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  1. There been reports of problems if people don’t physically delete the valguero mod directory first. I did, and I had no issues. They just messed with the terrain a bit and one base ended up no longer attached to a peak that was there and the other peak was moved so my base was in the peak. I had to ghost to destroy it.
  2. I have been running the modded version for awhile. Do I have to start clean or will my current game update to the new map? I am in the process of backing up the files locally now. What would be the process if I want to keep my buildings and dinos if I don't have to do a clean start? is it just as simple as subscribing to the dlc (chosing the map from your options) and then removing the actual Valguero mod? and then start it up?
  3. is anyone able to successfully run the eternal (live) mod without restart issues? One thing that I learned running a local server using Ark Server Manager was that large mods took extra work. Eternal is one such mod because of its size. I had to update my ark mods locally and then copy (or ftp) the mods to the server because normal (auto) updating always failed. I think the same thing happens on my SS. I even tried to FTP (just eternal) and it took a whooping 12 hours to transfer! Also, each time my server would restart at 4am, my server would not show up in my ark favorites. I then tried to launch manually and it would tell me I had a mod mismatch even though there was no update. This happened everyday when I tried to login in the morning. I finally removed the eternal mod (although I really did not want to) and now my server for days as run without any issues. Mods are updating and my server is always working. Hopefully, fiber is installed in a couple of weeks and I can ftp faster. I still don't understand 12 hours and I still don't understand why the mod mismatch when there was no mod update (which most likely was a corrupt mod and I am assuming eternal) If you are successfully running eternal, do you see these issues I presented?
  4. I now have about 5 mods. I’d have to go back and count. First start was with NO mods loaded and still took an hour. Just want to know if this is normal.
  5. What is the normal time for a restart? I run dedicated servers at home and restarts take approximately 5 minutes, 10 if I need to run an update. When I restart my survival server after modifying the ini, it takes approx an hour to restart which really limits how many changes I can make when first setting up and trying to tweak. So if I make s+ Pull range changes in the ini and test it and see I need to modify it again to tweak it, well that’s over two hours and mostly that’s just down time waiting for the server to restart. I have update if needed selected, which it hasn’t needed... so is about an hour restart time normal?
  6. For quite some time now my game server will not start. It just shows stopped. I have tried to start the server but nothing happens. I put a ticket in and normally I get a response within minutes, this is the first time I have not heard anything and it has been a while. Is there a way to check on the actual host server?