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2x2 Full PVE Enslaught


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Custom 2x2 Map = 2x2 Full PVE Enslaught (Designed with ONLY PVE in mind) v1.2 (Tested & Working on a server) 17/01/2019


See Pic Below :)



This map is basically all the knowledge I have gained so far, Its a Full PVE 2x2 Map that contains all 8 PVE Islands for the Power-Stones along with the following...


Custom Island, Hand made

Custom Spawner over-rides

Custom Ship Paths

Custom Global over rides

Custom Epic Spawner over rides

Custom Global Sea spawner over rides

Custom Sea Colour & Skybox

Each Biome is set to its own setting Ie, Cold, Desert & so on

13 Total discoveries across all 4 blocks


Probably other stuff ive forgot lol.. No IP info has been added as I assume the server will Inject this, Also as Survival Servers sets out the Default Freeport is Lower Left ( You can use the Editor to place your IP info if needed )


Can be used as the following, 1x1 1x2 & 2x2 I would NOT suggest using it as a 1x3 as you cant travel diagonally when switching servers...


& yes the Misspelling of Onslaught is on Purpose :)


Download File Below



Version 1.2 Newest



Changed spawn point back to first cell, Thanks for the info myerhardt


Also cleaned up some of the spawn code & a few other small mistakes that didn't affect the map but did affect what spawned extra.. Picture has been updated to represent the newer map layout.. Centralized the main Island on grid 4 as it was a little too close to the edge for my liking..

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looks like it works great ( : 


i used the uploader on the control panel to upload the .json file and it automatically added server name,password and ip's to the file


i then turned the servergrid folder into a .zip file and uploaded that. i'am not sure if it a bug or not but it did not update the map images after server restart but after making a new pathfinder and rejoining the server it looks to have updated


so it looks like the .serveronly file may not even be needed and a simple 2 file download (servergrid.zip and servergrid.json) could make the instalatrion easyer for other ss users


thanks alot for making this map great work ( :

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The Grid Editor Generates all files so its not any easier but its cool that it all works without issues & yes the servers would need to be restarted after first startup for all files to update as I think its all Generated on first startup but not updated... Well pleased it all seems to work :) Let me know if you have any issues so I can mend & update


Oh 1 thing, Have all the power stones generated within each of the PVE islands....? or are they still scattered ?

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Theres more land but you still need to sail yes.. it depends on what your after.. 30 mins to an hour sailing around blasting NPCs yes.. 30 mins from island to island No.. unless your on a raft lol.. ive tried to balance resources to water so you have both in a 2x2 square.. youll either like it or you wont.. only way to find out is do a backup & try.. or not

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Hi Tallon, 


sorry to ask another questions about your map I'm going to give it a try tonight. But after I save everything. Will Installing this do a complete wipe or do I have to do that another way.


Again thanks for the great looking map. 

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Grid 4 was changed, main island was moved to the center so it didnt overlap the corner.. Code that was updated was the epicspawns & some of the serverdata was changed too....thats why I left the old file there cos youd need to restart I think in order to use the updated version... It mentions somewhere that Islands cant overlap & after checking a site that has greened all the Islands out I figured it was a bit to close... It shouldnt cause an issue but to be 100% sure it was re arranged...


Compare the main jpeg for all 4 grids & youll see what is different..

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