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  1. Find the hosting.cfg file within the FTP client and open it with a text editor. We strongly recommend Notepad++ , which can be found here: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ Within the hosting.cfg file, add steam_ugc= to a new line Head to the Steam workshop and find the mod you wish to install. You will need the mod's ID number, which can be found at the end of the URL. Paste the MOD ID number after the = with each mod being separated by a comma. Ex: steam_ugc=32565465,5654565 Save the edits and re-upload via your FTP program. You will be prompted to overwrite any changes, which you need to choose "yes" or "confirm" to. Start the server back up via the control panel. If you have any issues with this method, please let us know.
  2. I believe if you type the following admin command it should let you whitelist players from within the game itself so they can join in that way. setcheatplayer true
  3. Server looks to be listed within the panel under the username. If you are still having issues locating it please submit a ticket and we can dive deeper into this for you.
  4. Please send a ticket and and we can take a look through our panel to see about getting you fixed up.
  5. 818262 ticket been on for a long time now...can you look into it please

  6. With how the server currently handles files you can back it up manually through the FTP client by bring the server down and backing up the main files like marked in this image.
  7. If you are still having this issue please submit a ticket and we can get you fixed up in no time.
  8. Sounds like a task lock is stuck on the server. If it is still not gone off of the server please send a ticket in and we can manually remove it.
  9. Please send a ticket in and I can check on the back end. It might just be a weird issue with the launcher.
  10. If you still have any issues please send a ticket in. For mods if the server shows started but no mods are showing up try adding the server to the launcher manually here. https://dayzsalauncher.com/#/servercheck If you are getting an error then the launcher exe might be bugged and re installing it while checking the boxes to skip save config, skip server update, and skip mod update should correct it.
  11. Sadly I don't think with our current setup that you can do it through Rcon. However if you are looking for custom restarts on the panel if you set the restart drop down to custom/never. You will be able to do custom restarts to your liking and setup multiple of them.
  12. Server taken care of via ticket.
  13. For arma 3 you should see a max ping on the panel to set it up to a value you would like.
  14. For Dayz Standalone we do make it easier than normal to get the mods added to the server. However there is no sure fire way to install the actual custom lines to the files such as the mission files to get items in game. Our panel offers a MOD ID area to where you can add your id into separating each by a comma. This will get the mods installed to the back end and the mod keys to the keys folder. Only thing left would be adding the custom edit lines to add it to the server itself. Here is a guide we made up to help with this.
  15. If you have an FTP issue of logging in please try updating the FTP password and it should fix. If not let us know in a ticket.