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  1. You can save the "World" file in your root FTP directory to your home PC, run the update. Then reupload the world via FTP.
  2. Make sure that you are running the game update and pressing the large green "Update/Restart" button at the bottom of the panel when you first rent a server. This will install all files needed for the first boot.
  3. If you still do not have a server appearing in your control panel please submit a support ticket so we can get it fixed up for you!
  4. Those two settings will be edited via the Modify Config Tool, or manually using FTP to edit the INI files.
  5. You want to be certain that you stop the server before editing, make the edits, save the changes, then start the server up using the "Start" button in the top right corner of the control panel.
  6. Please submit a support ticket if you already have not so we can get the server set up!
  7. Nick22


    What world size are you using? The generation time usually is affected more by the size of the world rather than a specific seed.
  8. Please submit a support ticket for this matter and we can help you out!
  9. There is saved data on Forest servers, as long as you reconnect and click "Continue" you should be able to resume a save.
  10. The folder you will want to copy would be the Saved folder that lives inside of the SavedArks folder. That should contain all the data needed!
  11. That is correct, if you want to edit your files, sticking to one method is the way to go as each other tool nullify the changes made by the other.
  12. Just to be sure, when you are typing enablecheats "serverpassword" you are using the custom password that is set in your ARK control panel correct?
  13. You should be able to edit this setting, and any other dinos settings in the Dinosaur Config section of the Modify Config Tool in your server control panel.