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  1. Agreed,, this is getting ridiculous. Every update,,, everytime.
  2. Yeah they keep telling me that. Ryan has to install file,,, they are waiting on the file,,, then back to ryan has the file..... these are the stories I have gotten over the last 24hrs. I'd hold my breathe but I'm fearing I'd turn blue like a smurf an die before ryan installs this bloody file. Of course no one can give us an eta.
  3. Same here and of course no word or updates. Loosing hope,,, your are only hope obiwan kanobi ... I don't even think the force could save us on these servers.
  4. There lack of updates are disturbing,,, 24hours to download an update file that apparently everyone else has. Last update I had was they had to install the file then it was we haven't received the file.... just nuts.. obviously this was a surprise update and they had no way of knowing this was coming despite of course all the marketing involved to highlight the Holloween event and media m reporting the go live dates. Just simply amazing...
  5. Me neither,,, have t been able to play since last night. Instead of playing Holloween content, the best I can do is watch steams of people on other private servers play. Man really ruining my weekend.
  6. I may have to look into alternative options if these are the types of issues I will experience on survival servers. This is beyond frustrating.....
  7. Nothing here,,,, just crickets. I would love to know a timeframe or eta. Right now neither me nor my friends can play as no one can login to our server. Sucks paying for a server you cannot use.
  8. This is what I got back from support This issue is related to the recent update, as the developers did not get the files over to us in time. I have gotten with Ryan P. so that he can get the files updated on our end. us in time. I have gotten with Ryan P. so that he can get the files updated on our end."
  9. Is anyone else having a problem connecting to their ark server after the new fear evolved 4 client uopdate? I also cannot update to the 551.11 which I'm assuming is the issue.