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  1. Hello I Am Having Problems with the WinSCP and linking it to Survival Servers I don't know what to put for Host name And User name and Encryption can you please Help me



  2. Please submit a ticket and we can get you fixed up.
  3. PSN_steven1230


    We sent a message over to Ryan P. so that we can get the file updated on the back end to always have it set to off for now. This should fix the issue of it reverting.
  4. Please submit a ticket and I can check in on the rcon to see what is causing that for you.
  5. Please submit a ticket and we will take a look at the server on the back end. It is possible the seed being used is having some issues.
  6. To edit/upload/save/delete files via FTP, you will need to connect to your server via an FTP program. To do so, please follow the below instructions: Stop your server from the panel. Log in to FTP using WinSCP (a free FTP software) using the connection details found in the "FTP Details" section of the game server control panel. Download link for WinSCP here http://winscp.net/eng/download.php Navigate to the directory or file that you want to edit/delete/upload/change. If you need help locating specific files for your game server, please feel free to ask! After you have finished, save your changes and restart your server from the control panel. You do not need to close out the FTP connection to do so, but you will need to close out any open files. If you have any questions, or have issues accessing your FTP service, please let us know.
  7. Sounds like the dayz sa launcher file may be bugging up. Please send a ticket in and we can take a look into it further.
  8. For the server admin in game this would be done by a steam workshop mod added to your server. For the loot this would be edited within the mpmissions/mapname folder/db/types.xml file within the FTP client.
  9. Please submit a ticket and we can check the back end to see if maybe the server box is having any issues.
  10. That is a rather odd issue to have happen. Are you able to walk in the area they were placed at or is it just an invisible barrier?
  11. If you are running a procedural map then the first time boot up process will take a bit of time due to it needing to generate the terrain. After the last big update they changed the way maps generate now and causes them to take up to 30 minutes or more (depending on the size) to fully complete. Unless you generate the map on your local computer and then upload it to the FTP client. https://survivalservers.com/wiki/index.php?title=7D2D_NitroGen However after the first boot up phase is complete it will only take a moment or less to boot up after.
  12. If you still see any further issues just let us know via support ticket.
  13. That one I am not too sure as I never dove into it or tried. If not by default then you might be able to find a work around on the Bohemia website.
  14. I personally have not seen any way to do this myself. I believe it is just due to how the engine runs the game as unreal engine does the same thing with some games. Have you checked the in game settings for any sort of display config as of yet?
  15. It is possible something is bugging up on the back end. If you are still having this issue please submit a ticket and we can check things out.