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  1. These issues should be resolved by now! If not please let us know so we can help you out.
  2. Issue should be resolved now, apologies for the inconvenience.
  3. Looks like the invoice was paid for today, were you helped out in your ticket? I do not see it in the queue so I would hope so! If you have any questions please let me know.
  4. I believe the command is ItemStackSizeMultiplier=x
  5. Your server seems to be up and running now, were you able to resolve the issue?
  6. Space Engineers uses a different method, since they do not give the option for a server password, you must add a steam group ID to the config and invite users to that group so that they may join the server. Please submit a support ticket and we can get this done for you
  7. Your server appears to be up and running now, were you able to resolve the issue?
  8. We provide hosting services for game servers.
  9. Are you referring to a mod or setting? I am not familiar with any stack mode on ARK PS4. Is this a setting for your inventory?
  10. Cpnick22


    It will be an option in the map drop down list as soon as we get it added!
  11. Try selecting the "Clean SteamCMD Folder" option off and running the update! You may also try deleting mod data via FTP and running the update, a customer reported that helped him. Although it is also possible that a mod you are using is still not compatible with 1.06.
  12. I do not believe admins are added via Steam ID in ARK. You will want to give them the admin password and have them use the EnableCheats passwordhere admin command in game.
  13. Have you tried changing the adminpass in the control panel? If you are still having issues please send in a support ticket here and we can assist you!
  14. Please submit a support ticket here so we can help you out with this issue!
  15. Cpnick22


    What is the username for the account? I am not finding any servers under your forum username.