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  1. You are using the incorrect IP/Port. You need to use to direct connect via the Steam Browser list!
  2. Nick22

    Cant make a ticket

    It appears the server was already set to cancel at one point! So you are all set.
  3. I believe I helped you out in a ticket this morning and everything is all sorted out as far as the login goes! If not please submit a support ticket so we can reset the password for you!
  4. What is the username on the server? Feel free to submit a ticket so we can help you out!
  5. If you change the password for FTP in your control panel you should be able to connect once more!
  6. You will need to add a matching cluster code into the Cluster Code text field on each server you with to be clustered together, make sure the code is unique! You can create any code you would like I would use your username with some digits/characters added before/after.
  7. Please submit a ticket so we can help you out with this issue!
  8. Are you still having issues getting the raptor clause to spawn? If so please submit a ticket here.
  9. The server appears to be up and running now, please let me know if you need any further assistance!
  10. Please submit a support ticket and we can help you with this matter!
  11. If you are still having issues with the custom restart times please submit a ticket here, it will be much easier for us to help you with this particular situation via support ticket as it is an account specific issue.
  12. The event will be available in the advanced settings on the 17th once it is released!
  13. If you are still unable to update the server, please try stopping the server and then select the Force Update option!
  14. The updated was deployed yesterday, if you are still having issues updating try stopping the server, then running a Force update!