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  1. Mystic Isles is a PVE based ARK community focused on bringing the best aspect of the online multiplayer game ARK Survival Evolved together in one cluster. We currently have 9 maps live that include all original maps and some of the best DLC maps available. We make use of mods to make gameplay more engaging and fun without taking away from the fundamental aspect of the game itself. We also have increased rates to help you progress though the game at a better pace than that of official game servers. We have a fully automated update and restart system along with an auto decay feature to keep old abandoned bases cleared out so new players have somewhere to build. Furthermore we offer a fully setup discord with a ticket support system to get players help when they might need it. Come join us in an epic journey through the ARKs! We run boss battles with the community weekly and are always available to lend a hand if you need it! Rates - Experience gain: 3x - Harvest Rate: 5x - Taming Rate: 9x - Breeding Rate: 15x - Maturation Rate: 15x - Breeding Cooldown Rate: 15x (Breed faster than other clusters, subject to change) [PVE] The Island ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ [PVE] Ragnarok ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ [PVE] Aberration ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ [PVE] Extinction ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ [PVE] Crystal Isles ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ [PVE] Olympus ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ [PVE] Genesis: Part 1 ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ [PVE] Genesis: Part 2 ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ [PVE] Scorched Earth ( Direct Connect steam://connect/ discord link: https://discord.gg/QgYGW5pZwD
  2. Hello everyone! I am the proud owner of #CHAOS. We are a 25x, 6 man tribe, 1 alli, cluster. We have 6 maps. It is a PvP server and we are open to more people! Join discord code: MQeEpD6TNP for more information!
  3. Hello everyone! I am the proud owner of CHAOS. We are a PvP server and looking to fill our maps! We have a good community that we would like to add to. For more info, join discord code: MQeEpD6TNP Hope to see y’all soon!
  4. Welcome to the Crystal Empire Server, we are looking for others to join up the server, we have mini-games and events happening with nice prizes, hope to see you there! We are still new so there isn't much people yet but hoping to change that soon! Here is a link to the discord for more info: https://discord.gg/we9wsbuKV3
  5. Do you love ark and like it a bit boosted? Well welcome to Togruta! The server is really new. Need any help sarting out or need a basic dinosaur then message Ewok on ark if hes online! PVP is allowed so is raiding. But we mostly want fun and there are events. Its just a chill server where you can hang out and play ark. We have a community base where you can grab DLC saddle's and find new people! And we added something we call "Rare Spawns" every day or so a dino will spawn (with coords) that is not normaly on Valguero! So if you really want a griffin on The Isand you might have a chance of finding one! A message in chat and in the discord will say where one has spawned (and what dino it is!). In the future the server may become a cluster of 2 maps! Want more info? Dm this guy on discord -> NoahButter#8146 Discord: https://discord.gg/Uat4TbxHVw If you want you can make videos on the server or stream! That would be awesome and we can provide things for that. CARNIVORE EVENT COMING Dino's that will be spawning at the event: Aberrant Spino, Aberrant Raptor, Aberrant Baryonyx, Aberrant Sarco, Griffin, Managarmr, Deinonychus egg, Wyvern egg and Rock drake egg (and Ark genesis dinos) Rules: No spawn killing No harassing people Dont be racist/sexist cursing allowed (nothing too edgy) thats basically it!
