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  1. They just responded to our ticket and said they had the update now and Ryan is pushing it
  2. Yeah I mean this whole big update was such a surprise and we never received notification the exact minute when it would release on ps4...oh wait....
  3. Yeah ive never seen an update do this. Usually if its taking this long, there's a serious issue not they haven't received the update
  4. @Ryan Penningtonshe's not joking...they've organized with tanks, firey pitchforks and beer. Send help immediately
  5. Stop your server. Thats what we did so no progress will be lost. We kept our test server up so we can see when the update hits.
  6. This is getting ridiculous at this point. You mean to tell me in almost 24 hours SS has not received the update that has rendered all of our paid servers useless? At this point I give 0 fucks about the event, I just want my servers back online
  7. I personally use botman for my server. Highly recommend them. https://botmanhosting.com its 10/month but gives SO many options plus hacker protection. The owner Smegz0r is good people too. Helps my dumb butt frequently
  8. update: have moved over config and saved world file and still can not get my current saved world to upload. Any help is appreciated
  9. Hey guys, I am not the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to FTP and have been trying to figure this out. I want to move my current Ark maps from my old host to survival. Do I need to copy the entire server from the old host or just the shooter games folder? Any help is much appreciated
  10. So I currently run a 4 cluster server. We have this plan to take one of our servers off of the cluster, make it a stand alone server and players play through the actual story of Ark. Our goal is start on the Island and then progress to scorched and so on. My question and concern is it possible to upload dinos and character into an oblesik and then change the map to Scorched, given the way PS4 operates with transfers, would you be able to download your character and dinos and not lose your buddy boost?
  11. Yeah i have this same issue. Woke up this morning to only my valguero server being rolled back to day 1 and having no access to backups to restore my server. Everyone is off today because of Labor Day. Do you know what happens when you force gamers to interact with the public? They get hostile. Please let my community get back online
  12. I have tried the almighty Google and just cant figure this out. I am wanting to set my new server up that tomorrow will turn to Valguero to allow transfers out to the other maps on our cluster but not allow transfers in. Can anyone point me in the right directions?