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Cannot connect to my server

Sehoon Kim

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Hi, i just rented a server and got it started and ready.


But i can't find my server on the list, can't connect directly with ip and port input.

It keeps saying timed out, could not find server.

Please help.

Thank you

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Sehoo, I'm not sure if this will help but I have this problem now and again too. What I've found is that if I refresh my server page I'll notice my server actually stopped after a reboot. What I'm finding is that this is usually due to a bad mod. so i'll recheck the steam ID number or - in the case of mods that are older - I'll find they haven't been update in ages and cut that mod from my server. Once I do that and restart the server is usually find again. This actually just happened yesterday to me with the Improved Quality of Life mod. Once I removed it from my mod list my server booted and I was able to connect to it just fine. 

Hope you can get connected! Those legendary chest are waiting for you! :)

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