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Creating an Admin, admin commands, ban list


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Hello Everyone.

This information was posted during version Early Access 1.0.1


I am a big fan of Survival Servers and what they host and have been a returning customer of what they provide for years. This time I was looking into Outlaws of the Old West and did not find anything here. Here is what I found:


Adding Admin:

- Navigate on the FTP to *server install*/Outlaws/Saved where a file should have been pre-made called AdminList.txt - if file does not exist just make a new one but server should have it made (mine was auto created). If you do not see it you may be in the wrong spot.


- Retrieve your 17 digit steamID from any steam profile website. Personally I use https://steamid.io/- you just need your steam profile link.


- Post it in the file. Other admins are to be added on each individual line. I do not see any individual admin access abilities (ranks) at this time.


- Restart Server


To activate GM/Admin Menu:


- In-game press SHIFT then ~


- Console will be at bottom of screen.


- Type “activateAdmin” and press enter.


- Admin Window will be an option if you check the menu by pressing ESC.


- Use this to add more admins, kick or ban players. I am sure more commands and abilities will show up in the future.


Special Commands -

Once again press Shift then ~ and admin console will show up again.


Here are some commands that can be typed in. I am sure more will show up as game progresses.


GMbuff – buffs player health and stamina to unlimited and stops hunger/thirst. (as of this post, cannot be turned off without reconnecting)


Teleport x y - teleport to given coordinates (coordinates from in-game map)


DestroyTarget – destroys the target at the center of aim. Leaving nothing behind.


KillTarget – applies max damage to target at center of aim.


RefreshAdminTextList – reloads admin list from file.


RefreshBanTextList – reloads ban list from file.



How to Edit Ban List:


- Just like the admin file. Return to /outlaws/saved on the server.


- Look for (or create) BanList.txt (mine was auto created by server)


- Remove or insert SteamIDs as needed, each on individual lines.





In closing. The game is still super new and in very early access -  I am sure we can all expect further changes to both the game and how dedicated servers are operated.


Further questions or additions to this guide feel free to post here. Thanks

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Command to Give Yourself Items:


summonitem resource_ ice 100
summonItem Resource_wood 100
summonItem Resource_rope 100
summonItem Resource_planks 100
summonItem Resource_stone 100
summonItem Resource_Gunpowder 100
summonitem resource_ cotton 100
summonItem Resource_IronOre 100
summonItem Resource_Sulfur 100
summonItem Resource_gold 100
summonItem Resource_IronBar 100
summonItem Resource_hide 100
summonItem Resource_rawhide 100
summonItem Resource_wool 100
summonItem Resource_Glass 100
summonItem Resource_Leather 100
summonItem Resource_Canvas 100
summonItem Resource_PlantFiber 100

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Cotton Admin Spawn command is as follows:


summonItem OI_Cotton 100

SummonItem OI_MeatRaw 100

SummonItem OI_FishRaw 100

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