! Profit sharing & special in-game permissions will be discussed following mod releases that enable additional functions. In computer science an asterisk* can represent two things- either multiplication or a way to notate everything. That means we are down to try whatever, willing to listen, so we can all grow together. Hope to see you in game- How to add server: (until Valheim devs fix it) 1. Open Steam 2. Click the 'View' tab at the top left 3. Select 'Servers' 4. Click the 'Favorites' tab in the window that pops up 5. Click 'Add a Server' at the bottom right 6. Type azterisk.alecbrandt.com:3057 exactly how it appears here in italics 7. Click 'Add this address to favorites' 8. It should populate the server title on the screen. (if you don't see it or have issues past this point, please click the refresh button a couple times before resorting to the discord help chat) 9. Click the server title to highlight and then click 'Connect' at the bottom right. 10. Enter password survive for any password prompts it has (may be more than 1) That's it! Enjoy and join our discord below to hang out and get cozy. *JOIN THE DISCORD* CLICK HERE! ALSO!!! If you're interested in starting your own sever, click HERE!
  20. I have a new subreddit apart of my gaming channel, here's the servers link. 18+ as to reduce chances of toxic kids. I found out yesterday you need wards to prevent players from griefing buildings.
  21. Hi, General opinion I've read so far was NO. But just checking if anyone knows a trick / setting to enable it. Thanks.
  22. Sorry im new to running a server i need some help figuring out how to add skins to my server and how to set custom gather rates
  23. Active task is running Your game server is currently working on task "start" which started 07/17/2020 19:05:15 PST. Control panel functionality will be limited until this task is completed. Any ideas how to atleast restart the server? It bugged a little. It says server is live but it's not and it still has task note. Can't do anything coz panel is locked and I scheduled start of my server today for the community lol.
  24. PURGEservers.com|PVE Days|PVP Nights|discord.gg/MYVGgH9 Announcing first and original “Purge” server made for the hardcore PVE survival enthusiasts, base building gurus, and PVP chads that wants the full experience. This server has been made to simulate an actual survival world for all players with an added twist of nights being more dangerous than ever. Players in this server must manage their time accordingly, build bases they can defend, and gather supplies in the safety of the daylight. Days are PVE only and time for quests/preparation or to indulge in being a survivor. Nights are no rules PVP and raiding. Choose your skills based on the kind of character you intend to be, defend your base, create your own purge team or purge solo, and plan your days accordingly. Features: - Custom discord locked purge team channels and tags for teams of 3 or more - Events and loot giveaways - Admin/Moderator opportunities - Stable and consistent server maintenance - No Profit/Group Funded Server - Maturity and Respect above all “Tonight, we’ll see the good and evil in everyone.” Direct connect:
  25. Tomperskr

    rust server

    how long does it take before you can view the server in the control panel because it still says and its been around 1 hour now, i still cant see it in there, and i cant join it or anything because i dont know the IP