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NPCs/Creatures Not (Re)spawning


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Hey all! I'm having an issue on my server where most creatures are either not re-spawning, or not spawning at all. Walking through area that I know are generally populated with all manner of nasty little critters are just empty. For example; near the Upper Staging Area there should be tons of bug trying to eat me and my friends, but it's naught but a ghost town full of empty nests and eggs. 

This happened once before early on and, seemed to fix itself when my friend and I (we're the only two on the server) decided to do a fresh wipe and start over once we knew the ropes of the game. But now we're really entrenched in our bases and have built our characters up and really don't won't to have to wipe everything out. 

Has anyone experienced  this before and found a solution? I'm trying just a simple server restart right now to see if it helps, but I think this has been happening for the past few days and the server has restarted automatically since. Would wiping the Steamcmd folder help? I'm stumped! 

Thanks for reading and any advice you can offer. 

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Deeply sorry to hear you are having this issue. One thing to try is within the modify server config tool head to the very bottom. There you should see a tick rate. If it is set to 15 try upping it to around 45 to 50 and see if that helps out any. Also if you have modified any settings you might look them over just to see if any weird values show up.

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