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1x1 Survival Servers + Explorer Notes + 8 Powerstones

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Custom made Map, Ive tried to make a standard starter Map that has as many resources as possible without stopping game play or filling up the map with too many Islands, Total missing Resources is around 17% but nothing that's game breaking due to current patches from Official, Also map is missing the Penguin but everything else is their...


Npc ships have been Nerfed by 50%, That is Speed, Damage & turning ability !!

Multiple Trader routes with multiple Traders ID's !!

All Islands are renamed according to their ID's (Official Note Indexes) !!

99.9% Animals & 80% Resources !!

Floatsam quality has be multiplied by around 20x

Heat&Cold (IE Severe) Has been Tamed down

ShieldHorns added to Starter Island (Experimental) Ive no way to know if this has worked...


View Of Map



Download Link



Ive made this Map as a 1x1 with all the current knowledge I have rather than try to modify the older ones which people maybe using.. I will of course fix any errors that anyone finds & posts...


Keep in mind that with 7 PVE Islands + Ghostship + 18 Official explorer notes ive had to add multiple Disco Zones to Islands so Explore to find them all :)

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Acc to this there should be "Crystal / Quartz" on Mnt_L_TR but I have not found any. However I have found Rubys that should not spawn on that island if the map check is working.




On powerstone island Mnt_R_CH_PVE i found "Crystal / Herkimer"

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