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  1. For the mod it should be good to upload the data through the FTP client and overwrite the needed files. If you need any assistance just let us know in a ticket.
  2. Unknown issues look to be fixed up. Let us know if anyone notices any further that we may of missed.
  3. If you are unable to send a ticket please message us through an email here support@survivalservers.com
  4. You should be good to update to it through the panel in the drop down now. Sorry for this delay.
  5. Sadly our servers are not built for PS4 minecraft at this time. Might post on the Playstation or official minecraft forums for an issue such as that one.
  6. Currently i do not think so but we have been looking into minecraft bungee servers to see if that is something we can run with. However it requires more than 1 minecraft server to be running.
  7. Deeply sorry to hear you are having this issue. One thing to try is within the modify server config tool head to the very bottom. There you should see a tick rate. If it is set to 15 try upping it to around 45 to 50 and see if that helps out any. Also if you have modified any settings you might look them over just to see if any weird values show up.
  8. Please submit a ticket and we can help take care of this for you.
  9. If you still have the problem of the server not showing up. Please submit a ticket and we can take a look into it.
  10. If those are the lines you are using then you would want to remove the <!-- and the --> from around the code. Also make sure there is a bans.txt file in the admin/battleye folder. You could also just copy and paste the code to the bottom above the </messages> area.
  11. For flight you should be able to find this with in the server.properties file within the FTP client.
  12. Sorry to hear you are having this issue. Please send a ticket in and we will be able to dive into the back end area to figure out what is causing this problem.
  13. I do not think the whitelist is fully active for the epic version as of yet. Due to the PC version only supporting steam 64 bit uids currently.
  14. Sadly if that is an official ark server we wouldn't know if any changes have been made. As we only deal with the servers we host for unofficial ark. You would need to tweet one of the devs or check the official forum.
  15. I do not believe the epic version runs with mods currently such as the steam version does. Due to how that version isn't linked directly to the workshop.