  6. Welcome to the new Ark-Refex Cluster Server,The aim of the server is to provide the Ark experience that many Ark servers no longer have.You can find us if you enter refex in the server search.Fast taming, no manas, 5 man tribes and more await you on 7 maps (TheCenter, Ragnarok, TheIsland, Crystal Islands, Valguero, Genesis, Aberration). Of course, this will be expanded as the number of players grows!The server started its Season 1 on December 23rd.In addition to the Ark experience, a server with events, giveaways and more awaits you. There is an invite system with which you can secure rewards to ensure a smooth start.An admin is available at any time for comments or problems. We look forward to seeing you!Maps: The Island | The Center | Ragnarok |Crystal Island |Valguero |Genesis |Aberration | Server Stats:-Egghatch100x |-Mature 120x |-Harvest: 13x |-XP 10x |-Taming: 10x |-Max wild Dino lvl: 150 lvl |-Max Egg lvl: 190 lvl |-Max Tek-Dino: 180 lvl |-Max Crystal Wyvern lvl: 225 lvl |-Stackmod |-Custom Drops |-Custom Recipes | Discord: https://discord.gg/6FqRD8uauFServer-Owner: 360-NoScopeJFKAdmins: -Mr.Halo-JesusHG
  7. Since Aberration, the last 30 levels of the available player levels are reserved for Ascension. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Ascension Unfortunately, this affects users with a modified leveling system, be it with custom levels and/or engram setups. If a server has a maximum level cap of 115, a player will only be able to get to level 85 before undergoing Ascension. This can be corrected by increasing the maximum level cap as the last 30 levels will always be reserved. (Ex: Raising the level cap to level 130 will allow a player to undergo level 100 before Ascension) There are two ways to add maximum levels to correct this issue. One using the Modify Server Config tool the other involves modifying the Game.ini file directly, both accessible via the control panel. For both of these examples, we will be adding 15 levels to get the maximum level cap to be 130. Modify Server Config Once opening up the MSC, click on Player Levels, shown in the image below, and then you will see the Player Levels Configuration option. Mark the button for Make Changes and a list will populate with the standard 1-115 level and engram data. To add a new level, click on the button indicated below. In this example, we will add 15 levels to mimic the leveling scheme available on Official servers. You will need to click this button 15 times, once for each level. Once done, scroll down the list and you will see something similar to this after Level 115. We will need to add data in place of "XP Required" and "Engrams Received", as these are only empty placeholders. Here is an example of data that I have added for levels 116, 117, and 118. We will need to continue this process all the way to level 130. Please note that the value in place of "XP Required" is the total number of experience points we need to have, not how much we need to gain between levels. For more information on the default experience setup for ARK, please see this page: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Levels Once you are done, scroll down to the bottom and click on the "Save Configuration and Restart Game Server" button. Wait for the server to finish loading and then you should be good to go. Game.ini First off, stop the server. This is very important as your changes may not be saved otherwise. For Advanced users who want to directly edit their Game.ini file, you will need to click on the Game.ini button on the control panel. This will open up the text editor for the configuration file. Find the first section that starts with "LevelExperienceRampOverrides=". This is the player data for leveling. The second section of "LevelExperienceRampOverrides=" is for dinos and we will ignore this. The data in here can be confusing; ExpereincePointsForLevel[0] actually references the first level you gain, which in this case, is level 2. So ExperiencePointsForLevel[3]=70, for example, means that you need a total of 70 experience points to be level 5. With that aside, we need to find level 115, show below. Now, open up the file labeled ARK_Levels116-130.txt. Copy the entire contents of that folder and then place your cursor shown in the image above, between the "8" and the ")". Now paste the contents of the file above. If you did it correctly, you will see something like this. (pasted text has been highlighted for emphasis) Now this is the full default data for players up to level 130. Now, we need to add engrams. Scroll down until you find OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=70. (70 = default) Now, each individual listing of OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints refers to one level. To add the data for level 116 to 130 for engrams, you will need to add 15 more instances of OverridePlayerEngramPoints=X (X can be any number. I made X = 80) Once done, scroll down and click on the button labeled Save Game.ini. Your server will now restart with the changes made to the file and you should be good to go. Please let us know if you have any further questions. https://pastebin.com/rDPFqnAy- 116 - 130 https://pastebin.com/iXzJYDg8- 130
  8. I need help getting my server back
  9. Hi, I have two servers that recently went online. I need some people to play on the servers and then give me feedback on how everything is setup. They are boosted with modified drops as well as other modified settings. All Engrams have to be unlocked but I have changed the requirements to unlock. TEK unlocks at level 90. The servers are password protected but at this point I just want players and feedback so feel free to give the password out to your friends. The servers are PVP and are on Ragnarok and Valguero maps. Server Name: 500X/Level Up Points/All Engrams/TEK/Friendly Admin Password: NikolaTesla1 Map: Ragnarok Server Name: 500X Sly Game Server Password: NikolaTesla1 Map: Valguero My PSN Screenname: Slydog9696 Thank You,
  10. admincheat giveallstructure is NOT working. This is a good sized base. Having to reclaim it one foundation at a time would be ridiculous impossible. Have the admin commands changed? "givetome" and the above command just do the same thing. If I'm doing it wrong, please let me know.
