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  1. The issue should be resolved now, apologies for the downtime. The server had a small hiccup that needed to be corrected.
  2. More stock should be added now, sorry for the inconveniences!
  3. Cpnick22

    FTP Credentials

    Try changing the FTP password in the control panel, this should resolve the issue!
  4. Please submit a support ticket and we can help you out with this!
  5. Of course! You can add custom restart times in the control panel so you could set multiple restarts to all occur throughout the day. Do note that all times are measured in Pacific Time within the tool.
  6. Of course! You can delete the world folder using FTP, then run an update to generate a new world. As for adding yourself as OP, this can be done either through MCRCON or using FTP. If you have any further questions please submit a ticket and we will help you out!
  7. IDBRaven please submit a ticket so that we can resolve this issue for you!
  8. The server will show 9999 ping as a bug. I see that often as well and whenever I connect to the server the ping is much lower. Does the pause menu show that the ping is high when in game?
  9. Got it taken care of for you, sorry if there was a bit of a wait!
  10. Our Datacenter is currently having network issues and they are working to fix this. My apologies for the downtime.
  11. That is indeed the command you need to change, glad to hear you figured it out!
  12. Cpnick22

    Server wont start

    Please submit a support ticket so we can help you out! You can also try selecting the game update and then clicking the green update/restart button at the bottom of the page.
  13. Sounds like that would be a bugged config if settings are saving but not applying in game. If you sent in a ticket we should have you fixed up shortly if not already!
  14. If you are speaking of an FTP client, I would reccomend FileZilla or WinSCP! Try googling either and you should find download links.
  15. Cpnick22

    Mods Issue

    Please submit a support ticket so we can help you out with this issue.