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  1. Sehoo, I'm not sure if this will help but I have this problem now and again too. What I've found is that if I refresh my server page I'll notice my server actually stopped after a reboot. What I'm finding is that this is usually due to a bad mod. so i'll recheck the steam ID number or - in the case of mods that are older - I'll find they haven't been update in ages and cut that mod from my server. Once I do that and restart the server is usually find again. This actually just happened yesterday to me with the Improved Quality of Life mod. Once I removed it from my mod list my server booted and I was able to connect to it just fine. Hope you can get connected! Those legendary chest are waiting for you!
  2. Hey all! I'm having an issue on my server where most creatures are either not re-spawning, or not spawning at all. Walking through area that I know are generally populated with all manner of nasty little critters are just empty. For example; near the Upper Staging Area there should be tons of bug trying to eat me and my friends, but it's naught but a ghost town full of empty nests and eggs. This happened once before early on and, seemed to fix itself when my friend and I (we're the only two on the server) decided to do a fresh wipe and start over once we knew the ropes of the game. But now we're really entrenched in our bases and have built our characters up and really don't won't to have to wipe everything out. Has anyone experienced this before and found a solution? I'm trying just a simple server restart right now to see if it helps, but I think this has been happening for the past few days and the server has restarted automatically since. Would wiping the Steamcmd folder help? I'm stumped! Thanks for reading and any advice you can offer.
  3. Thanks Joey! I was able to direct connect, but it's not loading my character data. It just takes me to the character creation. were you able to log in with your existing character or did you have to start over again as well?
  4. Mine is still stuck on "Started" and won't move to "Ready." Is this the state the rest of yours whom direct connect worked for is in? I'm restarting my server right now and I hope this works!
  5. I'm unable to get onto my server as well after the latest update. I'm guessing related to the problem with Funcom's servers. But I'm also unable to start my server or direct connect. My server keeps stopping.