  11. I purchased a server and made an account but never got the welcome email or access to the server. according to the frequently asked questions after 30 mins i should make a support ticket but i cant make a ticket because the captcha doesnt work. ive tried around 20 times yet it never goes through.
  12. Hi, i am a new player playing pve mode on ps4, looking for people to play on pvp server
  13. Hi, is there a way to increase the amount of element dropped by bosses on the Island? If so, can someone explain how to do that? I see element listed in the harvestable items list, but I don't know if that effects the boss drops.
  14. I just ordered an Ark server yet I can not find it on the control pannel or anywhere. Help
  15. What is the normal time for a restart? I run dedicated servers at home and restarts take approximately 5 minutes, 10 if I need to run an update. When I restart my survival server after modifying the ini, it takes approx an hour to restart which really limits how many changes I can make when first setting up and trying to tweak. So if I make s+ Pull range changes in the ini and test it and see I need to modify it again to tweak it, well that’s over two hours and mostly that’s just down time waiting for the server to restart. I have update if needed selected, which it hasn’t needed... so is about an hour restart time normal?
  16. Hey there, we started a new cluster with Valguero and Ragnarok. Anyone looking for a chill boosted sever should stop by. Also if you're interested in adding your map to our cluster that would be fun too. We are getting Genesis next.
  17. Trying to figure out how to increase player level
  18. I was just wondering if some one had a config for the INI settings already done up so that extinction creatures will spawn on the island.
  19. Odyssey PVE Valguero 5x XP/6x Harvest/8x Mating,Hatch,Mature. (Soon to be clustered /w Extinction/The Island) We are a fresh server, about 5 days to be exact looking to build a mature community. Very relaxed server with a cluster, if interested stop by in start a toon do some breeding Server location - Dallas, Texas Rules No Greifing at all ( one warning ) No blocking resource or dino spawns on either map ( one warning ) Empty beaver dams 1 base per player if moving, you have 24 hours to complete your move Store all dino's in storage that are not mating to reduce server lag Maps in Cluster Valguero - Main Extinction Server MODS Collection Odyssey Server Mod Collection Server Discord https://discord.gg/hAM6z6N Server Direct Connect steam://connect/
  20. Hello all i run a 20slot pve server and today notice that the ice wyverns were spawning in just fine, but in the fire cave area there were no eggs or fire wyverns to be seen. Is there a fix for this?
  21. Welcom to (us) BrownCoats Weekend Raiding Non Official We currently have 3 maps in our cluster Rag pvp Extinction Pvp Abberation Pve Admins are always on and VERY helpful Please be Advised when joining our servers we ask that you join our Discord within 24hours The discord code is: ZKMECyp Have Fun and ask any questions you have. My GT is SkillzElite2
  22. My ark ps4 server is not updating to the latest version and is unasseciable to people game server id:87461
  23. Hello, myself and others on my server have been trying to log onto our Ark server, but it is stuck in a "Stopped" state and will not start. I have already submitted a ticket. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  24. Hello, I am trying to switch my server to crystal Isles. I have been struggling with trying to get this to work for 3 days now. so any help is appreciated. firt of all, im not using the full conversion version, im only using the mods from my previous map, (Which are not exclusive to that map) so i dont have the mods for the crystal dragons or stuff like that that are marketed with the crystal isles map. Are these necessary? I have the map ID with the Modmap ID from the workshop page for the map. I also have that map in the mods section, at the front of the loader. This is my launch parameter line CrystalIsles?Multihome=|Mod list at steamgroups/NonesenseET?MaxPlayers=30?listen?ServerPassword=?ServerAdminPassword=********?RCONEnabled=True?RCONPort=23617?AltSaveDirectoryName=SavedArk75264?Replace?/Game/Maps/TheIslandSubMaps/TheIsland/?with?/Game/Mods/804312798 /CrystalIsles ?GameModIDs=804312798,1564797592,916807417,731604991,1315534671,821530042,811782248,923607638,868812923,1531564704,1562853162,881939385 ?ModMapID=804312798? Ive tried making alterations to this set up multiple times, removing the modmap ID from the mod section and the line in the launch parameters as well, ive tried updating, verifying and several other things and what it does every single time I try to open it on my computer, is it shows the mods loading on ark, then opens the slow going loading screen, and at right about the time it would connect, the entire game crashes to my desktop, then, reopens itself. When I tried connecting on my brothers PC it gives him the mod server mismatch. I feel like I tried everything, but im sure ive missed something really dumb. Please halp.
