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  1. Zombies were removed from Rust. There are plugins where you can add bots in with kits to make them look like the original zombies. There is also a plugin that makes hordes.
  2. If you are talking about where the Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll needs to be installed RustDedicated_Data is in the root of the server files.
  3. There is a permission that needs to be given for it to work. I believe it is backpack.open. if you need help hit me up on discord. Overlord#8807
  4. You will lose everything you had on you when you die. As far as the base goes someone could have raided it and took out the TC then the base would just decay.
  5. Is this a server you are hosting or a server you just joined on and played? You can see recently played servers within the rust server browser.
  6. You will delete the db-journal if you are wanting to wipe. If you want to wipe save only and keep the map just delete the .sav, .sav.1, and .sav.2 for that map. All other map and savs can be deleted if you do not want them cluttering up the server folder. We are on 217 for the server version so you can delete 216 if you want. It does not affect the server at this point and is not used.
  7. What are you doing with the mission pbo?
  8. If you are running a Minecraft Bedrock server and need to be OPed put in a support ticket and they will get you fixed up.
  9. You need to place a TC (Tool Cupboard) and place the resources in it that are required to keep the base from decaying. It will tell you how long the base is protected from decaying to the amount of resources you added.
  10. You can try one of these or both. https://github.com/f3cuk/WICKED-AI https://github.com/oiad/DZAI
  11. Watch this video and it will give you an idea of what you need to do. There are more videos with different setups but you will get the general idea.
  12. I am running a Minecraft Bedrock server and have been trying to OP myself through Rcon. I downloaded the latest McRcon and entered all the info in Rcon details from the control panel. It always comes up with Connection Failed. The server is running and i am able to connect and play with no issues. Rcon seems to be the only issue i have. Anyone know if Rcon works on the bedrock edition?
  13. You are correct but Notepad++ is not required and i find it better to use when editing server files.
  14. Yes the server is available. You will need the client files to connect to it though. Valheim Client Files
  15. That is correct. It will tell you how long your base is protected for when you access the TC. Also make sure to lock your TC with a codelock or a key lock.