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  1. ahh thank you very much. updating it now edit: totally works no wipe needed thanks again
  2. hmmm have you changed anything about the flotsam's? i can't find any for some reason
  3. looks like it works great ( : i used the uploader on the control panel to upload the .json file and it automatically added server name,password and ip's to the file i then turned the servergrid folder into a .zip file and uploaded that. i'am not sure if it a bug or not but it did not update the map images after server restart but after making a new pathfinder and rejoining the server it looks to have updated so it looks like the .serveronly file may not even be needed and a simple 2 file download (servergrid.zip and servergrid.json) could make the instalatrion easyer for other ss users thanks alot for making this map great work ( :
  4. looks great will be trying it out on my 2x2 server
  5. any chance we can get a better default 2x2 atlas or a option for another as the current one is missing many key features (ways to get mythos, powerstones and access to atleast 1 desert and snow biome)
  6. oh how i hate the name of this game... can't really look for custom maps on google as 99% of links go to actual atlases, maps or other games
  7. hi i have a 2x2 server running with the default map and while i'am having fun there are a few problems already highlighted by others (no way to get mythos, no desert or snow biome etc) and looking at maps others have made i wonder if its even possible to have a map with everything on a 2x2? can anyone confirm? also if anyone have found or made a better then default 2x2 map please share
  8. currently trying to get a 2x2 server grid runing.. 1 server i bought a few days ago and a 3 server setup i bought a few hours ago i copyed the atlas id from the 3 server order to the original and given the original server the missing 1x 1y grid number and it now shows up in atlas as a 2x2 grid with the home server the current place but i em unable to actually join the server. i keep getting a timeout error anyone have any ideas of what to try? also should all linked servers have the same name as home server? and i ditto what aryte asked. i have currently added a xp multiplier and taming speed modifier to each of the 4 servers manually which was quite a tedious process
  9. i beleave so a friend of mine has the same issue joining my server. i myself get a fatal error and it closes instead of booting me to menu but the cause is the same.. outdated server
  10. can see they ar on my server at the moment so they are defenitly trying something. but what i do not know
  11. let me guess that would be the german servers? anyway i have already sent a ticket but server id is #45560 in the case it has already been closed
  12. have tryed updating 4 times in the last 30 minutes and no luck getting the new version please fix
  13. hmmm looks like we are having this problem with our server was on the server playing, when everyone lost conection and the server ui now says unknown GAME SERVER ID #9414