  25. So i just changed my server to a custom map. It took me a bit to find out that the code that works looks like this. Make sure your using your ports as listed on the server NOT THE RCON PORTS. CrystalIsles?Multihome=ENTER IP HERE?Port=ENTER PORT NUM?QueryPort=ENTER PORT NUM?SessionName=ENTER SERVER NAME HERE?MaxPlayers=20?listen?ServerPassword=?ServerAdminPassword=RCON AND ADMIN PASS?RCONEnabled=True?RCONPort=ENTER PORT NUM?AltSaveDirectoryName=ARK SERVER FOLDER?MapModID=804312798 ?GameModIDs=804312798 ?GameModIDs=940837622, 1133918048, 600705968, 538986229, 731604991, 899987403, 902157012, 839162288, 812655342, 549696052, 1092784125, 895711211, 679529026, 795189501, 1092557691, 924933745, 693416678, 708807240, 655261420, 558651608, 630601751 Anyway. i have it up and running with all the mods. However The leveling is not working. My customer level string is still in the INI files. both user and gam ini are still listed correctly with the right settings.. What is odd is that all teh harvesting works. But the leveling is not. It is really Slow. Here is my leveling string.: LevelExperienceRampOverrides=(ExperiencePointsForLevel[0]=78,ExperiencePointsForLevel[1]=152,ExperiencePointsForLevel[2]=280,ExperiencePointsForLevel[3]=486,ExperiencePointsForLevel[4]=793,ExperiencePointsForLevel[5]=1224,ExperiencePointsForLevel[6]=1804,ExperiencePointsForLevel[7]=2554,ExperiencePointsForLevel[8]=3498,ExperiencePointsForLevel[9]=4660,ExperiencePointsForLevel[10]=6064,ExperiencePointsForLevel[11]=7731,ExperiencePointsForLevel[12]=9686,ExperiencePointsForLevel[13]=11952,ExperiencePointsForLevel[14]=14553,ExperiencePointsForLevel[15]=17511,ExperiencePointsForLevel[16]=20849,ExperiencePointsForLevel[17]=24593,ExperiencePointsForLevel[18]=28763,ExperiencePointsForLevel[19]=33385,ExperiencePointsForLevel[20]=38481,ExperiencePointsForLevel[21]=44074,ExperiencePointsForLevel[22]=50188,ExperiencePointsForLevel[23]=56846,ExperiencePointsForLevel[24]=64072,ExperiencePointsForLevel[25]=71889,ExperiencePointsForLevel[26]=80319,ExperiencePointsForLevel[27]=89388,ExperiencePointsForLevel[28]=99117,ExperiencePointsForLevel[29]=109530,ExperiencePointsForLevel[30]=120650,ExperiencePointsForLevel[31]=132501,ExperiencePointsForLevel[32]=145107,ExperiencePointsForLevel[33]=158489,ExperiencePointsForLevel[34]=172673,ExperiencePointsForLevel[35]=187680,ExperiencePointsForLevel[36]=203535,ExperiencePointsForLevel[37]=220260,ExperiencePointsForLevel[38]=237880,ExperiencePointsForLevel[39]=256417,ExperiencePointsForLevel[40]=275894,ExperiencePointsForLevel[41]=296335,ExperiencePointsForLevel[42]=317764,ExperiencePointsForLevel[43]=340203,ExperiencePointsForLevel[44]=363676,ExperiencePointsForLevel[45]=388207,ExperiencePointsForLevel[46]=413818,ExperiencePointsForLevel[47]=440532,ExperiencePointsForLevel[48]=468374,ExperiencePointsForLevel[49]=497367,ExperiencePointsForLevel[50]=527533,ExperiencePointsForLevel[51]=558897,ExperiencePointsForLevel[52]=591481,ExperiencePointsForLevel[53]=625309,ExperiencePointsForLevel[54]=660404,ExperiencePointsForLevel[55]=696790,ExperiencePointsForLevel[56]=734489,ExperiencePointsForLevel[57]=773525,ExperiencePointsForLevel[58]=813922,ExperiencePointsForLevel[59]=855703,ExperiencePointsForLevel[60]=898890,ExperiencePointsForLevel[61]=943508,ExperiencePointsForLevel[62]=989580,ExperiencePointsForLevel[63]=1037129,ExperiencePointsForLevel[64]=1086178,ExperiencePointsForLevel[65]=1136751,ExperiencePointsForLevel[66]=1188870,ExperiencePointsForLevel[67]=1242561,ExperiencePointsForLevel[68]=1297844,ExperiencePointsForLevel[69]=1354745,ExperiencePointsForLevel[70]=1413286,ExperiencePointsForLevel[71]=1473491,ExperiencePointsForLevel[72]=1535382,ExperiencePointsForLevel[73]=1598984,ExperiencePointsForLevel[74]=1664319,ExperiencePointsForLevel[75]=1731411,ExperiencePointsForLevel[76]=1800284,ExperiencePointsForLevel[77]=1870960,ExperiencePointsForLevel[78]=1943462,ExperiencePointsForLevel[79]=2017815,ExperiencePointsForLevel[80]=2094042,ExperiencePointsForLevel[81]=2172165,ExperiencePointsForLevel[82]=2252209,ExperiencePointsForLevel[83]=2334196,ExperiencePointsForLevel[84]=2418149,ExperiencePointsForLevel[85]=2504093,ExperiencePointsForLevel[86]=2592050,ExperiencePointsForLevel[87]=2682044,ExperiencePointsForLevel[88]=2774098,ExperiencePointsForLevel[89]=2868236,ExperiencePointsForLevel[90]=2964480,ExperiencePointsForLevel[91]=3062854,ExperiencePointsForLevel[92]=3163382,ExperiencePointsForLevel[93]=3266086,ExperiencePointsForLevel[94]=3370990,ExperiencePointsForLevel[95]=3478118,ExperiencePointsForLevel[96]=3587492,ExperiencePointsForLevel[97]=3699136,ExperiencePointsForLevel[98]=3813073,ExperiencePointsForLevel[99]=3929327,ExperiencePointsForLevel[100]=4047921,ExperiencePointsForLevel[101]=4168879,ExperiencePointsForLevel[102]=4292222,ExperiencePointsForLevel[103]=4417976,ExperiencePointsForLevel[104]=4546163,ExperiencePointsForLevel[105]=4676806,ExperiencePointsForLevel[106]=4809930,ExperiencePointsForLevel[107]=4945556,ExperiencePointsForLevel[108]=5083709,ExperiencePointsForLevel[109]=5224412,ExperiencePointsForLevel[110]=5367688,ExperiencePointsForLevel[111]=5513560,ExperiencePointsForLevel[112]=5662053,ExperiencePointsForLevel[113]=5813188,ExperiencePointsForLevel[114]=5966990,ExperiencePointsForLevel[115]=6123481,ExperiencePointsForLevel[116]=6282686,ExperiencePointsForLevel[117]=6444627,ExperiencePointsForLevel[118]=6609327,ExperiencePointsForLevel[119]=6776811,ExperiencePointsForLevel[120]=6947101,ExperiencePointsForLevel[121]=7120221,ExperiencePointsForLevel[122]=7296194,ExperiencePointsForLevel[123]=7475043,ExperiencePointsForLevel[124]=7656791,ExperiencePointsForLevel[125]=7841463,ExperiencePointsForLevel[126]=8029081,ExperiencePointsForLevel[127]=8219669,ExperiencePointsForLevel[128]=8413249,ExperiencePointsForLevel[129]=8609846,ExperiencePointsForLevel[130]=8809482,ExperiencePointsForLevel[131]=9012182,ExperiencePointsForLevel[132]=9217967,ExperiencePointsForLevel[133]=9426862,ExperiencePointsForLevel[134]=9638890,ExperiencePointsForLevel[135]=9854074,ExperiencePointsForLevel[136]=10072437,ExperiencePointsForLevel[137]=10294004,ExperiencePointsForLevel[138]=10518796,ExperiencePointsForLevel[139]=10746838,ExperiencePointsForLevel[140]=10978153,ExperiencePointsForLevel[141]=11212764,ExperiencePointsForLevel[142]=11450694,ExperiencePointsForLevel[143]=11691968,ExperiencePointsForLevel[144]=11936607,ExperiencePointsForLevel[145]=12184635,ExperiencePointsForLevel[146]=12436077,ExperiencePointsForLevel[147]=12690954,ExperiencePointsForLevel[148]=12949291,ExperiencePointsForLevel[149]=13211110,ExperiencePointsForLevel[150]=13476435,ExperiencePointsForLevel[151]=13745290,ExperiencePointsForLevel[152]=14017697,ExperiencePointsForLevel[153]=14293681,ExperiencePointsForLevel[154]=14573263,ExperiencePointsForLevel[155]=14856469,ExperiencePointsForLevel[156]=15143320,ExperiencePointsForLevel[157]=15433840,ExperiencePointsForLevel[158]=15728053,ExperiencePointsForLevel[159]=16025982,ExperiencePointsForLevel[160]=16327650,ExperiencePointsForLevel[161]=16633081,ExperiencePointsForLevel[162]=16942298,ExperiencePointsForLevel[163]=17255324,ExperiencePointsForLevel[164]=17572180,ExperiencePointsForLevel[165]=17892896,ExperiencePointsForLevel[166]=18217488,ExperiencePointsForLevel[167]=18545984,ExperiencePointsForLevel[168]=18878406,ExperiencePointsForLevel[169]=19214776,ExperiencePointsForLevel[170]=19555120,ExperiencePointsForLevel[171]=19899458,ExperiencePointsForLevel[172]=20247816,ExperiencePointsForLevel[173]=20600216,ExperiencePointsForLevel[174]=20956684,ExperiencePointsForLevel[175]=21317238,ExperiencePointsForLevel[176]=21681904,ExperiencePointsForLevel[177]=22050708,ExperiencePointsForLevel[178]=22423670,ExperiencePointsForLevel[179]=22800816,ExperiencePointsForLevel[180]=23182164,ExperiencePointsForLevel[181]=23567744,ExperiencePointsForLevel[182]=23957576,ExperiencePointsForLevel[183]=24351682,ExperiencePointsForLevel[184]=24750088,ExperiencePointsForLevel[185]=25152816,ExperiencePointsForLevel[186]=25559890,ExperiencePointsForLevel[187]=25971332,ExperiencePointsForLevel[188]=26387168,ExperiencePointsForLevel[189]=26807418,ExperiencePointsForLevel[190]=27232108,ExperiencePointsForLevel[191]=27661260,ExperiencePointsForLevel[192]=28094896,ExperiencePointsForLevel[193]=28533042,ExperiencePointsForLevel[194]=28975720,ExperiencePointsForLevel[195]=29422952,ExperiencePointsForLevel[196]=29874764,ExperiencePointsForLevel[197]=30331180,ExperiencePointsForLevel[198]=30792220) LevelExperienceRampOverrides=(ExperiencePointsForLevel[0]=7,ExperiencePointsForLevel[1]=18,ExperiencePointsForLevel[2]=38,ExperiencePointsForLevel[3]=67,ExperiencePointsForLevel[4]=107,ExperiencePointsForLevel[5]=159,ExperiencePointsForLevel[6]=224,ExperiencePointsForLevel[7]=304,ExperiencePointsForLevel[8]=399,ExperiencePointsForLevel[9]=511,ExperiencePointsForLevel[10]=641,ExperiencePointsForLevel[11]=789,ExperiencePointsForLevel[12]=956,ExperiencePointsForLevel[13]=1144,ExperiencePointsForLevel[14]=1352,ExperiencePointsForLevel[15]=1583,ExperiencePointsForLevel[16]=1837,ExperiencePointsForLevel[17]=2114,ExperiencePointsForLevel[18]=2415,ExperiencePointsForLevel[19]=2741,ExperiencePointsForLevel[20]=3094,ExperiencePointsForLevel[21]=3473,ExperiencePointsForLevel[22]=3879,ExperiencePointsForLevel[23]=4313,ExperiencePointsForLevel[24]=4776,ExperiencePointsForLevel[25]=5268,ExperiencePointsForLevel[26]=5791,ExperiencePointsForLevel[27]=6344,ExperiencePointsForLevel[28]=6928,ExperiencePointsForLevel[29]=7545,ExperiencePointsForLevel[30]=8194,ExperiencePointsForLevel[31]=8876,ExperiencePointsForLevel[32]=9592,ExperiencePointsForLevel[33]=10343,ExperiencePointsForLevel[34]=11129,ExperiencePointsForLevel[35]=11951,ExperiencePointsForLevel[36]=12809,ExperiencePointsForLevel[37]=13704,ExperiencePointsForLevel[38]=14636,ExperiencePointsForLevel[39]=15606,ExperiencePointsForLevel[40]=16615,ExperiencePointsForLevel[41]=17663,ExperiencePointsForLevel[42]=18751,ExperiencePointsForLevel[43]=19879,ExperiencePointsForLevel[44]=21048,ExperiencePointsForLevel[45]=22259,ExperiencePointsForLevel[46]=23511,ExperiencePointsForLevel[47]=24806,ExperiencePointsForLevel[48]=26144,ExperiencePointsForLevel[49]=27525,ExperiencePointsForLevel[50]=28950,ExperiencePointsForLevel[51]=30420,ExperiencePointsForLevel[52]=31935,ExperiencePointsForLevel[53]=33495,ExperiencePointsForLevel[54]=35102,ExperiencePointsForLevel[55]=36755,ExperiencePointsForLevel[56]=38455,ExperiencePointsForLevel[57]=40202,ExperiencePointsForLevel[58]=41998,ExperiencePointsForLevel[59]=43842,ExperiencePointsForLevel[60]=45735,ExperiencePointsForLevel[61]=47678,ExperiencePointsForLevel[62]=49671,ExperiencePointsForLevel[63]=51714,ExperiencePointsForLevel[64]=53808,ExperiencePointsForLevel[65]=55953,ExperiencePointsForLevel[66]=58151,ExperiencePointsForLevel[67]=60400,ExperiencePointsForLevel[68]=62703,ExperiencePointsForLevel[69]=65058,ExperiencePointsForLevel[70]=67467,ExperiencePointsForLevel[71]=69931,ExperiencePointsForLevel[72]=72449,ExperiencePointsForLevel[73]=75022,ExperiencePointsForLevel[74]=77650,ExperiencePointsForLevel[75]=80335,ExperiencePointsForLevel[76]=83076,ExperiencePointsForLevel[77]=85873,ExperiencePointsForLevel[78]=88728,ExperiencePointsForLevel[79]=91641,ExperiencePointsForLevel[80]=94611,ExperiencePointsForLevel[81]=97641,ExperiencePointsForLevel[82]=100729,ExperiencePointsForLevel[83]=103876,ExperiencePointsForLevel[84]=107084,ExperiencePointsForLevel[85]=110351,ExperiencePointsForLevel[86]=113679,ExperiencePointsForLevel[87]=117069,ExperiencePointsForLevel[88]=120520,ExperiencePointsForLevel[89]=124032,ExperiencePointsForLevel[90]=127607,ExperiencePointsForLevel[91]=131245,ExperiencePointsForLevel[92]=134946,ExperiencePointsForLevel[93]=138710,ExperiencePointsForLevel[94]=142538,ExperiencePointsForLevel[95]=146431,ExperiencePointsForLevel[96]=150389,ExperiencePointsForLevel[97]=154411,ExperiencePointsForLevel[98]=158499,ExperiencePointsForLevel[99]=162653,ExperiencePointsForLevel[100]=166874,ExperiencePointsForLevel[101]=171161,ExperiencePointsForLevel[102]=175515,ExperiencePointsForLevel[103]=179937,ExperiencePointsForLevel[104]=184426,ExperiencePointsForLevel[105]=188984,ExperiencePointsForLevel[106]=193611,ExperiencePointsForLevel[107]=198306,ExperiencePointsForLevel[108]=203071,ExperiencePointsForLevel[109]=207906,ExperiencePointsForLevel[110]=212811,ExperiencePointsForLevel[111]=217787,ExperiencePointsForLevel[112]=222834,ExperiencePointsForLevel[113]=227952,ExperiencePointsForLevel[114]=233142,ExperiencePointsForLevel[115]=238403,ExperiencePointsForLevel[116]=243738,ExperiencePointsForLevel[117]=249145,ExperiencePointsForLevel[118]=254625,ExperiencePointsForLevel[119]=260179,ExperiencePointsForLevel[120]=265807,ExperiencePointsForLevel[121]=271509,ExperiencePointsForLevel[122]=277285,ExperiencePointsForLevel[123]=283137,ExperiencePointsForLevel[124]=289064,ExperiencePointsForLevel[125]=295067,ExperiencePointsForLevel[126]=301146,ExperiencePointsForLevel[127]=307302,ExperiencePointsForLevel[128]=313534,ExperiencePointsForLevel[129]=319844,ExperiencePointsForLevel[130]=326231,ExperiencePointsForLevel[131]=332696,ExperiencePointsForLevel[132]=339239,ExperiencePointsForLevel[133]=345861,ExperiencePointsForLevel[134]=352562,ExperiencePointsForLevel[135]=359342,ExperiencePointsForLevel[136]=366202,ExperiencePointsForLevel[137]=373142,ExperiencePointsForLevel[138]=380162,ExperiencePointsForLevel[139]=387263,ExperiencePointsForLevel[140]=394445,ExperiencePointsForLevel[141]=401708,ExperiencePointsForLevel[142]=409053,ExperiencePointsForLevel[143]=416480,ExperiencePointsForLevel[144]=423990,ExperiencePointsForLevel[145]=431582,ExperiencePointsForLevel[146]=439258,ExperiencePointsForLevel[147]=447017,ExperiencePointsForLevel[148]=454860,ExperiencePointsForLevel[149]=462786,ExperiencePointsForLevel[150]=470798,ExperiencePointsForLevel[151]=478894,ExperiencePointsForLevel[152]=487075,ExperiencePointsForLevel[153]=495342,ExperiencePointsForLevel[154]=503694,ExperiencePointsForLevel[155]=512133,ExperiencePointsForLevel[156]=520658,ExperiencePointsForLevel[157]=529270,ExperiencePointsForLevel[158]=537969,ExperiencePointsForLevel[159]=546756,ExperiencePointsForLevel[160]=555630,ExperiencePointsForLevel[161]=564593,ExperiencePointsForLevel[162]=573644,ExperiencePointsForLevel[163]=582784,ExperiencePointsForLevel[164]=592012,ExperiencePointsForLevel[165]=601331,ExperiencePointsForLevel[166]=610739,ExperiencePointsForLevel[167]=620237,ExperiencePointsForLevel[168]=629825,ExperiencePointsForLevel[169]=639504,ExperiencePointsForLevel[170]=649275,ExperiencePointsForLevel[171]=659136,ExperiencePointsForLevel[172]=669090,ExperiencePointsForLevel[173]=679135,ExperiencePointsForLevel[174]=689273,ExperiencePointsForLevel[175]=699503,ExperiencePointsForLevel[176]=709826,ExperiencePointsForLevel[177]=720243,ExperiencePointsForLevel[178]=730753,ExperiencePointsForLevel[179]=741357,ExperiencePointsForLevel[180]=752055,ExperiencePointsForLevel[181]=762848,ExperiencePointsForLevel[182]=773735,ExperiencePointsForLevel[183]=784718,ExperiencePointsForLevel[184]=795797,ExperiencePointsForLevel[185]=806971,ExperiencePointsForLevel[186]=818241,ExperiencePointsForLevel[187]=829608,ExperiencePointsForLevel[188]=841071,ExperiencePointsForLevel[189]=852631,ExperiencePointsForLevel[190]=864289,ExperiencePointsForLevel[191]=876045,ExperiencePointsForLevel[192]=887898,ExperiencePointsForLevel[193]=899850,ExperiencePointsForLevel[194]=911900,ExperiencePointsForLevel[195]=924049,ExperiencePointsForLevel[196]=936298,ExperiencePointsForLevel[197]=948646,ExperiencePointsForLevel[198]=961093) So any ideas? It seems that the experience in game is like Vanilla